World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1264
When the Shen Xiang present practice difficulty, is the condense Heaven Dan pill embryo need True Qi are getting more and more, if not he can condense Soul Creation Fluid, duplicates massive herbs to come alchemy, he is unable phenomenon adolescence to get up difficultly. He in Dragon Vein, the energy of absorbing is also many, in addition the Primordial Dan words, he thought that he will want transcend to be quick. I the Nirvana seven tribulations, eight tribulations, nine tribulations, it seems like also require very long time now! Also planned to practice Divine Dao well , to promote Divine Dao cultivation base, now looked like can only transcend say first again.” Shen Xiang has practiced for more than one year, the progress is slow, but compares to him by the seal time quickly, after all here is Dragon Vein, he eats is Primordial Dan this Heaven Level pill, he thought that he should use again for several years, can cross the Nirvana eight tribulations. little rascal , to promote the Divine Dao words, I have the means to let you quickly.” Long Xueyi suddenly said. What means?” Shen Xiang just asked that has thought lets his whole body dry and hot matter. Except for that means that what means but can also have? convenient your this little rascal!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said. Means that Long Xueyi said that is Divine Soul unifies double cultivation, before Long Xueyi Spirit Gathering Technique helped Shen Xiang rapidly restore Divine Power with that but Shen Xiang does not know that this Spirit Gathering Technique also had this usage. Snort!” Long Xueyi spat tenderly: Do not let one's thoughts wander other, if double cultivation, depends on your present Heavenly Saint Body , the emperor not under cost price tosses about.” I do not believe that my good and bad is also youngest Heavenly Saint Body! Come, we tried to know.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. little rascal, I know that you have been having the idea of my body, do not think!” Long Xueyi tenderly shouted.

Shen Xiang lets loose Divine sea, making Long Xueyi come in! In Divine sea, sees to strip down to the skin Long Xueyi, has saying that Long Xueyi the stature or the appearance, are top grade in top grade, although Shen Xiang has also seen the luster of the skin of many female, but compares to the attraction, present Long Xueyi ranks among the best absolutely. Just must throw in Shen Xiang, executes a captured offender on the spot this white Female Dragon, who knows that Long Xueyi compared with his first one step, clashes to press him, then very crude sitting in his waist...... Evening's time, Shen Xiang and Long Xueyi use Spirit Gathering Technique to practice Divine Dao, daytime is to build up Primordial Dan, he thinks will cross very aridly, but after Long Xueyi and he cultivates Spirit Gathering Technique, helping him cross every day very natural. Has not raised you in vain, Divine Power promoted quickly compared with actually.” In Shen Xiang's Divine sea, his Divine Soul is embracing Long Xueyi's Divine Soul, is pawing on her gratefully, regarding Long Xueyi, he will never be polite, but Long Xueyi to him is also same. little rascal, you raise me for this, a prospect does not have, do not think that Divine Soul and this Dragon Emperor have rested, quite in conquering me!” Long Xueyi impolite is pinching the Shen Xiang's chest, she also acknowledged one and Shen Xiang this days, cross very joyfully, has to take several times, she wants with Shen Xiang true comes the previous time, but that truly will harm Shen Xiang, therefore she is also enduring. Shen Xiang makes the Long Xueyi side lie down in own side, is hugging her from the back, is kissing her cheek, asked: Xueyi, I can see that your White Dragon Clan is not simple, can't you say with me?” Long Xueyi has stood up from failure, by in the Shen Xiang's bosom, they closely is supporting, this is Shen Xiang first time and she speaks with the so gentle expression. Does not need you to manage, this is my matter!” Long Xueyi is rubbing the Shen Xiang's chest gently, although she said that but the sound is actually full of the tender feelings, this is also very rare.

Your matter is my matter, my many matters, haven't you meddled?” Shen Xiang looks at her pair of nimble and resourceful pupil, is holding her beautiful hair gently. Your matter for me is not anything, however my matter is the important matter, the words that you meddle, will die!” Long Xueyi has pinched his face: Do not think that you have Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade and Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique anything's these fierce thing, on unmatched in the world!” Shen Xiang's matter, clearest is Long Xueyi, she knew about Shen Xiang's that must be much more than Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou, although they bicker frequently, but the sentiment is good. But now, is their first time reveals the sentiment. For you, I can definitely the unmatched in the world!” Shen Xiang smiled, rubs her is not losing the cheek of rhyme beautiful delightfully. Leng Youlan has awakened White Dragon Bloodline, but had not told Shen Xiang, obviously she also same knows many White Dragon Clan matters, moreover very danger(ous), therefore she has not told Shen Xiang, was worried that Shen Xiang will meddle. Shen Xiang thinks that he sees Long Xueyi a face to be melancholy at this time, is holding her small mouth, is kissing with her. After kisses violently, Shen Xiang also asked: „Does Youlan also know your White Dragon Clan matter?” She definitely knows, but you do not need to be worried her, I will not make her meddle, even if she has that strength, cannot make her go to the tube.” Long Xueyi sighed lightly. Why do you want to face? Let me help you not be good? Don't I have that strength?”

Long Xueyi shakes the head saying: little rascal, I cannot with you for a lifetime. In recent years, thanked you really very much, without your attendance, my adolescence was so quick!” Shen Xiang loses, but he also affectionately looks at Long Xueyi, his look told Long Xueyi, he does not want to leave her. Said that my White Dragon Clan Ancient Dragon, reason that died, is the same with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, and...... The root of trouble that Ancient Dragon brings, implicates Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, at that time with Great Emperor of Ten Heavens related many expert, for example White Tiger, was implicated, White Tiger had good luck ever, is reincarnated the rebirth! Under Netherworld Abyss big Fire Lion sub- and Ice Dragon , if not Great Emperor of Ten Heavens makes them handle something, perhaps they must die.” The Long Xueyi face is pasting the Shen Xiang's chest, was speaking these words gently, but makes Shen Xiang feel very shocking. Do not ask that in brief you are the man who my this whole life recognizes, even if after me, left you, I am also your dragon brat.” Long Xueyi suddenly happily said with a smile, has nipped a bean bean of Shen Xiang chest vigorously. little pervy dragon, this is not pills!” Shen Xiang has patted her flexible buttocks, ridicules to say. Shen Xiang knows at this time, in Long Xueyi's memory inheritance, something about Great Emperor of Ten Heavens, but she had not said. „Didn't you say the White Dragon sword in a Heaven World's place? But on that day I saw you, when helps Youlan, with!” Shen Xiang asked. That is not the true White Dragon sword, real White Dragon sword in Heaven World! My that is protecting body Dragon sword of inheritance, Youlan also has, big sword in her armor and hand not? Our white Dragon Clan is very strong, can inherit this thing, Holy Dragon cannot achieve.”