World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1269
This middle age comes out, the people resign a road immediately, moreover everyone visits him with the awe look, originally noisy jubilant village, becomes peaceful incomparable. This full is dignified tall and strong middle age, is the Shen Xiang's father, Shen Tianhu! „Is this your father? Grows very much with you looks like!” Long Xueyi said. Right, is he!” Shen Xiang is very excited saying: Father he is also living!” He just wants to go to and Shen Tianhu first meets, but actually sees one group of people from gathering round huge rocky mountain of village walks, in these rocky mountain has some caves, inside unexpectedly is also occupied by some people. Old Village Chief, you made your villagers bring death, this time they can live coming back, was really lucky, does not know that what thing they did hunt and kill?” Speech a man of tall and thin, looks like very young, but his behind some middle age and old man, must listen probably his. What matters does this close your? Your this crowds know that all day withdraws in cave inside fellow, do not want to rob our prey!” youngster was exclaiming to that crowd of People. Snort? Why doesn't close our matters? You hunt and kill these giant beasts, if annoyed the wool the family members of these giant beasts, chased down, we must with bad luck! We have taken very big risk, therefore you must apportion our half.” The words of that tall and thin middle age, making that thousand come the villagers to be angry immediately. Shen Xiang understood, humanity in this environment, various resources is definitely deficient, even if outside has, does not have that strength to mine, because the giant beast are too many, but the person are also few, now eats is the issues, will send for hunting and killing the giant beast. You...... You hurry get lost, my Shen Luzong is also living for day, does not make you ride our heads!” In the mountain valley suddenly is reverberating together the angry sound. But Shen Tianhu at this time is also whole body murderous aura, an eye is red, like is momentarily can extinguish that tall and thin middle age kills.

However that tall and thin man did not fear, but laughs, he behind that No. 200 person also laughs. Come, do you dare to go all out with us? You could destroy completely us, perhaps but your more than 1000 people, had died most!” That tall and thin middle age said with a smile cloudy. Shen Xiang saw the strength of this tall and thin middle age is not too strong, words that but Shen Tianhu must cope with, will not be easy, although can kill him, but probably also requires some time, moreover this tall and thin middle age behind these people, the overall strength is not weak, if there is conflict, in village person who does not have the military force will be killed. Grand-uncle is also living, but life essence soon exhausted!” Shen Xiang discovered that here situation, other people have not told his optimism that and very terrible. Shen Luzong was held by two young people, seemed the oil completely lamp was soon dry, but actually very fearful strength, Shen Xiang frightening. Immortal Monarch strength! So to be how quick?” Long Xueyi also surprised incomparable, Shen Xiang and she has mentioned his father and grand-uncle's matter. Old Village Chief, the facial expression is good!” That tall and thin middle age villainous smile several, because of this time Shen Luzong situation more and more terrible. Turns into Shen Xiang of butterfly, flew, turned into this shape, at this time all people look at Shen Luzong, had not discovered that a stranger appears here. Or you compete with my us again, refines a furnace pill again, so long as you have won, our time lets off you.” That tall and thin man said with a smile. Li Mu, had you ungrateful fellow, who initially is taught your alchemy? Is who has rescued your life?” Shen Luzong anger sound track. Who makes you not pass to me the position of Village Chief? You have a look at my behind strength, knows that I am qualified for Village Chief this position.” Li Mu puts out a blade, is playing in the hand.

Shen Tianhu pinches one pair to explode the great fist of blue vein, walked: You behind this group of fellows, have made the huge mistake, was detained in shackles inside bastard, you put them, you will sooner or later reap what has been sown.” Li Mu stared his one eyes, said with a sneer: My several three, either compete with alchemy with me, either hands over half prey that you just obtained, otherwise we went all out, today must go all out one with you.” Who knows that Li Mu is attentive, if Shen Luzong competes with alchemy with him again, perhaps will immediately die. Shen Tianhu has gotten angry, in village other person of youth have the anger, has prepared fight, when Shen Tianhu just raised the fist, Shen Luzong sighed: „, Compared with on ratio!” So long as can win some time to the village, making in the village youth stronger, later does not need to be threatened by this group of people again. „Do I come to compare what kind of him?” Shen Xiang suddenly walked, his strange voice, making many people surprised, but Shen Luzong and Shen Tianhu actually whole body trembles, cannot believe that turns. On the Shen Xiang face is having the smile, he as before, but became maturity was steadier, although nobody can induce from him to any True Qi aura. However, when he spoke a moment ago that imposing manner, makes the person not dare to look down on him. Oh? has not thought that old fellow such quickly did train an apprentice? However do you come to compare with me with what? old fellow and I compare one time, on die sooner die sooner more than ten years.” That Li Mu whole face disdainfully said, but in curious this village unexpectedly has he has not seen the face. Shen Tianhu and Shen Luzong just started to be very excited, but quick is tranquil, they know that Shen Xiang must make anything, therefore cannot pierce the Shen Xiang's status now, otherwise that Li Mu not with the Shen Xiang competition. Regarding Shen Xiang's alchemy technique, Shen Luzong understood that Shen Tianhu also has very big confidence to own son, initially the Shen family pills industry, was Shen Xiang does, why will appear as for Shen Xiang here, although they were curious, but this is not they should ask now. I lost, from breaking an arm how?” Shen Xiang walked, indifferently said.

Li Mu hey has smiled several: Yo, the young bull does not fear the tiger, but also dares to say very much, but old fellow has not blocked you, you should be a little strength! Also good, if you lost, how I can have a look at others am my arm chop.” How?” Shen Xiang asked. Refines True Elemental Dan, who builds up well, who wins! This best, refers to the alchemy speed, pill's quality, with can have many grain of pill.” Li Mu said that this is also very common. In village male loud voice said: True Elemental Dan? Which our comes this pill's herbs? These herbs initially were cheated to steal away by you, despicable fellow!” If no, when you lose!” That inside said while loudly laughing. Shen Xiang not saying anything further, put out Profound True Grass, ten thousand spirit fruit and Grand Elemental Nut to have many, as well as vial Spirit Crystal Milk. These things in the Long Xueyi eye are the low status goods, therefore has not met with a disaster.