World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1260

Leng Youlan suddenly becomes so the appearance, had a scare Shen Xiang, Dragon Force aura that especially on her releases, is fierce. After changing the body, the Leng Youlan's strength was increased to brandish the big sword in hand, attacked to these Devil Path expert time, chops strong Sword Qi that cut, has left behind the bloodstain on these Devil Path expert. Sees Leng Youlan to have such strength, Shen Xiang also no longer worried that after he strikes has killed several Devil Path expert, then toward distant place Fire God Palace that group of people runs, a furnace wields is chopping Divine Blade, has a bloody road, cuts to kill massive Demon and Devil. strength that Fire God Palace reenforces is also very formidable, after feeling the pressure, Teng Ying and Xiao Chou also display strongest strength, Teng Ying turn into Qilin Thunder Hawk, flutter that pair of steel wing, the stiff feather is similar to a cutlass, resembles the storm to sweep across that crowd of Demon and Devil generally, kills a big piece instantaneously. Xiao Chou turns into a giant, uses his Herculean Clan god vigor, fights with the fists in the ground, that qi wave can be killed by shock all around Demon and Devil completely, strength is very fearful. „It is not good, very strong fellows approach Youlan.” Long Xueyi suddenly shouted, she left Hidden Jade Ring afterward. Leng Youlan within the body has White Dragon Bloodline, in the Long Xueyi eye, therefore her family member is quite ordinary. Some Long Xueyi go into action personally, Shen Xiang does not need to be worried that but Fire God Palace's person who at this time in the heavy underground palace deep place comes out, the strength is not weak, the Chenwu Mainland above sect disciple facing this group of people, will be definitely strenuous. Therefore, Shen Xiang on here prevents this group of people now, simultaneously he also shouted that White Tiger Fighting Clan that batch of young White Tiger, cuts to kill challenging of Demon and Devil regarding these White Tiger not to have. Has White Tiger Fighting Clan to join, Shen Xiang becomes with ease, the Fire God Palace's person was also stopped at this time here, they are slaughtering with Shen Xiang. Long Xueyi comes out from Hidden Jade Ring, immediately arrives at side Leng Youlan, just arrived in her, short thin comes to leap, unexpectedly is a monster . Moreover the strength is very strong. Dying smelly bird, is so fierce, unexpectedly must bully little girl.” Long Xueyi angrily said, waves to release together red light, hits to that short thin old man. Leng Youlan also felt that fearfulness of that short thin old man, who also curious this suddenly appears in her side surface obstructs the white gauze female is, the body has one type to make her feel very intimate feeling. After that short thin old man shunts that said light glow, surprisedly said: „Are you Subduing Dragon Sect that Supreme Elder?”

Long Xueyi initially cut to kill in a big way extinguishes the Dragon Clan three people that comes to provoke, the reputation chirp, Subduing Dragon Sect's Supreme Elder, sounds that Great Elder be fiercer, therefore arouses the interests of many people. You recognize the great-aunt actually I!” In the Long Xueyi hand presented a white long sword, she shakes gently, sword blade jar cry, just like dragon roar, but release that white multi-colored sunlight, making all around these Demon and Devil feel when facing Suppressing Devil Holy Power is more uncomfortable. What is this?” That short thin old man is a Demon Immortal late stage strength, but this makes him feel the incomparable fear the sword. Shen Xiang also felt fierce of that sword in the distant place: Definitely is the White Dragon sword, this dragon brat also deceived me to say lost, obviously side her!” Long Xueyi waves gently the White Dragon sword, seems like very simple optional wielding a sword, but actually releases several thousand huge White Dragon, several huge White Dragon twine together mutually, wells up toward that old man, turns into dreadful white rough sea waves, whips the tread, covers that old man completely. A sword chops a big Longhai, Shen Xiang was shocked by this, Long Xueyi waves unceasingly the White Dragon sword, intermittent white dragon tide is similar to the dreadful rough sea waves clashes generally, submerged most plaza, what is strange, only then these Demon and Devil the Fire God Palace's talented person will have given that strength to attack, other person of matters do not have. Long Xueyi came such several, in this plaza has larger part Demon and Devil to be cleaned up to hurry, completely extinguishes to kill the powder by Long Xueyi with that strange and fearful strength. I know that this dragon brat is very fierce, otherwise she was unfair to me, I fed her lots to eat.” Dragon tide that Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, Long Xueyi releases, wells up to his here, these Fire God Palace's disciples were rushed ahead completely, only remaining piece of white ash. Only then some strength quite strong Demon and Devil have not met with a disaster, but they see the opposite party to have a such fierce fellow, in the heart is secretly panic-stricken. This is in Legend that Subduing Dragon Sect's Supreme Elder! A female, unexpectedly is so fierce!” It seems like this time we won!” Some people felt at this time was more relaxed, discussed low voice. You......” Leng Youlan look at Long Xueyi, could not speak, why she did not know.

Long Xueyi feels her white hair, happily said with a smile: Tries harder again, road that you must take also steadily.” Leng Youlan nodded, she can clear awareness, at present this female be a dragon at this time, moreover White Dragon, has very big origin with her, since her White Dragon Bloodline awakens, obtains these inheritance to remember that she knows White Dragon [lineage/vein] are very uncommon, at this time knows that also has White Dragon to exist, in her heart is very excited. Long Xueyi dodged vanished, she returned to Shen Xiang's Hidden Jade Ring, she emitted that big one move a moment ago all of a sudden, the consumption were definitely many, sharply was going back to eat the thing to supplement. Youlan, are you all right?” Xue Xianxian arrives at side Leng Youlan, seeing Leng Youlan to become this appearance, she also had a scare. What matter can I have? Actually Senior Sister you, body these many blood! Haven't you been injured?” Usually very uncouthly Leng Youlan, ten share the heart to ask. Is others' blood, I am all right!” Xue Xianxian smiled , to continue saying: We together.” Long Xueyi a moment ago that move, making people catch one's breath, now gathers together, toward distant place that crowd of Demon and Devil rushes in the past, but the Fire God Palace's person died almost. Shen Xiang to the forefront, with Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal, attacks these Demon and Devil leaders, these Demon and Devil inside expert, the strength is strong, in these two restrain in front of Demon and Devil divine tool specially, felt that is weak. More than double-hour, originally tens of millions Demon and Devil, now only remaining millions! Stop!” Glare suddenly appears, in this fills in frigid death Qi plaza, afterward then sees a troop Fire God Palace's person to stand on formation plate. unexpectedly was that Fire God Palace's Palace Master and Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, Fire God Palace's two Immortal King came, but the Fire God Palace disciple here died almost, after the remaining some were the severe wounds, ran away saves the life. Bai Zhan receives the hand immediately, arrives at Shen Xiang side them, at this time Shen Xiang their one group of people, are separated by more than ten zhang (3.33 m) with Fire God Palace, both sides are both full are killing intent, in Fire God Palace this crowd of person rear Demon and Devil, yells, while flees from this place. Fire God Palace's Palace Master sees hand-held Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade Shen Xiang, the complexion is very ugly, he does not know when Shen Xiang comes out, must know that he has defended there for more than ten years, but Shen Xiang is ran.

When do you come out?” This is the matter that Palace Master most wants to know, similarly, the people also very much want to know. By the second year of seal, I came out.” Shen Xiang indifferently said: Relax, I will not regard as the fool you, you can defend for ten years there, I admire your.” Although Shen Xiang said like this, but is clarifies to tell this Palace Master, you are an idiot! In the people heart smiles secretly, others by seal two years, but this goods have actually defended for more than ten years. Naturally, Shen Xiang have lied, to intentionally be mad air/Qi Palace Master a moment ago. That Monarch Qiong beautiful jade brings dreadful anger to ask: „Is the Saint Flame Sect matter you do?” Before Shen Xiang, had learned from Su Meiyao there, in Saint Flame Sect that Immortal King is this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade young boyfriend, the Saint Flame Sect matter indeed is he does, moreover cutting to have killed that Immortal King, this is he has also come the haughty matter. However this matter he knew that's alright, therefore he denied immediately: Has nothing to do with me, I truly planned that starts to Saint Flame Sect, I stayed a period of time there , discovered that is very difficult to start, but afterward was actually destroyed completely by Fiendgod Cult.” Fiendgod Cult! Fire God Palace's person naturally in existence of the Fiendgod Cult, at that time their also suspicion was Fiendgod Cult dry, then came Fiendgod Cult to kill their people, now hears Shen Xiang saying that they believe secretly. Fiendgod Cult had been destroyed completely, died not verifies, therefore Shen Xiang kicks this charge to Fiendgod Cult, although destroys completely Saint Flame Sect, cuts to kill that Immortal King is a very honored matter, but will annoy to be troublesome to Shen Xiang, especially now, at present the characters of two Immortal King ranks, Immortal King cohabitant who a that died.