World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1272
After Shen Luzong eats up Longevity Fruit, not like before barely alive, present he is sporty, wishes one could to exit to cut to kill several fierce giant beasts immediately. Shen Xiang left the mountain valley with him, he wants to call Shen Tianhu to go together, but in the village needs expert to assume personal command, copes giant birds that some can fly. Seeks for the blood pond, to Shen Luzong is very important matter, because that can train massive expert fast, he suspected that should defend grave to obtain here. Grand-uncle, you said that was these blood ponds can by the giant beast wresting away?” Shen Xiang asked. This has certainly the possibility, but does not need to be worried that these giant beasts sooner or later will enter in our bellies!” Shen Luzong said that associated to something, continued saying: We ate these giant beasts before, the promotion strength is quick, possibly is because these giant beasts have eaten in the blood pond blood.” Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong in the air is flying, is very near from the ground. The ground majority are the forests that to reach as high as the incomparable trees forms, so long as sees the giant beast, Shen Luzong can in the air make a palm, the giant beast bang ground kills, although these giant beasts are formidable, but in front of this Immortal Monarch, is a dregs. When Shen Luzong restores to be young rarely vigor, therefore Shen Xiang does not need to get rid, is Shen Luzong fight cuts to kill the giant beast. On the road, Shen Xiang discovered some Shen Luzong also good martial arts, after inquiring, unexpectedly was they and so on obtains. Is on these great mountains is carving, some transports the merit chart, chant anything also has, but does not suit you to practice...... Because you have practiced the words, could not exit, so long as studies these cultivation technique, must stay here to defend the grave! This I know that do not tell the day tiger, otherwise they, for wants to exit, will not go to study, but did not have the road back to walk now.” The Shen Luzong words make Shen Xiang very surprised, but has studied these martial arts, was limited, he wants to have a look, but has cancelled the thought now.

Chatted, Shen Xiang discovered that a very surprised matter, Long Xueyi helped him estimate, here past five years, outside past one year, now he understands why Shen Luzong will quickly have the Immortal Monarch strength. However he also knew from the Shen Luzong mouth, initially after secular world vanished, that space that is , the time and outside contrasts more terrifying. In the past I discovered the blood pond time, but the Nirvana eight tribulations, had been chased down several days by a giant beast at that time, finally did not have the means only to plunge into the blood pond, I in the blood pond slept, the discovery body is very painful, waking up time, Nirvana Tribulation has hit . Moreover the blood of blood pond has been dried up, then I dizzy crossed that not fierce Nirvana Tribulation.” Shen Luzong said. Found the blood pond, Shen Xiang also wants to give a try, own body also did have the leeway of transformation, if he can through the blood pond promotion strength, he not need to refine massive pills with very long time, he can quickly transcend. In the past more than ten days, Shen Xiang and Shen Luzong have not sought for the blood pond outside, Shen Xiang also had the luck to enjoy the delicious dishes all the way, is eating the meat of many delicious antique giant beasts, has given back to Long Xueyi many. Some Shen Luzong in the side, Shen Xiang do not need to get rid, therefore he can also some condense Soul Creation Fluid, he probably make to be many in secret some Longevity Fruit to give Shen Luzong, as well as other spirit herb. Shen Luzong and Shen Xiang have not flown in the sky, but walks in the forest, although is like this slow, but seeks can be more comprehensive, Shen Luzong can also through the aura know that nearby has the blood pond. The blood pond had not found, but had actually found some spirit herb, majority are Spirit Level, but was also very good, explained that here has bred many spirit herb, perhaps also will have Earth Level or is Heaven Level. Grand-uncle, that blood pond, if uses on me, I will have the promotion?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally has, although I am called the blood pond, but is not the blood, but is a red liquid, as for is any I am not clear, in brief that can make person suddenly obtain very formidable strength.” Shen Luzong received a great tiger storage equipment , to continue the half step to rush forward.

Here storage equipment was scarce, but after Shen Xiang came, has brought a big pile, therefore Shen Luzong, so long as saw that will massacre immediately. Also was several days passed, has not sought for the blood pond, disappointing Shen Xiang somewhat, however at this moment, roaring of giant beast transmitted, Long Xueyi shouted: I induced say!” Nearby has the blood pond!” Shen Luzong excitedly said, certainly by a giant beast wresting away, my this in the past butchered that fellow. Shen Luzong changed to gust to vanish, afterward a direction transmitted shivers fully, the fragments of some trees welled up with strong winds, the beast roar was unceasing, how long but this has not continued to stop. brat, comes quickly!” Shen Luzong shouted. Shen Xiang hastily dashed, afterward saw a huge red puddle, although side sores all over the eye, but is truly complete with the blood pond, because the blood pond has powerful formations to protect very much. This blood pond had not been destroyed, before and me, has used equally big.” Shen Luzong said. Circular blood pond, the width reaches one zhang (3.33 m) this, inside has is similar to the water of blood, lends an intermittent wild energy aura, looks like very danger(ous), if not know that this blood pond can promote the strength, Shen Xiang not to think jumps. „Does if wanted give a try? I am waiting for you in side, with is the same, here that I guessed should have many this blood ponds, many giant beasts were depend upon these blood ponds become formidable, that fellow was very a moment ago fierce, making me use time.” Shen Luzong happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang nodded: My this gets down!”

Then, he plunged into the blood pond, he also planned process that feels to promote, as well as strange of blood pond, but after he jumps, two one black, fainted. When he opens the eye, then sees that dazzling sunlight, but he also felt that the body severe pain is incomparable. What happened? My grand-uncle?” Shen Xiang startled shouted, jumps out that has been dried up the blood pond. You crossed Nirvana eight to plunder!” Long Xueyi is very accidental saying: But does not have Nirvana Tribulation to descend!” Shen Xiang truly has a looking disdainfully world unique imposing manner at this time, this crossed the obvious characteristics of Nirvana eight tribulations, in him was regarding the dantian, by wrapping dantian grey Qi mist, seeing in five beast image to have eight grains of Heaven Dan separately, moreover Nine Heavens pill's pill embryo already in the condition of half-finished product. This promoted too terroristly!” Shen Xiang calls out in alarm: How long have I rested?” Three months!” Long Xueyi said: Truly is much quicker, this should be the tomb owner defending the gift of grave person, I have observed this blood pond, with some strength link, although now has been dried up, but, certainly will again present that type of red liquid, so long as soaks, can still promote rapidly!”