World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1267
Previous Shen Xiang is very much difficultly enters that dragon to sleep from earth core, he thought that can also enter Chenwu Mainland that Dragon Vein with this means. Long Xueyi does not stop Shen Xiang, although some risks. „Does dragon brat, in your memory inheritance have that grave related thing? Be not hiding the truth from me, this is very important to me.” Shen Xiang asked that at this time he from Netherworld Abyss following passage, entered in earth core, there is a Fire Dragon sword in the side, he does not need to resist that fierce hot thick liquid. earth core hot thick liquid every time in become stronger, if no Fire Dragon sword, Shen Xiang cannot absolutely that relaxed walk here. Long Xueyi has not replied, obviously was considering any thing, Shen Xiang did not urge her, he already knows that Long Xueyi has concealed many things. Shen Xiang has set the direction, leads the way in the direction that Devil Province is, he can use the quick speed all the way, at this time he admires that Fire Dragon secretly, can refine a such fierce Fire Dragon sword, making the hot fireworks thick liquid withdraw. White Tiger does not know that the matter of that grave, you think that I do know?” Long Xueyi spoke finally, but Shen Xiang waited for her to be so long, only waited till these words, was very not feeling well. This perhaps!” Shen Xiang said: Disclosed that little knows to me, the occupant in that grave is the good thing?” Good, the fellow is a good person.” Long Xueyi's replied is very direct, made Shen Xiang some not believe. Said.” Shen Xiang continues to pursue asks: Told me, after I went back, certainly made to you are more delicious, Earth Core Divine Fruit anything, will definitely have.” Do not entice me with this method, I will unable to bear.” Long Xueyi most likes eating Earth Core Divine Fruit, but that few, was already eaten to eat all one's food, but Shen Xiang has Earth Core Divine Fruit fruit seed, can definitely cause one to come.

Shen Xiang continues saying: I and you have calculated that half husband and wife, irritably was coy, said does not have the fault to you to me, only then advantage! I later well will love certainly your......” Does not have the fellow of conscience, when sweet words and honeyed phrases to my polite talk.” Long Xueyi smiles is scolding tenderly. Shen Xiang was anxious, because Long Xueyi knows the matters of this graves: I with your what relationship? Also in what sweet words and honeyed phrases?” Long Xueyi sighed lightly: I told you some, but will not be many, you also closely examined, something I did not tell you, had my difficulties, you do not need to know the reason...... Also, you must keep the promise, makes Earth Core Divine Fruit to me, others forgot this delicious fruit quickly the flavor.” Shen Xiang remembers, Long Xueyi first time eats Earth Core Divine Fruit time, powder carves little girl that the jade carves, has not thought that was suddenly long so in a big way, moreover with him on good, has developed that relationship, recalled that Shen Xiang sobbed. Relax, I will certainly make to you eat!” Shen Xiang said that the sound is somewhat anxious. Long Xueyi chuckle, said: „The fellow in that grave is cultivation technique that because he cultivates is very strange, every other a period of time must die one time, but each time resurrect will become very fierce, previous Great Emperor of Ten Heavens will have such matter, just will catch up he will die, therefore this fellow has not participated in that great war, otherwise Emperor Heaven cannot like this.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said: Said that this fellow was a good person?” Long Xueyi um should say: Good is good, but he is not a person!” Isn't the person? Is he beasts is inadequate?”

Ancient times time, the formidable majority are the beasts, because the beasts had the inborn outstanding condition. „It is not, fellow should be a god, a genuine god!” Long Xueyi said: Was good, you knew these that's alright, do not ask where that fellow came!” Shen Xiang has not thought that bright this existence appears in Emperor Heaven, moreover Chenwu Mainland here, that unexpectedly is a grave of god! He came from Primal Chaos?” Shen Xiang asked that Primal Chaos in his opinion, was one also wants the higher world compared with Heaven World. „It is not!” Long Xueyi said. Where is that?” Shen Xiang pursues asks. Long Xueyi had not replied again, but Shen Xiang must go to secular world, he must personally see his father to live, he can feel relieved. He is going through in earth core, all the way above he very careful observation, if discovered that some small tiny hole, that may is the place that Dragon Vein is, Evil Dragon Burial Ground inside Dragon Vein is this. Disappearance secular world suddenly appeared, has moved Devil Province, but also has built very powerful defense, was hard to enter inside, this news travelled, many people caught up, wants to enter has a look, but regardless of many people collaborated to attack, is unable to break that large formation, what they did not know, existence of White Tiger this rank, is unable to shake that formation. dragon brat, I but now robs the grave of god, don't you prevent me?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile.

„Does my Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor man, what rob the god grave is?” Long Xueyi giggle said with a smile. Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor man? Shen Xiang listens to be very irritable, but hears Long Xueyi to smile that mindless, he knows that his god grave should not very danger(ous), naturally, he is vigilant. Elder Duan, is not I do not lead you to come, but is this place real danger(ous), can only I come, did not do right by really!” In the Shen Xiang heart said secretly that enters this grave, is matter that Duan Chong most wants to do, but this truly very danger(ous), dares to come on the fellow of Shen Xiang this method in many ways. Had found, it seems like Dragon Vein shape entirely succeed is this!” Shen Xiang turns into wisp of black hair immediately, drills into tiny hole, following qi flow to rising. These tiny hole are complete, trace that composes, after heat rise of earth core, through these trace tiny passage, will turn into very rich Spirit Qi. Shen Xiang following tiny hole rise qi flow, arrived in very huge passage, this passage is much bigger than his Evil Dragon Burial Ground that is similar to a river, but here water is elixir that Spirit Qi turns into, at this time the turbulent impact, this huge passage is also being the trace turns into. This is true Dragon Vein, my Dragon Vein and this comparing, looks like the ant is the same with the elephant.” In the Shen Xiang heart shocks, envies, Spirit Qi turns into elixir, forms the innumerable giant buried rivers to flow under Devil Province, finally condense becomes Dragon Vein. Shen Xiang follows the current of water, finally arrived at very huge deep hole, compared with Evil Dragon Burial Ground that big several hundred times, is similar to heavenly pit is ordinary, but below has actually packed elixir, this deep hole middle, is very huge Dragon Vein dragon body, dragon head upwardly extends, cannot see the head!