World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1256

Fire God Palace where, this many people do not know, because the Fire God Palace's headquarters hide very secret, they definitely are also had considered by matter that others attack. But the people only know that Fire God Palace has Profound Ice City that side Profound Cold Ancient Domain, but there definitely is not the Fire God Palace's headquarters. Shen Xiang now is considered that seal in that Profound Ice City, is being guarded by Immortal King personally, but this need time, this Immortal King can also find time. „Didn't previous time you track them to go to Devil Territory?” Long Xueyi reminded Shen Xiang. „The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is devil cultivator, is good in Devil Territory, but I thought the place that her previous time stays is not the Fire God Palace's headquarters.” Shen Xiang said. Now everything is ready, has missed the investigation clear Fire God Palace central situation. This matter only then Shen Xiang can be competent! Shen Xiang first arrived at Devil Territory, he must seek for the Fire God Palace's key person, can know that Fire God Palace's headquarters where, he has made several Fire God Palace's people, but these people know is also much more limited. Fire God Palace should also like you, train some outstanding disciples in that type, waits to attack Chenwu Mainland!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang Devil Territory several cities sought now, cannot find.

They united Demon and Devil, I thought that should meet Demon and Devil together, if they must attack, definitely will not look like previous time to establish Teleportation Formation in Chenwu Mainland first, that can only ambush the person there to lose one's life, therefore they should also use formation plate, Fire God Palace should not lack these things.” Shen Xiang had pondered , to continue saying: Demon and Devil when the time comes definitely is one of the main strength, moreover that breaks through enemy lines, their quantity that many, the Demon and Devil influence of union are definitely many, therefore they here Teleportation Formation should be very large-scale, Demon and Devil and Fire God Palace's disciple should also gather together, is good to facilitate the disposable transmission, does not need to construct massive Teleportation Formation.” If must establish this ultra-large Teleportation Formation, that must close right up against quite huge crystal stones mineral lode, crystal stones mineral lode in this Demon and Devil is not many, looks up to know slightly.” Long Xueyi said. In monster Devil Territory also uses crystal stones, but Shen Xiang has this type of thing, therefore he obtained Devil Territory and Demon Territory all crystal stones mineral lode news quickly, after all these are not the secret matter. Finally Shen Xiang decides to go to the monster Devil Territory connection region that crystal stones mineral lode, he thinks Fire God Palace should therefore there. Because that two crystal stones mineral lode distances are not too far, separately by monster Devil Territory, if uses like this, will not cause Demon and Devil to have the conflict, establishes Teleportation Formation to be able simultaneously the to rely on two crystal stones mineral lode energies. Monster Devil Territory crystal stones mineral lode is not wrests away by an influence like Human Territory, because here crystal stones mineral lode was too scarce, therefore majority together develop, to wrest away, that must have strong strength, can resist besieging of many influences, even can destroy completely the influence that these besiege, otherwise do not want to keep everything for oneself. Shen Xiang hurries along at the same night, now may have many people to wait for their news, so long as he feeds in the news, opens formation plate, Chenwu Mainland, Subduing Dragon Sect and Devil Subduing School will send immediately out after the elite disciple of special training, rushes ahead. Naturally, the first batch definitely are Subduing Dragon Sect use Demanding Life Devil Bow that 500 people!

Dashed continuously for ten days, Shen Xiang came to approach that place, he also inquired, knew that here compared danger(ous), because these carve up this large-scale crystal stones mineral lode influence to approach, if were discovered that generally will be cut to kill. Here is the bare mountain, takes a broad view to look, extends several li (0.5km) continually, appears very bleak, but Spirit Qi is very rich. The Shen Xiang use patrols to investigate, goes to that Spirit Qi richest place, there should be the large-scale crystal stones mineral lode place above, Divine Soul that patrols gets down in upper air overlook, discovers under that some great mountain some caves, moreover some great mountains were also covered by large formation, even also many strength not weak devil cultivator patrols. Sees here to be so stern, does not protect crystal stones mineral lode likely, must know in Devil Territory, depends on that several Devil Path big influences the reputation, can daunt many devil cultivator, many devil cultivator do not dare to approach. Shen Xiang thought one looked to the place, Long Xueyi displayed Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to be defter than him, has been divided into several [say / way] Divine Soul, passed through these formation, entered in these caves. Has not discovered the Fire God Palace's fellow, but in truly some strength good devil cultivator are practicing, here is also not their supreme headquarters.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang looks to a direction, is Devil Territory and Demon Territory connection place, he thought that there is very likely Demon and Devil and Fire God Palace concentrates the together supreme headquarters. Crosses the bare mountain, Shen Xiang suddenly induces to front has the weak formation aura, if not he and Long Xueyi is Divine Power formidable Divine Dao, perhaps is indiscoverable. Here mountain is higher, moreover was not bare like former these, above had the big tree of lush green, a full of vitality picture.

Shen Xiang is jogs all the way, he does not dare in the air to fly, was worried that will be discovered! If you move that formation, perhaps has troubled, should be here right!” Long Xueyi said: I investigate the investigation first, I thought that they hide in underground, looks from the upper air is green mountain, does not have what construction, but has formidable formation.” Shen Xiang waited for patiently Long Xueyi's investigation result, after half double-hour, the Long Xueyi's sound is somewhat serious: Was here right, but the overall strengths of these fellows were truly fearful, has not thought that they have trained that many top formidable Demon and Devil in secret, as well as the Fire God Palace's fire cultivated, if added on the entrance that they just gathered again, attacked the Chenwu Mainland's words, even if Chenwu Mainland's sect can retreat, above common people definitely difficult running away misfortune.” The Shen Xiang running together of two syllables in rapid speech asked: What strength is?” Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang to be so anxious, says with a smile: Nirvana Realm Demon and Devil are many, but you do not need to be worried, if attacks, defeats a numerically superior enemy is not the issue, they in the subsurface formation very huge underground palace, have been able to let loose formation plate there, transmits to carry on the surprise attack the person.” Shen Xiang uses Law of Space strength, shuttle space, crosses that formidable formation, then turns into a very small winged insect, flies according to the road that Long Xueyi investigates. His cautious and solemn flew one all day, arrived at that underground palace, was truly huge, is bigger than him, but did not have Profound Cold Ancient Domain that in that Profound Cold Ancient Domain met to be so stern, because here everywhere was a person, Demon and Devil were most, was the Fire God Palace's disciple.