World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1265
In Dragon Vein, Shen Xiang takes Good Fortune Fruit to be in a daze, he had many Good Fortune Fruit, but these for 30 years, were eaten almost by Long Xueyi, only remaining such. Or do you make Li Baojun help you refine 12 furnace Good Fortune Dan? Has the Good Fortune Dan words, eats Primordial Dan to be quicker than you!” Long Xueyi suddenly ran from Hidden Jade Ring, but also lies in Shen Xiang's carries on the back, is rubbing gently Shen Xiang with that pair of weak very arrogant snowy peak. Shen Xiang at this time and Long Xueyi becomes is very intimate, Shen Xiang puts away Good Fortune Fruit, draws Long Xueyi to own bosom, happily said with a smile: Xueyi, we did not have such true kissing probably!” Long Xueyi pouting, snort|hum said: Must kiss kisses, your when that Aunt Grandma? Before you were not very neat?” Then, Long Xueyi has collected the mouth, that gang of Lord uses force, making Shen Xiang feel ashamed, in kiss, Long Xueyi had to experience very much, this is he cultivates Spirit Gathering Technique the time practices. At this time Shen Xiang only felt that wild agitation of Long Xueyi that tender fragrant tongue in his mouth, naturally, he cannot show weakness, is twining the Long Xueyi's fragrant tongue, this, they very intensely have kissed...... If Sister Youyou and Sister Meiyao wake up, do not tell them, I and your matter.” Long Xueyi lies down on the Shen Xiang's thigh, does not know spirit fruit where she makes, is eating while said. Shen Xiang feels her face gently, visits her to eat the thing, said with a smile: What's wrong? You feared that Sister Meiyao is jealous?” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Does not have, she is jealous that is certain, but she also already knows that what fellow your this little rascal is, I thought that we will come quite to be exciting in secret.” Mystical little girl, has not practiced with you these days, I must make several Good Fortune Fruit to refine Good Fortune Dan to Elder Li!” Shen Xiang lowered the head, kisses her to moisten the full fruit the small mouth. little rascal, you must a bit faster adolescence get up, such I can have the delicious thing.” Long Xueyi hee hee smiles, has kissed the Shen Xiang's face, then entered in Hidden Jade Ring.

Good Fortune Dan is Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan, can simultaneously play strengthens fleshly body, to strengthen the function of True Qi and Divine Sense, is quite comprehensive . Moreover the effect is remarkable, comes to be precious regarding many Nirvana Realm people, but Good Fortune Fruit little has, many years can finally one time. Shen Xiang eats Primordial Dan to have very big effect now, but regarding his within the body Heaven Dan situation, the Primordial Dan effect are many, is difficult to make him promote cultivation base in a short time, condense leaves pill embryo. His three days can condense leave to duplicate Primordial Dan herbs, but Good Fortune Dan words, then take 15 days! Before he duplicated these Sacred Level herbs, or was Immortal Level herbs, used to complete for a long time. This Good Fortune Dan only needs Good Fortune Fruit this main herbs, if likely is Primordial Dan such need two, has not known when must get so far as.” After Shen Xiang duplicates Good Fortune Fruit, looks for Li Baojun on hastily, gives him Good Fortune Fruit, making him refine. Refines Heaven Level Middle-Grade Dan and Low-Grade Dan is completely different, the Good Fortune Dan refinement difficulty does not know that is more difficult than many times Primordial Dan, but Li Baojun is actually very glad to refine, because this can step up his alchemy level. Elder Li, how many grains can you cause to come?” Shen Xiang inquired, looked at his look, probably hopes that Li Baojun can refine wicker basket such all of a sudden. Have not thought that one grain is my limit, this Good Fortune Dan refinement difficulty is very big, but if your this anomaly, two grains should not have the issue.” Li Baojun said. Shen Xiang somewhat loses, he does not know that grain of Good Fortune Dan can make him promote many. Good, your how long refines?”

Li Baojun thinks that said: Quickest five days, slow ten days eight days, this Good Fortune Dan is not really good to refine, I can have this speed, was in intermediate Dan King the quite top speed!” This speed was too slow, Shen Xiang somewhat could not wait, asked: Elder Li, what high rank pills does your body have? Does Immortal Dan have? First lends me, I anxiously transcend!” The Li Baojun forced smile said: Let alone Immortal Dan, even if Heaven Level pill I do not have, I have eaten, Primordial Dan are actually many, but you definitely do not need...... Right, Longevity Dan here has three grains, your if wanted ?” I assign also steadily, temporarily does not want.” Shen Xiang is also the forced smile said. Li Baojun can refine Longevity Dan, explained that he is Dan Immortal, but the Immortal Medicine aspect he is deficient, Shen Xiang does not have many. Primordial Diamond Dan?” Shen Xiang also asked that he remembers that he has given Li Baojun Diamond Fruit. Has not refined, this thing is not fond of playing jokes, needs to select the time.” Li Baojun takes that Diamond Fruit. The Shen Xiang whole face is helpless, so long as returns to Dragon Vein to continue to eat his Primordial Dan. Or absorbs Dragon Vein strength to refine? Should not injure to Dragon Vein, this Dragon Vein adolescence speed is fast, if discovered that has anything not to be right, immediately stops that's it.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang already had such idea, but he very clear, if can absorb strength, that can only describe with drinking like a fish that the speed of absorption is fast, the quantity is very big, this Dragon Vein maintains the basis of Evil Dragon Burial Ground revolution, moreover Dragon Vein also very young, he worried that can injure.

„, If not make this Dragon Vein have problems carefully, that has troubled, I consume to be many at most here some time, my time are in any case much is.” Shen Xiang has thought that said. Closes the eye, builds up the Primordial Dan efficacy, while condense Soul Creation Fluid, quite a while passes, this Dragon Vein interior suddenly resounds dragon roar. This awakened Shen Xiang, he has opened the eye, dragon roar sound still unceasing transmitting, he discovered quickly that dragon roar does not transmit from this Dragon Vein, that is a very strange feeling, perhaps this only then he can hear. dragon brat, can you hear to have the dragon to call again?” Shen Xiang hastily asked: Is you are calling?” Long Xueyi is sleeping, after Shen Xiang woke up by shouting, has hit a yawn, said: My belly hungry time, sound that called not like Dragon Jiao, was not I calls, asking for leniency situation.” Now is still calling, but actually does not pass from the ear, in my mind, is not a very strange feeling, probably was summoning me to be the same.” Shen Xiang said. Long Xueyi has pondered a moment later, startled shouted: Is Dragon Vein is calling, but is not this Dragon Vein, is Chenwu Mainland that!” Chenwu Mainland's Dragon Vein where, Shen Xiang also continuously curious, he had one, naturally cannot have the ideas of other Dragon Vein again, moreover that will also leave Chenwu Mainland these influences to seek in the future. But now, Chenwu Mainland's Dragon Vein is summoning him!