World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1270
Sees Shen Xiang to put out True Elemental Dan herbs, that Li Mu is actually very surprised, because in he thinks that in this village did not have alchemy herbs, initially Shen Luzong herbs, basically was made by him. Good, if lost, you refined successfully, True Elemental Dan must give me.” That Li Mu said. Here, pills is precious, even though is this low level herbs. Does not have the issue, if you lost, same must give me.” Shen Xiang was saying, sits in the ground, starts to make these herbs. Li Mu coldly snorted, puts out alchemic furnace immediately, then his processed herbs put in before pill furnace, seeing herbs that he used already to process to go to alchemy, the people immediately crack cursed, but Li Mu no matter actually, after obviously the facial skin of this fellow, thick to the extreme. Shen Xiang knows that what goods this Li Mu is, but he secretly was also blaming Shen Luzong, unexpectedly will be blind, received such a fellow for the disciple, moreover was cheated massive herbs by him. brat, you also sluggish doing? You think that my alchemy technique is very disappointing? In the past I in the alchemy talent that secular world became famous, you prepared for from breaking both arms.” That Li Mu said very self-confidently. Refines True Elemental Dan regarding Shen Xiang, without any difficulty, although he very long has not refined, must know that he refines largest pill, perhaps was True Elemental Dan, resulted in ripe cannot be ripe. After processing plays herbs, Shen Xiang has released Illusionary Brilliant Furnace, then puts in inside herbs, the raising flame, all these are quick, is skilled. The people had not responded that he must do, saw that to pile herbs float there, was being burnt down by the raging fire, simultaneously sends out an intermittent colorful dazzling multi-colored sunlight, looks at the people dazzled. Li Mu sees this, immediately has been shocked, he can not know that this is True Elemental Dan was built up the process? But becomes he can see from these light glow that herbs was built up results in the rapidness. At present this person, alchemy time unexpectedly has not used pill furnace, such baseless refines, this has deterred completely here person, what alchemy technique is this?

Shen Luzong both eyes stare perfectly round, he is a alchemy master, he sees this, knows that Shen Xiang took the path of establishing a new school on Pill Dao, and has arrived at very high level, this makes him be very proud, because this is his Shen family juniors. Who are you?” The Li Mu sound somewhat shivers, because is only a while, Shen Xiang must concentrate pill, even if the fool, knows that at present this alchemy person is fierce, especially flame. Very strong strength, flame will not be formidable! Shen Xiang!” The Shen Xiang light response said that explodes to dodge along with intense light glow, five grains of True Elemental Dan have formed, revolves in transparent Illusionary Brilliant Furnace slowly, sends out green light glow. Knew that at present this person of name calls Shen Xiang, all person dumbstruck, simultaneously see five grains of True Elemental Dan to appear, people shocked in the extreme. The Shen Xiang's name, here person majority have listened, that is the Shen family talent, the Shen family pills industry is Shen Xiang develops, finally went to Mortal Martial World, it is said in that side is also the person who a name moves a side. You lost!” Shen Xiang's look suddenly becomes gloomy and cold gets up. Bang! That Li Mu pill furnace exploded unexpectedly, murderous aura that because he had been sent out by Shen Xiang on to chaotic mind, a moment ago that instantaneous, he thinks that he must be killed by Shen Xiang was the same. I...... I lost, my this walks.” Li Mu felt that Shen Xiang's is fearful, naturally does not dare to cause trouble again. Shen Xiang coldly said: Cannot walk! I must compare with you.” Appearance that Li Mu sees that many people at this time one feeling proud and elated . Moreover the whole face ridicule, in his heart immediately is angry: Why can I compare with you?”

You do not compare with me, I kill off you!” Shen Xiang fierce standing up, has put out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, was approving the past to front that crowd of person blades, flickered to check the blade shade myriad, appeared in Li Mu their more than 200 people of sides. Afterward, some people suddenly both feets become tender, because of Shen Xiang that blade, had sliced off their hair a moment ago much, that also means that Shen Xiang that blade can reduce their heads a moment ago. Compares the non- ratio?” The Shen Xiang anger shouted to clear the way: Not with me compared with words, you must die!” Li Mu also threatened Shen Luzong with this way a moment ago, but shortly, was used by others on them, is really the incomparable satire. Ratio...... What pill refines?” Li Mu swallows the saliva, his strength is not weak, but Shen Xiang is stronger than him. In the absolute strength reluctantly, Li Mu can only submit. If you lost, from breaking an arm leg, you do not have chooses.” The Shen Xiang's words, making the Li Mu complexion immediately pale, in the heart is very angry, thinks very much rush over and Shen Xiang go all out, but he knows that a Shen Xiang blade can hack to death him. Refines Life Returning Pill on the ratio!” Shen Xiang said. Also...... Also assigns......” Li Mu to be full immediately a sweat. The people hear Life Returning Pill this Earth Level High-Grade Dan, is the shock, here where has this pill's herbs? Even if goes to Mortal Martial World to look does not have. Shen Xiang puts out to refine Life Returning Pill herbs, feels herbs above Spirit Qi, the people knows that this is not false.

You do not have refinement herbs, represented you to lose, a bit faster from breaking an arm leg.” Shen Xiang coldly snorted, receives these herbs. Li Mu is angry, complexion suddenly is fierce: Has spelled with them, even if dies must draw several pad backs, settles on these children and old man......” Li Mu just said that the head has disappeared, Shen Xiang also vanishes in same place, not having Li Mu of head, the body not to pour, he behind already a wail sound piece, these people by Shen Xiang use flame incinerator. The five colors flame is intense, burns on the bodies of these people, making these people struggle to jump in the ground, quick was fired the ashes, but in the mountain valley was also being covered by heat. All of a sudden, Shen Xiang completely extinguished this group of people cleanly, making the villagers cheer immediately, many youth incomparably awed look at Shen Xiang. Father, grand-uncle!” Shen Xiang arrives in front of them, is grasping their both hands. Shen Luzong sees Shen Xiang to be so formidable, immediately the tears, seeing life essence near Shen Luzong, Shen Xiang hastily to put out two Longevity Fruit to hand over. Do not say, first eats up, this can make the grand-uncle you increase life essence!” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, Shen Luzong has the Immortal Monarch strength, because was too old, is unable to display, if eats up Longevity Fruit, after prolonging the life, will become young, will have when the time comes enough strength to protect this village, naturally, Shen Xiang will think the means to carry off them.