World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1258

That Immortal Monarch knows that some people attack this place, but comes out to look that discovered the Fire God Palace's disciple has most lies down in the ground, body exploding one after another opens, turns into the bloody water, he is angry immediately, waves is a move of Cloudy Fire Spirit palm, the giant flame palm is covering the big piece place, is bringing the flaming roaring flame, presses fiercely. While the people felt this terrifying pressure, intense Slaughter Qi does not know that braves from there, Bai Zhan also gets rid, changes to a white shadow, arrives at the place above instantaneously, is going to a that giant flame palm fist strike, White Tiger Fighting Clan wild strength erupts, is similar to White Tiger roars, shakes this underground plaza slightly to shake. The Cloudy Fire Spirit palm was routed by a Bai Zhan fist, making that Immortal Monarch very surprised, he has not thought that the opposite party will have this grade of expert! The range that two Immortal Monarch great war, affect is very definitely broad, might ruin here very much, Bai Zhan was also worried that can injure to arrive at the person on one's own side, will immediately rush to a distance here far place, that Immortal Monarch naturally must pursue, if can cause heavy losses to opposite party Immortal Monarch, this will have great sense of achievement regarding him, although Fire God Palace's many disciples were killed at this time. These sect disciples who transmits from Chenwu Mainland, has studied Devil Subduing martial arts, especially Devil Subduing School inside these core student and expert of teacher rank, is fierce, cuts to kill here Demon and Devil, is similar to harvesting is ordinary! Youlan? Xianxian? Hasn't she come?” In the chaotic crowd, Shen Xiang suddenly saw Leng Youlan, her white hair, is very remarkable, let alone this violence Female Dragon savage, in her hand that big sword everywhere one visit, surely the blood splashes eight sides, the meat flies broken horizontally. Leng Youlan suppressed was very long, Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire was attacked again and again, they also can only resist, but now finally is one's turn them to counter-attack. She is leading a group of people in that side!” Leng Youlan returned to one hurriedly. Shen Xiang shook the head, is seeking for Xue Xianxian, really sees Xue Xianxian to bring some old expert, seeks for some strength strong Demon and Devil to kill specially, this can prevent these formidable Demon and Devil to attack these weak disciple. Must a bit faster solve here Demon and Devil!” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade afterward. Snow conceal for a long time Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade appears suddenly, moreover induces has so strong monster Devil Qi breath to here, immediately is excited, the knife shivers slightly, sends out one intermittently to fill might dragon roar low and deep, that sound reverberation in this plaza, making the Demon and Devil whole body tremble! Here many people know the terrifying aura that suddenly presents, came from Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade! The person who plans this surprise attack is Shen Xiang, the person but who knows are not many, only then such several, but arrived here person, there are much is some familiar Shen Xiang's sect elders, as well as some elite disciples. Shen Xiang appears suddenly here, moreover attacks so smoothly, the people understand this immediately certainly because of the Shen Xiang reason here.

In addition sees Leng Youlan and Xue Xianxian, immediately understands before , they are play dead, tempts Fire God Palace to attack Divine Weapon Heavenly Empire intentionally, then ambushes in the halfway! Shen Xiang puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, was equal to exposed own status, at this time many Demon and Devil felt the incomparable fear. By Shen Xiang of seal, unexpectedly will be presented here, these Demon and Devil know that the Fire God Palace's seal failed. Shen Xiang Holy Light glittering, that Suppressing Devil Holy Power aura that but body releases, can some strength faint Demon and Devil melting. Is about to have killed him!” devil cultivator bellows, overran toward Shen Xiang. Instantaneous, dozens Nirvana Realm devil cultivator from all directions fire into Shen Xiang, in the mouth also sends out intermittent fearful yelling, must swallow likely general Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang stamps the feet, under the both feet presented golden Holy Light constitution Tai Chi Diagram suddenly, after devil cultivator that the rapid rotation, these clash steps into Tai Chi Diagram, Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Shen Xiang hand toward underground inserts, afterward several Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade brave from the ground, Tai Chi Diagram is revolving with whom, enters this chart devil cultivator to be strangled to death the fragment completely. This was Shen Xiang has used the reason of strength of Law of Space, pricking Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade of ground made the space copy, with the space exchange, the heavy ground braved, moreover can revolve. Dozens Nirvana Realm devil cultivator, turn into big meat dregs instantaneously, after distant place some quite formidable Demon and Devil sees, all over the body lives coldly, does not dare to approach Shen Xiang again. Other people see this, only thought that Shen Xiang was more formidable, they do not know that Shen Xiang this is doing for more than 10 years, becomes so fearful. Seizes his Divine Blade!” During the speeches, red blood shade leaps up suddenly to Shen Xiang. Is the blood bat seven monsters! Shen Xiang died, seven blood bats were monster Immortal Level other, the speed was fast, the attack was ruthless, can in instantaneously on extinction his blood!” Monster said with a sneer. Induces to compel actually suddenly to seven danger(ous) aura, in the Shen Xiang heart sneers secretly, if before is trades to do, he has not practiced Heavenly Saint Body to come, he may have very tremendous pressure, but his present physical strength, can side by side Human Immortal, even if Human Immortal middle stage late stage he did not fear that let alone is these monsters?

The monster words, are easier to extinguish kill! Shen Xiang puts out at the same time the bronze mirror suddenly, this bronze mirror comes out, was poured into very many Suppressing Devil Holy Power by Shen Xiang, making the bronze mirror be similar to small fierce positive general! Enough dealt with these fellows with Suppressing Devil Mirror!” Shen Xiang throws into Suppressing Devil Mirror in hand airborne, light glow that treasure mirror that Holy Light inspires greatly releases, is covering around Shen Xiang, is similar to a golden domain is ordinary. Shen Xiang is controlling Suppressing Devil Mirror with Divine Power, projects seven light glow, infiltrates the blood bat seven monsters in the bodies! Has not approached Shen Xiang, that blood bat seven monsters by accurate hit, that were said Holy Light, although could not want their life, but made them very uncomfortable, causing their speeds to be slower. In the instance that they stopped, Shen Xiang vanish from sight, when he appeared, the blood bat monster had been braved the palm of Suppressing Devil Holy Light to break off by his around the middle. The strength fusion of Suppressing Devil Holy Power and Heavenly Saint Body, causes Demon and Devil in front of Shen Xiang, does not have the strength to hit back! Demon and Devil, you want to obtain Chenwu Mainland, was really too naive, you by idiot of Fire God Palace use, even if Fire God Palace took Chenwu Mainland, you divided the fart are less than!” Shen Xiang vanishes suddenly, suddenly the appearance, making these blood bat monsters virtually impossible to guard against, suddenly, was killed by a Shen Xiang palm bang! By seal Shen Xiang comes out, not only has not weakened, instead becomes more formidable, by a person of strength, struck to kill the Demon Territory famous blood bat seven monsters, but also held one! They draw back, allows me to come copes, you kill Shen Xiang, is equal to bringing death, you do not know that he did practice Suppressing Devil Holy Power? In the hand also has Suppressing Devil Holy Power and Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, even if Devil Monarch Demon Monarch arrives, perhaps must be injured.” A whole body braves the roaring flame old man to land on the Shen Xiang front, an artillery dance, eyes is burning the flame, the complexion with deep veneration, looks like very fierce. Is Fire God Palace!” Shen Xiang emits Divine Power, is covering Demon and Devil of big region, afterward a blade chops, sees only innumerably emerges out of thin air Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade suddenly, cuts to fall on Demon and Devil that in these were locked with Divine Power by Shen Xiang.

This strikes, died ten ten thousand Demon and Devil! Uses the strength of Law of Space to consume really many!” Shen Xiang knows that the strength of Law of Space can have many usages, is not only is used to avoid, big area attacks, can have very strong effect. Young bastard, you thinks this, can you win us today here? You here, is brings death today, you too overestimated yourselves, do not think our Fire God Palace only then this strength!” That old man anger sound track. Here old man is Human Immortal late stage, needs to help?” Long Xueyi asked. Temporarily does not use!” That old man has attacked, gets rid is very crazy fierce attack, fire palms of innumerable wash bowl size whips, above that share dividend vigor adds on the intense flame, the time of hitting, pounds huge crater in the ground. The place of surrounding area thousand feet (333 m), was covered by this innumerable fire palms, that old man forehead is exploding the blue vein, is attacking Shen Xiang crazily. Sees Fire God Palace's expert to get rid to Shen Xiang, many Demon and Devil were more relieved, at this time, near in this underground palace some caves, runs a troop to put on Fire God Palace to take care suddenly, meanwhile has air/Qi of very strong Demon and Devil. Big Shot of Demon and Devil influence came!” Shen Xiang to the produce fire sea, wields Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade to strike off to that old man! Vast Wave Cut, Thunderbolt Cut and Angry Dragon Cut one after another chops, that old man facing this wild attack, can only resist, even though has not been injured, but the body was actually shaken is numb.