World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1273
Grand-uncle!” Shen Xiang bellowed, Shen Luzong has grazed immediately from the distant place. Shen Xiang looked at all around, this surrounding area counts the thousand feet (333 m) trees to disappear completely . Moreover the ground also has had been fired the trace! Your Nirvana Tribulation came, I can only avoid to the distant place, has not thought that fiercely, are you all right?” Shen Luzong looks that a Shen Xiang face is confused, then asked. All right...... My has Nirvana Tribulation come?” Shen Xiang is stunned, but Long Xueyi said a moment ago has not descended. Yes, but you possibly do not know under that your Nirvana Tribulation is very strange, majority of Tribulation Force bewildered disappearance, but has caused very big destruction, you have a look at all around.” Shen Luzong said: You are all right well!” Shen Xiang looked at that withered blood pond, said: Possibly Tribulation Force had been absorbed by this pool, the grand-uncle, you must remember position that these blood ponds are, I think every other a period of time, in this pool will again certainly present these red liquids.” Really? I know that pool that previous time I use where, my this leads you to go.” Shen Luzong hastily is drawing Shen Xiang, runs swiftly in a direction. Has used two days, Shen Luzong and Shen Xiang arrived at that blood pond finally, but here also quite fierce giant beasts, but was been very relaxed by Shen Luzong handles. Really so.” Shen Luzong sees that blood pond, although has half, but has actually confirmed the Shen Xiang's view, these red liquids will be long. It seems like here had been eaten much by that giant beast.” When Shen Luzong tidied up that giant beast a moment ago, knows that giant beast compared with ordinary fierce many. „Do you return if wanted ? You should quick to cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, if when the time comes here cannot transcend, even if you leave here unable transcend, if that was true, you cannot go to Heaven World.” Shen Luzong said. The Shen Xiang nod said: I exit to practice again.”

Afterward, Shen Luzong returns to Shen Xiang that village, Shen Xiang said that must dull a period of time, actually he for condense many Soul Creation Fluid, be used to duplicate Longevity Fruit to give Shen Luzong here. Some Shen Xiang think here, Shen Tianhu also feels relieved uses that blood pond with Shen Luzong, comes back, passed for two months, but Shen Tianhu crossed Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, really does not have transcend, but here also has Immortal Qi, many blood ponds, the stay here words, they have very big promotion space. At this time Shen Xiang caused ten Longevity Fruit, enough Shen Luzong has used, but the person who at this time went out were also getting more and more, seeks for some spirit herb, later Shen Luzong also becomes a high level alchemy master. You have grown up, is expert, I was not many say anything, took care!” Although on the Shen Tianhu face is having smiling face, but is very sad. Shen Luzong is also so, Shen Xiang has given them the thing, said goodbye with them with a smile, then departed rapidly, so long as everybody continually promoted own strength, later can also meet surely! This Shen Xiang exits, can perhaps transcend, later probably meet not long also requires very long time. How Shen Xiang comes, how to go back, tossed about under earth core, he arrives at outside, but this Emperor Heaven Spirit Qi, was well below that has the places of massive giant beast. Stayed a period of time in inside, how long but outside not to have actually passed, now confirmed that own father did not have the matter in inside, Shen Xiang did not have anything to worry. „It is not far from transcend Heaven World, does not know that I arrive above, can find the beforehand friend?” Does not need to be worried that Sister Meiyao and Sister Youyou are familiar very much to above, you arrive above, quick can adapt.” Long Xueyi said with a smile: When the time comes must make to be many some Immortal Level the fruits, can definitely get so far as much on Heaven World.” Shen Xiang said: They also in deep sleep? Has not known when they wake!” Long Xueyi said: Does not need to be worried that should be quick, their deep sleep is only because Divine Soul needs fast adolescence, in brief is this, concrete I am not clear.”

Shen Xiang returned to Evil Dragon Burial Ground, Li Baojun has given him grain of Good Fortune Dan. Elder Li, my these time exits, comes back again, possibly was many later matters.” Shen Xiang said. Li Baojun understands immediately that the nod said: We will certainly establish the Subduing Dragon Sect's foundation, later Celestial Emperor can with Heaven World interlinked time, Subduing Dragon Sect certainly becomes formidable sect, can contend with the Heaven World's big influence!” Then said one for me and Old Duan!” Shen Xiang has patted the shoulder of Li Baojun, then leaves Evil Dragon Burial Ground. He looked for very peaceful small valley, he does not have in again Evil Dragon Burial Ground , because his Ninth Tribulation must come, if breaks through in inside, he worried that can have the accident. Eats up Good Fortune Dan, their hands are pinching Enlightenment Stone, making Enlightenment Stone direct his dantian inside energy to revolve, emerges in beast image, condense Heaven Dan pill embryo. Eighth Tribulation I have missed, does not know the Eighth Tribulation might! Ninth Tribulation should be very fierce!” The Shen Xiang heart said that he has used for one month, builds up Good Fortune Dan. Although Good Fortune Dan only then a grain, but the effect is good, he felt that True Qi and Divine Sense because of eating up Good Fortune Dan have the promotion. That is certainly fierce, you best is a bit faster practice Divine Soul, if Nirvana Tribulation induces to your Divine Soul, when the time comes will have in view of Tribulation Force that your Divine Soul comes, you could not resist, Divine Soul will be injured, will be cancelled.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang present Divine Soul is quite strong, therefore does not have good pills to make him promote rapidly, but the speed of cultivation technique promotion is very slow, can only practice Spirit Gathering Technique to promote with Long Xueyi. What to be shy? I did not mind that what you do mind?” Long Xueyi giggle said with a smile, she has not thought that Shen Xiang unexpectedly some are not willing to practice this Spirit Gathering Technique with her.

This...... I had not minded that I worried this will have the influence to you, although that is Divine Soul, but I felt each time attended the meeting to absorb many energies from your Divine Soul.” Shen Xiang said that this is his real soul talk. My Divine Soul compared with your, cultivates Spirit Gathering Technique with you, my Divine Soul promotes very slowly, that part that but I promote, enough you have absorbed, like this you can be formidable, I do not have the matter.” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly, at this time she entered in Shen Xiang's Divine sea. „Does female hoodlum, you such anxiously do?” Long Xueyi's Divine Soul sees Shen Xiang, swoops. What's wrong? I deliver doesn't want?” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang smiled, has kissed her, then manages the proper business. At this time, the new emperor day has stabilized, Demon and Devil in Human Territory had been expelled, but Demon and Devil will not give up, later once more will definitely invade Human Territory, therefore many big influences in Human Territory also diligently promote the strength, but Devil Subduing School also became more and more lively. But Subduing Dragon Sect also gradually faded out this new emperor day, low key development, even if Subduing Dragon City, did not have the Subduing Dragon Sect's shadow gradually.