World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1261
Big Shot of Fire God Palace's two Immortal King ranks arrives, Shen Xiang they do not dare to act rashly, moreover feels not the small pressure, but other people think that Shen Xiang can handle. If Immortal Monarch, has Bai Zhan here, naturally can solve! But Fire God Palace that cultivates Divine Dao Immortal Monarch, is truly fierce, can hit with Bai Zhan does not know one's place! Palace Master, our disciples almost died completely.” That Immortal Monarch angrily said. I knew.” That Palace Master complexion becomes gloomy and cold gets up, the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade also grips tightly the fist, wants to get rid. Shen Xiang said with a sneer: We waited for you to be so long, you did not have to attack us, therefore I have to get rid first! Also, was unable always your far away hits us.” Fire God Palace this high level understands certainly the Shen Xiang's meaning, he has not expected Chenwu Mainland to counter-attack, will attack their here, moreover is so thorough, but also is so smooth, making them lose is deeply grieved, can say that captured their foundations. I must kill you!” That Palace Master complexion suddenly becomes fierce. Felt that this Palace Master murderous aura, Shen Xiang they are panic-stricken, the middle that but at this time, both sides was actually separated by presented one group of black Qi suddenly. After this black Qi diverges, appears knows that impressively is White Tiger, Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder! Ended! Can return to Heaven World to go, the words that wants to revenge, wait for Emperor Heaven adolescence to get up completely, attacks again! Your Fire God Palace has ancient background, but defeats in the hand of this crowd of younger generation today, do you also refuse to accept?” White Tiger looked at these Fire God Palace's people lightly, but makes that group of people feel incomparably intense murderous aura! Before that Palace Master and Monarch Qiong beautiful jade thinks that Subduing Dragon Sect's Great Elder is also only the Immortal King rank, or is quite fierce Immortal King, but they finally see this Great Elder now, knew this Great Elder strength not only absolutely Immortal King rank, as for that was any strength, they could not look, in brief has far exceeded Immortal King, killed them to be easy as pie. expert of these two Immortal King levels in Heaven World, has not seen this type more formidable much expert, has not received this pressure to force. A White Tiger appearance, Shen Xiang knows that finally must finish.

Shen Xiang, other your best transcend to arrive at Heaven World, how long otherwise you could not certainly live.” That Palace Master says ruthless words, person who is bringing their transmits through formation plate. „Can they return to Heaven World? If after me, transcend Heaven World, cannot run into them, that did not have the meaning.” Shen Xiang did not fear that he must thank White Tiger not to do them, because of him wants personally fight. Definitely will go back, their many exceed the Nirvana Realm person, stay here very difficult adolescence!” White Tiger looks at all around bloodiness, shakes the head sighs, said: Goes back!” Immortal King level cannot meddle too many matters, White Tiger can make Bai Zhan come out to help, was made an exception, Shen Xiang can also understand. From now on can make Human Territory peaceful, but must depend upon them! The people leave in abundance, their losses are not considered as serious, but also died some good good seedlings, therefore many Big Shot somewhat are heavy at this time, but from now, they have wiped out Fire God Palace this threat thoroughly. After having solved Fire God Palace this hidden danger, the people must discuss how to cope with Demon and Devil, expels Demon and Devil thoroughly! They do not believe Demon and Devil can live in peace together with humanity, because they have experienced to Demon and Devil savage, they also repeatedly want to look for Demon and Devil to negotiate, the messenger majority that but sends have not come back. Did not have Fire God Palace this to stir the excrement stick to toss about in the Human, Devil and Demon three territories carelessly, in Human Territory each influence can join up, coped with Demon and Devil, this has not needed Subduing Dragon Sect to get rid, Subduing Dragon Sect was annihilating the Fire God Palace's time, left many strength, at this moment they can rest a period of time. Drives out the Demon and Devil matter, will have Devil Subduing School to do, naturally is not Devil Subduing School fight, but is Devil Subduing School convenes Human Territory each sect, together discussed the best countermeasure. The rarity has the opportunity, Shen Xiang and Yun Xiaodao and Zhu Rong they gathers together, at this time each of them's goal a bit faster breaks through, soon transcend. Our transcend quickest, should be the Dean Boss!” Xiao Chou said with a smile. „...... After our Subduing Dragon Sect, didn't have Dean?” Lan Lan said with a smile: Is inferior to this, after Dean transcend, Dean does to me temporarily.” Lan Lan, Dean is not good to work as, if you are working as playing, that might as well you found sect.” Yan Yanran said with a smile lightly.

Shen Xiang shakes the head saying: Relax, transcend latest definitely is I!” Although looks like he is very fierce, but he more arrives at behind, the breakthrough is more difficult. They chatted after the period of time, respectively leaves, they are some young people, yearns for Heaven World, moreover Huang Jintian and Gu Dongchen they already went to Heaven World, they think when the time comes in the words that Gu Dongchen their side mixes, will mix well, after does not fear the worry to come up, without family or friends. Even if Heaven World does not have the acquaintance, Shen Xiang was not worried, moreover he also planned, arrives at Heaven World, first does not find the person who oneself know, moreover he thought that on Heaven World many old fellow are waiting for him to arrive at Heaven World, his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade is very famous in Heaven World, in addition he has Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique and other supreme treasure, went to Heaven World, definitely will stare stubbornly. Heaven Slaughtering Technique, Earth Slaughtering Technique and Spirit Slaughtering Technique, I at present be only these three kill, Life Slaughtering Technique and Beast Slaughtering Technique had not found, doesn't know completely in Emperor Heaven?” If there is not evened up Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, Shen Xiang does not want to leave Emperor Heaven, otherwise later must return to Emperor Heaven not to know that needs multi- youngster. Asks that tomb raider chief knew.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang walks now on the road, he must look for Duan Chong, where initially Duan Chong knew that Saint Beast Ancient Domain. Duan Chong opens the door, seeing Shen Xiang to arrive, knows that Shen Xiang comes here reason. „Do you want to go to Saint Beast Ancient Domain really?” Duan Chong asked. Must go, cannot even up Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, I solely practice other three , the practice anything comes, I always felt that must practice Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique, needs to be complete.” Shen Xiang said. Saint Beast Ancient Domain is many formidable beasts the places of birth, well-known four directions Saint Beast, Phoenix and dragon, as well as Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, is there comes out!” Duan Chong said. That Ancient Fire Beast is also, Shen Xiang knows this.

That very danger(ous) is the affirmation, but Shen Xiang must result in goes, he knows that he is not to bring death absolutely, he crosses many experiences of getting out of trouble. Good, I give you a map, but this map in Heaven World's, after you comes up, inquired that this place, is ready to go again.” Duan Chong put out a map to give Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang opened looked that immediately was shocked! This......”, because this map he has seen, moreover he makes from a valuable box, is that mysterious Dan Emperor map, initially White Tiger also had said this map in Heaven World, moreover in a very fierce place. He carefully looks at the map very much, a place that map above indicates, on exactly the same as that valuable box. How this map you come.” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Our ancestors hand down from generation to generation, I only know that this is Saint Beast Ancient Domain, as for that place of indication, I do not know that there has anything.” Duan Chong said: Defers to words that the route walks, may be safer.” On Duan Chong this map does not have the symbol of Dan Emperor, is only a transcription, but he opens from that valuable box, is Dan Emperor draws up personally. Obviously this place is hiding the thing is not definitely simple, knows after that place is Saint Beast Ancient Domain, Shen Xiang suspected that perhaps there is hiding Beast Slaughtering Technique! Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique is White Tiger obtains, initially White Tiger distributed in Saint Beast Ancient Domain to other fierce Saint Beast studies together, many Saint Beast reorganize cultivation technique that appropriate practice, then spreads, for example Imperial Dragon Clan these divine art. Beast Slaughtering Technique in Heaven World, then Life Slaughtering Technique?” Shen Xiang thought that Life Slaughtering Technique possibly has very big help to him, because that Dragon Saliva Art possibly is Life Slaughtering Technique.