World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1259

Old dog, I do not have the time and you play here, can only a bit faster deliver you to start off!” Shen Xiang urges round of Earth Slaughtering Technique violently, the earth suddenly shakes, vibration strength that the earth of crazy vibration, erupts all emerges in the Shen Xiang's body. Shakes!” Shen Xiang brandishes a sword to attack fiercely, such as the thunder is common. Fire God Palace that old man sees the potential in great surprise, has moved aside without enough time, can only in the big sword with hand resist. strength of earthquake, is one of the earth most fearful strength, but Shen Xiang can actually utilize this strength now, absorbs in this strength own body, then releases, strongly shakes a goal, that is very fearful. Ka, the long sword in that old man hand has not bumped into Shen Xiang's Divine Blade, was broken by that invisible shake wave. Divine Blade divided the past time, that old man can only release within the body all True Qi, formed energy shield, defended own body. Bang! The incomparably wild shake falls on the body of that old man, the earth cracks the spider web to be the same immediately, the shake and sound wave become the smashing all around these corpse complete roller compactions. In that old man heart, the Shen Xiang's strength was too with amazement fearful, he knows that Shen Xiang definitely had not crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, present Emperor Heaven, after crossing Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, wants transcend to arrive at Heaven World's, even if Shen Xiang is strong, is unable to avoid this rule. What he does not know, Shen Xiang's fleshly body transcends the mortal world again, became Saint Body, although initially was Heavenly Saint Body, but added in Shen Xiang other strength, can make him with Human Immortal late stage expert one high under. After Shen Xiang chops that blade, knows that at present this old man is unusual, is only with True Qi, hardly keeps off! I thought that you can keep off many moves!” Shen Xiang shouted, the earth shakes, passes to very strong shake strength the Shen Xiang's body. Shen Xiang another blade chops, emerges his body inside shake strength to release that. Sees Shen Xiang to have such savage strength, Demon and Devil influence Big Shot that these reenforce, does not dare to approach here, in the Shen Xiang hand is brandishing Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, is their nightmares, let alone they, even if Fire God Palace this so fierce is coming, one after another was hit by Shen Xiang can only resist.

Attack that Shen Xiang goes crazy, a blade another blade chops unceasingly, has used the Earth Slaughtering Technique strength of earthquake, in addition his Heavenly Saint Body strength, desperately attacks that old man, he does not believe the defense of bang not broken this old man. This young animal, went all out.” In that old man heart startles greatly, Shen Xiang's each blade does not have the strength feeble sign, and is getting stronger and stronger. Distant place that and Bai Zhan hits bustling Divine Dao Immortal Monarch, seeing Shen Xiang can flee that seal, in the heart is also very shocking, because his very clear that seal large formation strength, he thinks matter that quickly these years have, he guessed that is related with Shen Xiang, but their Fire God Palace's Palace Master like the country bumpkin, with hardship has actually clung to tenaciously there many years, others already ran, gave back to Fire God Palace to cause many heavy losses! Small mixed wool!” That Immortal Monarch cannot help but scolded one, the finger aims at Shen Xiang, projects together the scalding hot flame, suddenly infiltrates in the Shen Xiang's body. Your this person a bit faster dies, does not have a look at is in itself any cultivation base, unexpectedly plots against one to be weaker than these many people you!” Bai Zhan is angry, sees only his body to present a white armor suddenly, an eye is red, the fist also turned into a pair of very big tiger claw, above that sharp claw is sharp, as if can tear into shreds all. The one who makes that Divine Dao Immortal Monarch most shocking is that Huwei after Bai Zhan waist, in addition at this time Bai Zhan murderous aura, he knows that at present this Slaughter Qi so wild old man was any background! White Tiger Fighting Clan, moreover in White Tiger Fighting Clan super expert! Does not allow this Immortal Monarch to think that Bai Zhan a claw has patted, digs several to see the bloodstain of bone on his arm! Bai Zhan is angry, after changing the body, strength strengthened, initiated to that Immortal Monarch has fiercely attacked...... The words said Shen Xiang, after he that Immortal Monarch plots, but is struck to fly, his fleshly body is very strong, there is Black Tortoise Adamantyl Armor to protect the body, has not injured to his anything. Sees Shen Xiang to be stirred up to fly, that old man hastily rush over, releases the whole body strength, condense above the fist, hits toward Shen Xiang, that intense heat, fires the flying ash some distant place Demon and Devil corpses. Came happen to!” Shen Xiang facing this powerful fist, has not felt panic-stricken , a fist meets the approaching enemy.

Two fists to striking, stick out suddenly huge Fireball, covers the surrounding area to count the thousand feet (333 m) place, that semicircle airborne of flame ascension, is similar to a giant mushroom, but entire underground palace is also swept across by the heat wave that sends out. After that old man knocked out the fist a moment ago, has not injured to arrive at Shen Xiang, in the heart is very angry, at this time he also thought one to body somewhat ice-cold, even if he urged heat of round in within the body not to scatter. After Shen Xiang saw in the opposite party own Ice Spirit Devil Aura, immediately received Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, if attacked with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade hardly, even if can defeat the opposite party, oneself will also exhaust many strength, now many people after he consumed almost, then besieged him. You...... unexpectedly underestimates me!” That old man sees Shen Xiang to receive Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, immediately is angry, fist. But Shen Xiang the extremely quick speed has flushed away, knocks out the fist to be quicker than him, the fist is similar to the innumerable crazy thunder, arrives at the meat sincerely, hits on the body of that old man, is good to blow out true wild lightning, meanwhile Ice Spirit Devil Aura of faint trace gradually pours into the body of that old man. Ice Spirit Devil Aura is only the feeling and consciousness of paralysis that old man, making that old man think one frozen, will feel is also very cold, is cold unable to release strength to come, but that old man will not discover that will only think own body was invaded by the cold air, therefore he will stimulate to movement fire Qi to drive out the cold unceasingly. A crazy fist gets down, that old man was cold trembles, on the difference has not only emitted the cold air. This certainly is...... Is Ice Spirit Devil Aura!” This old man is also experienced, after he confirmed that immediately started from own consciousness, but the issue was, he did not have that time to do. Right, but you recognize now, already late!” A Shen Xiang palm is rapid, hits in the chest of that old man, this is the Transforming Bone Devil Palm palm strength, direct goes to this old man first half body the skeleton, making that body soft. If before, Shen Xiang uses Transforming Bone Devil Palm definitely to be hard to go well, because opposite party True Qi is very strong, can resist, but after by Ice Spirit Devil Aura invasion consciousness, this old man is equal to the whole body by frozen paralysis, is hard to transfer these True Qi. Without the skeleton, the body of this old man is unable to support, breaks off together, even if he can revolution within the body formidable True Qi, is unable to play the strongest might. Fire God Palace will certainly vanish in Emperor Heaven today.”

Shen Xiang calls Divine Blade, chops to cut to old man of tread, uses the strength of earthquake, in addition the Divine Blade that strength of trillion jin (0.5 kg) restraining by force, Divine Blade has not bumped into the body of this old man, tears the powder dust it. Died!” In many Fire God Palace's disciple hearts one cold, must know that old man, but under that Divine Dao Immortal Monarch the quite strong elder, unexpectedly was cut to kill by Shen Xiang. After massacring that old man, Shen Xiang fires into that side Leng Youlan, because there is expert of Demon and Devil influence to her fight. Youlan, I help you!” Shen Xiang flies to leap up, a blade chops the arm that devil cultivator wields a sword, then arrives at side Leng Youlan. Brother, you are all right, that many fierce fellows had been reduced by you, you are really fierce!” Leng Youlan has not thought of Shen Xiang compared with her savage. Youlan, be not hiding, shakes foundation, I believe that you continue this strength.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Leng Youlan has White Dragon Bloodline, moreover her White Dragon Bloodline has awakened , some memory inheritance, but she has not displayed here, obviously she is hiding. Leng Youlan laughs: Brother, you favored, be not frightened by me!” Afterward, the Leng Youlan body shines white cloud, the big sword in hand turns into a white long sword of coiling dragon, tattered armor vanish from sight, presented formidable of one set of snow white vulture dragon to fight armor, on that white long hair carves the decoration of dragon completely, seems very aggressive, powerful, overbearing Dragon Qi that especially on her releases, making the person think that she is a dragon turns into.