World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1271
Although Shen Luzong does not know Longevity Fruit, but Shen Xiang said can Zeng Shou, he impolite eating up. Initially Shen Xiang left secular world, Shen Luzong knows that he will certainly have the big prospect, now appears here, has shown the strong strength, but alchemy technique was also more excellent, has confirmed in the past his prediction. Shen Xiang and Shen Tianhu hold in Shen Luzong the room, at this time the Shen Luzong facial expression was better, was not old, the wrinkle on face is reducing gradually, although the hair is white, but his whole person looked like has actually been full of the tenacious vitality. Longevity Fruit is Immortal Fruit, the effect is remarkable, Shen Luzong is Immortal Monarch, therefore Shen Xiang has given him two, this can play a bigger effect. Father, here exactly what happened? Here city? Where to?” Shen Xiang asked that he knows that these years, here person crossed not good that's it very much. Here city was ruined by these giant beasts! In the past, among suddenly, the earth crazily shook, many houses collapsed, at that time died many people, then between Heaven and Earth became the jet black piece, crossed one month of dark night, finally saw the sunlight, but actually emitted many giant beasts, for these years, many people died a tragic death in the mouths of these giant beasts, perhaps here also only remaining our people.” Shen Tianhu said with a sigh. If not for your grand-uncle has the fortuitous encounter, falls into a blood pond, has absorbed in these formidable blood, making the root bone have very big change, strength advanced by leaps and bounds, our people perhaps already died, but how actually did not know, after your grand-uncle bogged down, life essence consumed the rapidness.” Shen Luzong sits in one side, builds up that two Longevity Fruit, at this time sees him gradually to become young, Shen Tianhu is secret, own son unexpectedly has that good thing, if Shen Luzong restores the young vigor, they do not need to fear here giant beast. „Do you have to try to leave here?” Shen Xiang said that says the matter that this secular world vanishes, then also said the matter of that mysterious grave.

Shen Luzong has opened the eye, at this time his crane sends the appearance of young face, looks like very energetic, is only two Longevity Fruit, has such effect, he can affirm that Shen Xiang certainly is Immortal Fruit that he eats. „Here truly grave, a while ago this grave probably had some conditions, causing my life essence to be attracted, at that time me was worried scared, has not said that because I did not determine that grave can absorb life essence of other people.” The Shen Luzong facial color is serious, said: We cannot leave this place, if leaves, definitely will die, we have very strange relation with that grave.” The Shen Tianhu whole face is surprised, because he does not know these matters, if unknowingly, life essence were absorbed, that is truly terrifying, thinks frighteningly. Now does not need to be worried, this brat said a moment ago, under this fierce Dragon Vein, that grave can completely through absorbing Dragon Vein strength comes resurrect! As for defending grave person, I thought that we truly are, but had some accidents, causing here to present the massive giant beasts, I believe that other places have that blood pond to exist, so long as found only that blood pond, can here to change the body, can advanced by leaps and bounds like me, when the time comes not need to fear these giant beasts.” Uncle, you did not say, because the reason of blood pond will make your life essence exhaust fast?” Shen Tianhu wants certainly to become expert, although he now is Nirvana Realm, can be said as because of the reason of here environment, even if extinguishes the pills help, the cultivation base promotion was also quicker. Shen Luzong shakes the head saying: „It is not, when I was completely good, I will seek for the blood pond, when the time comes looked that the situation allows you to enter the blood pond transformation body.” Shen Luzong to here understanding, are much more than Shen Tianhu, moreover Shen Xiang and Shen Tianhu saw at this time that his something have not said.

Is so long in this place, moreover person such several, Shen Tianhu and Shen Luzong want to know outside situation at this time. Shen Xiang is glad has told them this for many years Emperor Heaven matter, hears them one startled one for the first time, for does not make them be worried that Shen Xiang leaves out these heaven defying matters that many handle, because Shen Tianhu and Shen Luzong have not been able to leave here temporarily, Shen Xiang was worried after them, will be extremely worried about him. Time passed really quickly, suddenly arrived at this brat also quick transcend, does not know after I crossed the transcend tribulation, can stay here?” After Shen Tianhu is also Nirvana, cultivation base of stage. When the time comes knew, right father, Xianxian's father here?” Shen Xiang asked that Xue Xianxian was the same with him, was since childhood did not have mother, but Xue Xianxian also was worried about her father. Her father transcend, at that time this place had already not come back, but in other one side, had several fellow transcend there at that time.” Shen Luzong said. Shen Tianhu nods: That time, uncle's strength is quite formidable, can guarantee that we have a secure environment practice, everybody also very bold captures and kills the giant beast, through eating the giant beast comes nutritiously, the speed of promotion is quick, is only your father my luck is not good, was not seriously injured carefully, will therefore be slower than other people.” Shen Xiang looked that said to Shen Luzong: Grand-uncle, father, if here transcends tribulation? Is can also transcend Heaven World?” Shen Luzong thinks that shakes the head saying: Difficult, although this place with present Emperor Heaven together, but the space has actually isolated, the turnover is very difficult, I want to cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, cannot transcend.”

I will certainly find the way to lead you to exit.” Shen Luzong arrives at side Shen Xiang, feels his head, said with a smile: Does not use, our group of person possibly designated defending grave people, if we leave, definitely will not have any good end, some worries cannot violate, although we have not known temporarily we affect here.” In the Shen Xiang heart is somewhat disconsolate, but he nodded: I will keep a period of time here, the grand-uncle, when the time comes I and you seek for the blood pond together, I want to take a look at these blood ponds to be appropriate I to use.” The Shen Luzong nod said with a smile: Naturally, early, does not go back to rest now, you can come here, was definitely tired.” Shen Tianhu guides, made a very comfortable room to Shen Xiang, Shen Xiang arrived here from earth core, was a little truly tired, slept soundly all of a sudden. Very early in the morning Shen Luzong very energetic asked him to get up, in the village person saw this old Village Chief to become is so energetic, knows that was Shen Xiang has brought good pills. Looks for the blood pond, makes a good thing to eat to everybody while convenient!” Shen Luzong said with a smile.