World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1262
Since Fire God Palace vanishes, before these rampant Demon and Devil do not dare to be extremely rampant at this time, some withdraw from Human Territory long time ago, but has not seen clearly now situation Demon and Devil, was extinguished kills. Entire Emperor Heaven can say that now was very stable, most people plan to arrange the transcend matter, naturally, if can choose, will have many not that early transcend. After all on Heaven World is a higher world, they in Emperor Heaven were quite top expert, but after going to Heaven World, actually turned into weakest one group of people, the so huge transformation, making many people be hard to accept. But also many people hope that can a bit faster go to yearn to this them for a long time Heaven World, that is also one can make them have the place of stronger strength. Then, Shen Xiang had has been busy, because after him, transcend, nobody has provided the massive high level pill medicines to maintain Subduing Dragon Sect's adolescence, therefore he must before transcend, use the Soul Creation Fluid lane to be many some high level spirit herb, gave Li Baojun taking care. He does not know when can return to Emperor Heaven again, but definitely very long that's it. Li Baojun and Duan Chong, although surmounts the Immortal strength, but they cannot go to Heaven World now, has to continue to stay here, but they did not need to be worried unable to promote the strength, here had Dragon Vein, although that rich Spirit Qi is unable to compare favorably with Heaven World's Immortal Qi, but was enough regarding them. Shen Xiang to their some Longevity Fruit, will also let Li Baojun refined into Longevity Dan, when the time comes can make them increase life essence. In Dragon Vein, Shen Xiang condense Soul Creation Fluid, in his following time, must invest condense Soul Creation Fluid this aspect with heart and soul here, he not only need duplicate massive high level herbs, he later must refine some pill to eat to him, can make him break through, a bit faster transcend. Before this is also , why he said that transcend latest certainly is he, because he must establish the foundation for Subduing Dragon Sect, especially pills aspect. Regarding present Emperor Heaven, Primordial Dan was enough, but is Primordial Dan, sufficed Shen Xiang to toss about was very long, he every day each condense Soul Creation Fluid that the night kept, one year later, was 120 herbs!

However regarding very big sect, one year can get so far as ten herbs to be good, before this is also , why can that many people want to become the Subduing Dragon Sect's retainer. Fire God Palace in later, Subduing Dragon Sect is not needing the retainer, even if Shen Xiang understands to duplicate herbs, cannot long time raise that many retainer, cannot raise! Naturally, these retainer on the same day great war when the time comes, sacrificed some, but lives, although at this time had been persuaded somebody to leave by Subduing Dragon Sect, but they still thought one gained, but one year can obtain grain of Primordial Dan, in their opinion unusual value. Although Shen Xiang has not managed Subduing Dragon Sect, the matter that but he handles for Subduing Dragon Sect are many, moreover is also very important, moreover Subduing Dragon Sect has very solid foundation and secure environment now, so long as such smooth development, sooner or later will become very formidable sect. Many can enter in Evil Dragon Burial Ground that Subduing Dragon Sect's disciple, underwent the heavily test, is regarded as the core disciple, but in them has not seen their Dean. They do not know are, Shen Xiang to these disciple lane many pills, had sacrificed many time, closes up is 30 years, altogether condense more than 3600 Primordial Dan herbs, if gives him to refine, can refine more than 10,000 grains of Primordial Dan, but he did not plan one have refined, that can only want his life. Elder Li, these herbs should be sufficient......” Shen Xiang to come out, herbs that uses 30 years boiling to come out gives Li Baojun these. 30 years, if he is used to practice, perhaps already in Heaven World! Li Baojun looks at inside these massive Primordial Dan herbs, immediately fell silly, so massive Heaven Level herbs stack in inside, regarding this alchemy master, must shock compared with anything.

Sufficed! Relax, my I arrive certainly at your level, a furnace leaves the pill four grains, otherwise was unfair to these herbs.” Li Baojun sees Shen Xiang that face bitter and astringent facial expression, knows his these for 30 years for this working hard. Was right, Xiaodao they?” Shen Xiang asked: Their quick transcend, these fellow unexpectedly walked in front of me.” Duan Chong that just walked, said with a smile: They five years ago on transcend...... They asked you also to look at that time very much worry!” Shen Xiang stares, sighed: Ok, I also will sooner or later go to Heaven World's!” Madame Dean and your sworn sister transcend, they were also quite early, ten years ago left, they have looked for you, at that time we also made Elder Tie call you, but you have not responded.” Li Baojun said. Duan Chong he he smiles: „The present young people live really in a good time, reorganization Emperor Heaven, the resources also became a lot, Spirit Qi became rich, the speed of promotion was really fast, these days often heard young people transcend Heaven World of some famous family big factions.” They can smooth transcend, I feel relieved!” The Shen Xiang forced smile said: I may a period of time be able to come up, my present practice met the bottleneck, was very difficult to break through!” Was right, Danxiang Taoyuan's Dean, Wu Qianqian? Her transcend?” Shen Xiang asked that Duan Chong and Li Baojun have not mentioned. Mentioned Wu Qianqian, on the Li Baojun face showed the facial expression that one type admired very much immediately, said: Also transcend, the two years ago matters. However this little girl is insincere, before transcend, coming here to borrow Primordial Dan herbs to come alchemy......, moreover used your God Refining Technique, this little girl attacked my this old fellow intentionally!”

After Shen Xiang hears, on the face reveals the color of shock immediately: „Is this real? How does she achieve?” Uses God Refining Technique, needs very strong Divine Sense, Shen Xiang thinks that must have Divine Soul, stepping into Divine Dao can achieve, but Wu Qianqian unexpectedly achieved. He has not instructed Wu Qianqian, but had said in detail the refinement process, as well as these he chant that senses from Heaven Refining Technique, but Wu Qianqian touch the stone to cross river, has refined furnace Primordial Dan successfully, moreover one time succeeds, must know that in the past he was also defeated has been successful. This little girl is very plucky, it is estimated that she all day is suffering how successfully! After all I grasped Refining Simulation Technique, can refine Heaven Level pill, therefore the manner in studying independently was too negative!” A Li Baojun face said ashamed. Wu Qianqian cannot refine Heaven Level pill, with the Refining Simulation Technique words, the time of requiring was also too long, therefore she placed to study diligently on God Refining Technique all thoughts.