World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1257

Under this, has huge plaza, many Demon and Devil and Fire God Palace's disciples are comparing notes above, carries on the live operational training, some scene many expert instructs. Shen Xiang arrived here, understands that the Long Xueyi speech so will be why dignified a moment ago, the quantity in this huge incomparable underground plaza, gathers has several surely, looks, cannot see the end . Moreover the noisy sound, making here shake slightly. If such strength suddenly lands to the Chenwu Mainland's words, then the consequence is dreadful, definitely will make Chenwu Mainland quick on the rivers of blood, life uttery misery. Here Demon and Devil very savage, although compares notes, but sometimes hits to hit to start to be earnest, kills life and death, sometimes also will have the community internecine strife! Those who most let the Shen Xiang gastric disorder is, once there is Demon and Devil dead, one crowd of Demon and Devil will immediately throw, snatched food these bodies, therefore the Fire God Palace's disciples by far were leaving this crowd of Demon and Devil. Shen Xiang just came in shortly, to see many Demon and Devil just dead, was been strong root hair not to remain, the blood that drops, one crowd of Demon and Devil will rush to lick, looks at Shen Xiang creepy feeling, if makes such troop Demon and Devil arrive at Chenwu Mainland, he wants unable to think. Fire God Palace!” Shen Xiang looks at distant place that several thousand Fire God Palace disciples, although their population are few, but the strength is very day strong, is the elites, many Fire God Palace disciples is different from Shen Xiang has spoken. Must kill first kills these Fire God Palace's fellows.” In the Shen Xiang heart is secretly angry, Fire God Palace takes the Human Territory influence, but actually must unite these savage Demon and Devil to attack Human Territory now, once this crowd of Demon and Devil arrive at Chenwu Mainland, so long as disperses, that very much that controlled. Has not induced to existence of Immortal King, but that cultivates Divine Dao Immortal Monarch actually here.” Long Xueyi said. It seems like can only make Bai Zhan come first.”

Shen Xiang looks at this underground plaza, in the heart sneers: This is the good grave that you dig!” Naturally, Shen Xiang wants to fall here from above one breath bang very much, but protects here large formation to be very strong, even if Immortal King comes, perhaps cannot make, Fire God Palace's formation really has one, in Heaven World is the famous great strength. First makes 500 Suo Mingnu protect to massacre their elite, is these Fire God Palace's fellows, then sends other sect's disciples, uses Devil Subduing martial arts to cope with Demon and Devil!” Shen Xiang believes that here only then Fire God Palace these elite is a huge threat, if these Demon and Devil facing being skilled in the Devil Subduing martial arts person, that will become very frail. Shen Xiang turns into devil cultivator quietly, arrives at the nearby rest the place, then approaches the region that group of Fire God Palace disciples are at slowly, simultaneously subpoenaed with pass on message jade talisman, tells these to wait for a long time person, great war must start immediately! Bai Zhan Senior, you come first, here has fierce Immortal Monarch, when the time comes may want you to get rid very much!” Shen Xiang gives the Bai Zhan pass on message. Bai Zhan brought 32 White Tiger to come, two were the Old Bai tigers, the strength was also very powerful, as for that 30 young White Tiger, that was not weak, Long Xueyi had said that these White Tiger basically can live going back, only if there is a very strong person to start to them, but Bai Zhan and that two Old Bai tigers definitely will stop. That side Subduing Dragon Sect, that 500 people are taking Demanding Life Devil Bow, stands with Bai Zhan as well as Duan Chong in Teleportation Formation, waited for that the Shen Xiang use that formation plate receives and instructs them. These Fire God Palace's disciples see that demarcation line that devil cultivator arrives at to separate, immediately frowned.

That demarcation line is very wide, ten zhang (3.33 m) this, Demon and Devil cannot step into this demarcation line, at this time had the Fire God Palace's disciple to drink several greatly. Shen Xiang also immediately stopped, but these Fire God Palace's disciples actually get rid, a long sword flies to shoot from that side, on these Fire God Palace's disciple faces is also having the smiling face of teasing, probably was goes hunting to aim at prey, thinks one can strike to kill such. However, that long sword was actually waved to open by Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang waves, but also releases together the golden color but sacred light glow, this light glow expands immediately, turns into wave, ripples toward the place that these Demon and Devil are, by Demon and Devil that this light glow sweeps across, the body immediately is turned into white ash, probably was purified such! Suppressing Devil Holy Power of Shen Xiang use is not cracks a joke, moreover that strong flame that in addition he just promoted, extinguishes kills these Demon and Devil, killing the ant is easier. Saw such one, the Fire God Palace's disciple to be shocked, these Demon and Devil were also shocked, afterward Shen Xiang put out that formation plate, places a moment ago that emptied place, formation plate comes out, fast expanded, hundred zhang (3.33 m) were so wide, Shen Xiang had also been frightened one by this formation plate, he has not thought that the Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire such short time did, he suspected that Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire possibly very much long time ago refined to have, but has processed slightly. A formation plate appearance, immediately becomes biggest, the people have not responded that has a very bright white light on glittering, afterward 500 grasp Demanding Life Devil Bow, black-robed man of condense good True Qi poison-tipped arrow appeared, at the same time also with Bai Zhan and Duan Chong. Kills!” Shen Xiang bellows, these five hundred black-robed man jumped out formation plate immediately, Demanding Life Devil Bow was just responding to that crowd Fire God Palace disciple, was one fiercely shoots. These black-robed man after training, the strength is very formidable, in the mouth holds pill pellet, is having along also one piece, they must do fast releases True Qi, making True Qi absorb on some Demanding Life Devil Bow the venom of poisonous bottle, condense becomes a fierce True Qi poison-tipped arrow, releases! xiū xiū!

A piece of dense and numerous black arrow, is similar to a bulk giant theater curtain covers, although that several thousand people some people have been resisting, is attacking, is moving aside, but they cannot approach, so long as were stabbed by these poison-tipped arrows, they lost the striking power immediately! The short instance, many Fire God Palace's disciples, the body explodes intermittent black bloody water, everywhere is the stinks of irritating the nose! At this time these Demon and Devil also attack to kill, but on the Teleportation Formation plate is one bright, a Subduing Dragon Sect's troop disciple who this suddenly presents, separately is the team that Yun Xiaodao, Zhu Rong, Xu Weilong, Teng Ying, Xiao Chou and Lian Mingdong lead, everyone is bringing more than 10,000, as soon as they appear here, toward that monster Devil Qi very rich direction rush in the past. In this underground palace, time roaring hiss all day, murderous aura crazily wells up, the scene is very intense! The person who transmits are getting more and more, Divine Weapon Sect, Icewind Valley, Extreme Martial Sect, Lotus Island and Devil Subduing School, as well as White Tiger Fighting Clan these people, in the short time, know how things stand hundred thousand elite to transmit. Your this group of bastards!” A roaring sound spreads, is having the wild pressure, some people were shaken spit blood. That cultivated Divine Dao Immortal Monarch to get rid!