World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1268
Shen Xiang still in the base, he rises now along that straight on dragon body, feels that intermittent Spirit Qi that this Dragon Vein is releasing, is similar to the storm generally spout from the Dragon Vein dragon body, making Shen Xiang exclaim, this Dragon Vein far exceeds Evil Dragon Burial Ground that. This Dragon Vein should exist was very long, but before why, doesn't have any sound?” Shen Xiang is very curious, if Fire God Palace already knew Dragon Vein here, perhaps will land here, first seized Devil Province said again. I thought that suction, should be secular world that this suddenly presents suction, possibly is above some formation has to separate absorbs the Spirit Qi ability spatially.” Long Xueyi said. The place that Shen Xiang is that Devil Province underground, but is being pressed secular world now, Shen Xiang has flown above, stands in Dragon Vein dragon head, but he must arrive at the ground, but must pass through that pressure above secular world, needs a period of time. „Above quick must arrive, how didn't know the father they?” Shen Xiang is secretly excited, uses the strength of Law of Space, coordinates Form Displacement Shadow, was disregarded the hindrance of these lime soils by oneself, is going through upwardly fast. After more than double-hour, Shen Xiang consumes True Qi of oneself within the body reckless, finally in a short time, arrived above. As soon as he comes out, in a lake, floats on the water surface, he sees a troop great alligator to sun in the shore. This is the antique great alligator, is antique strange species!” Long Xueyi hurriedly said: You look at their scales.” Shen Xiang carefully looked that sees only scales dark colored on these great alligators to shine, looks like probably is the black gem is polished is excessively same, is different from the ordinary great alligator. Great alligator maximum one about 50 ten feets in length of shore, that sturdy body lies down there horizontally, side also has other build small great alligators, looks like shocks. „Are these fellows fierce?” Shen Xiang turns into a butterfly, flies airborne, before he also with this means that can enter that ten Heavenly Saint mountains safely.

Is very fierce, you little annoy that's it, looks for your father directly, do not cause complications, here definitely has had many matters, otherwise in such a short time, will not have this antique strange species to appear here, quantity also these many!” The Long Xueyi's sound is bringing unusual dignity. In the past how long Shen Xiang had not stayed in secular world, therefore to here is not very familiar, in addition here definitely crosses very big change, now he also can only fly first in a direction, when he was far away from this danger(ous) place to say again. That lake by a forest, Shen Xiang has not flown into fully that is the forest of great tree, perhaps in his opinion, inside has ratio these great alligator fiercer things. Here Spirit Qi evolved is Immortal Qi, but just entered the Immortal Qi stage, but, definitely will strengthen, does not understand antique strange species that really these should exterminate how will appear here?” After Long Xueyi sees Shen Xiang has been far away from these great alligators, relaxed, then uses the technique of Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, investigates four directions. Outside that ten Heavenly Saint mountains not also some huge antique strange beast?” Shen Xiang said: This should not have strangely what.” That difference, that place by seal many years Mysterious Realm, but here is not Mysterious Realm, let alone the great alligator of this big fellow, even if the ordinary great alligator is also rarely seen?” Long Xueyi said. The Shen Xiang nod said that over three zhang (3.33 m) great alligator, he has also seen some records from the books. That side has the fight!” Long Xueyi suddenly said: Should be evidently the person and antique strange beast great war.” After Shen Xiang approaches, really wells up a air wave the induction to that place, the tactical situation is very intense, does not know that anything and anything fight. He uses the patrolling technique to look that in the heavy upper air sees to have more than 20 looks like very young person, is grasping the lance, copes with one is similar to the golden great bear of small house general size.

This is a Little [gold/metal] bear, it is said wool is some tenacious profound [gold/metal] Tie, ordinary weapon very difficult wound to this type of thing.” Long Xueyi said astonishedly. Can see that the person is good, but how are these people that likely the primitive men?” The Shen Xiang doubts said that besieges that Little [gold/metal] bear the person, is the young strong man, the waist gathers round together beast skin, muscle is developed, looks like they have very strong strength. They are not weak, is Nirvana Realm little rascal.” Long Xueyi said. „After roar......” on that Little [gold/metal] bear a lance pricks, exudes one to roar, that sound wave is wild, shakes these people in abundance to draw back. At this time, does not know where jumped a hair disorderly youth, unexpectedly unarmed toward that [gold/metal] bear rush over, the hand such as a great axe, braved very powerful True Qi, was dividing maliciously to [gold/metal] Xiong the head. „It looks like with Heavenly Sun Axe Strike very much, but is fiercer than Heavenly Sun Axe Strike, these people are my Shen family?” The Shen Xiang startled sound said. Asks cannot? This group of people are not your match!” Long Xueyi said with a smile: „If your Shen family person, you can see your father quickly!” Has saying that below group of people coordinate very tacitly, after collaborating to take that Little [gold/metal] bear, will cut to kill fast, then loaded in storage equipment, departed rapidly. Bear roar that the distant place hears, explained that Little [gold/metal] Xiong parents are daring to come, that everybody is strongest. Several mountains, all of a sudden by the crew cut, this were that wild big [gold/metal] Xiongnong, Shen Xiang saw in the upper air, cannot help but surprised.

Shen Xiang secretly with the youth who that crowd retreats fast, he guessed that this group of youth are come out to go hunting, seeing their clothing, Shen Xiang to guess that this secular world becomes very unsafe, the person here must guard against these antique giant beasts frequently. This group of fellows are really discrete!” Shen Xiang tracks, discovered that these people enter a creek first, sneaks the river bottom, is far away following the rivers hunts and kills the place of Little [gold/metal] bear, then goes over hill and dale, hurries along continuously for several days, slows the tempo. Finally must arrive!” Shen Xiang sees front to have a small village, but outside has very giant stone to encircle, forms a thick great wall, looks in the upper air that four sides is similar to is encircled such by huge rocky mountain, obviously this is used to defend these antique strange beast. These people the cave that drips water from a class enter in the village, but in the village had many people to wait for them to come back. Shen Xiang looks for the person who oneself are familiar with from the crowd, after he back and forth carefully has swept these thousand people of several, immediately loses incomparably, because he had not found the person who are familiar with! Grand-uncle and my father not in these crowds!” Shen Xiang said with a sigh, his grand-uncle Shen Luzong in Shen family should be very strong, moreover was a alchemy master, should be here right. When he is disappointed, in a small house, suddenly walks a tall and strong middle age of whole face beard.