World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1266

After Emperor Crystal and this Dragon Vein that Shen Xiang has fuse, quite fuses with this Dragon Vein in him, two Dragon Vein great distances are very far, some relations can also understand, but why can summon him? Had a look!” Shen Xiang left deep underground Dragon Vein immediately, he just exited, saw Li Baojun to be just about to enter deeply. Dean, you came out happen, Chenwu Mainland had the important matter!” Li Baojun said anxiously. What important matter? A bit faster said!” Shen Xiang in great surprise, because is also Chenwu Mainland's Dragon Vein is summoning him now. It is said is Chenwu Mainland's Devil Province, suddenly is pounded by a very giant meteorite, entire Devil Province was covered by that meteorite!” The Li Baojun whole face said with amazement. Really?” Shen Xiang some cannot believe that Devil Province is very big, entire Devil Province was ruined by the meteorite, that is not accidental, the meteorite that because descends, the physique does not need very in a big way, can ruin Devil Province, what Li Baojun said covers entire Devil Province! If is really the so giant meteorite, then can ruin entire Chenwu Mainland? But Chenwu Mainland had not been ruined, although that meteorite pounds to fall, but has not had very big impact, but suppresses Devil Province!” Li Baojun said. Shen Xiang associates together this matter and Dragon Vein, eye fierce, his suddenly has thought of anything. Came back!” Shen Xiang hastily breaks in Teleportation Formation: Elder Li, you do not need to go with me, here that's alright.” Shen Xiang after Teleportation Formation arrived at Chenwu Mainland, immediately rushes to the place that Devil Province is, is quick he to see that Li Baojun said in the distant place meteorite, looks in the distant place that is similar to a very huge mountain stands erect there, high does not see the top, what we definitely know is that this meteorite does not come Zitian. In outside this place, Shen Xiang saw Pan Yunlan, he walks toward Pan Yunlan.

Elder Pan, this is that secular world that I was born, right?” Shen Xiang sound transmission asked that he was change appearance comes. Shen Xiang comes back, Pan Yunlan is not accidental, she nodded: Um, why I am not clear can suddenly appear here, I planned must come up to have a look, but actually by a very strong large formation stop.” Many expert look up at the great mountain that this suddenly is presenting, exudes intermittent whoa, Spirit Qi that one after another because wells up from inside, is rich, making Shen Xiang think that this is accurate Immortal Qi, stays him in Dragon Vein induces is richer. Has not thought that Dragon Vein in secular world that you were born!” Long Xueyi said: Is very obvious, this inside has Dragon Vein, moreover be much stronger than our that.” Shen Xiang thoughts constantly welling up, if this is really that secular world that he was born, then his father may very much above. He flew immediately, approaches, he induces to large formation that Pan Yunlan said that he thinks that a fist bang broken, but that large formation is much more formidable, although will not attack, but is actually hard to shake. Shen Xiang very powerful fights with the fists, a strength fluctuation has not sent out, his fist strength completely by devour. Shen Xiang very urgent wants to know that his father is living , he crazy bang has hit several fists, is a point with does not have, even if he uses the patrolling technique, is unable to penetrate that large formation. Do not act unreasonably, in this very fierce fellows, alarm that fellow, even if I am not able to preserve this Chenwu Mainland.” In the Shen Xiang's mind suddenly broadcasts the White Tiger sound, White Tiger in Chenwu Mainland, suddenly has this matter, his also hastily runs to come to see an outcome. White Tiger Senior, can you go in? This place the place that may is I was born, my father above.” Shen Xiang hastily asked.

Cannot, this formation I not have the means! This possibly was that grave in Legend, inside that formidable fellow already resurrect, but actually also in deep sleep.” The White Tiger sound said dignifiedly. Including White Tiger nasty existence, that definitely is very strong, Shen Xiang at this time also calm. Dragon Vein under this, will therefore appear here, in a short time, should not have any issue, in the looks like that fellow is so formidable, the time that requires the resurrect words, to require completely is very long.” White Tiger said. Dragon Vein hid in the Devil Province deep place, but along with the appearance of this secular world, actually activated this Dragon Vein, releases very rich Spirit Qi. Very short time, entire Chenwu Mainland's Spirit Qi has promoted many times. Many people do not know that but thought that this is the good matter, because Spirit Qi has promoted. Whose grave is that grave?” Shen Xiang inquired White Tiger, before this was, Chenwu Mainland above Legend, but too many people have not believed. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou also know this Legend probably. Does not know, I in the past very young time, knows that this Legend, we had also sought, but had not actually found, I also afterward knew on this Chenwu Mainland, but had not found, now finally makes me see!” Shen Xiang has gawked staring, does not know the occupant in this grave White Tiger, moreover this grave be much more ancient than White Tiger, what is more astonishing, this grave experience was so long, experienced that many big matters, but still exists to the present , some people are knowing that had Legend about this grave. Shen Xiang remembers that initially some people had said to him, a period of time, secular world will vanish every other, will appear then.

In this grave fellow resurrect time, should be new times true opening time, perhaps is also Emperor Heaven once again destroyed time!” White Tiger looks that the above that by the great mountain that the fog winds around, murmured. Shen Xiang is heavyhearted, his original manuscript thinks before own transcend, is unable to see this return secular world, although now saw, but actually cannot go, he wants to know his father present situation. You do not need to worry that the above person will be defends the grave person, the tomb owner will not treat unjustly them, if they can go out of this grave from now on, he surely will be very strong existence.” White Tiger said: In Saint Beast Ancient Domain that be honest with you, I was born strongest beast god, once was one defended the small hawk of grave.” Shen Xiang is pinching the fist, looks at present this secular world, nodded saying: I later will enter certainly inside!” You go to Heaven World first, perhaps you can inquire that there has the news about this grave, if can find good is still also defending the grave person, should be able to know the quite detailed thing.” White Tiger said. After Shen Xiang and Pan Yunlan have White Tiger said goodbye, returns to own Dragon Vein to go, at this time he did not have hears the dragon roar sound again. Was right, perhaps I can I enter this Dragon Vein inside means with the past years.” Shen Xiang one happy, goes out of Dragon Vein, quietly goes to Chenwu Mainland's Netherworld Abyss.