World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1274
After the new emperor day has stabilized, Big Shot one after another transcend of many influences, go to Heaven World, although majority hope that their influence is strong during the new emperor day, quite will let in the future Heaven World and Emperor Heaven interlinked time, they will have certain strength. But Shen Xiang also the promotion strength vigorously, he quickly must practice the ninth pill embryo now, he has used for more than 30 years, from arriving at this stage, he more arrives at behind, cultivates is difficult, his original manuscript thinks one most can only handle with ten years, may practice behind time, every time promotes a wee bit, difficult incomparable. This is he has in the massive pills situations, if no pills, does not have Enlightenment Stone, without him said that these fierce martial arts of practice, he is unable to imagine requires the long time. My Divine Power was unable condense become god Gang!” Shen Xiang is somewhat disappointed, because breaks through now nears, but the promotion in Divine Dao aspect, is actually not quick. You think that I am also very much laboriously practice.” Long Xueyi said that these days, she cultivates Spirit Gathering Technique with Shen Xiang frequently, this makes their relationship incomparably intimate, the affection is deep, in the course of time will excite the emotions...... Shen Xiang eats up four grains of Primordial Dan, this was he just refined. Only poor, the ninth pill embryo must come out, Nirvana Ninth Tribulation must come, doesn't know fiercely?” Shen Xiang anticipated to Nirvana Ninth Tribulation very that his Nirvana Tribulation majority are very abnormally is very fierce, but in his opinion that is to his one brutal test, has very big advantage. Other Yingouli capsized, although your transcends tribulation failure is insufficient soul destroyed, but you when the time comes also need to start over from the beginning, you think to know that was painful.” The Long Xueyi sound somewhat severely said. Knew!” „Haven't they responded?” Shen Xiang waited many years, but Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou had not waked, this makes him think each time that was extremely worried.

No, is same as usual.” Long Xueyi had also replied many times, she also thinks Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou can wake quickly, but passed now dozens years of such, she also started to be worried, what to do but she did not know should. Finally tribulation, left chaotically the mind, must cross!” Long Xueyi said very severely. Built up four grains of Primordial Dan, Shen Xiang has used ten days of time, this was he carefully carries on, but the Nine Heavens pill's pill embryo has formed now. Came?” Shen Xiang has opened the eye, the Nine Heavens pill's pill embryo completes, he felt that other these Heaven Dan inside True Qi have the earth-shaking momentous change, becomes, although Nine Heavens pill congealed pill embryo, but actually made all Heaven Dan merge into one organic whole probably such. Shen Xiang now in an underground stone chamber, but all around actually gradually becomes must the white piece, he does not know that this is the illusion or own illusion, entered the strange space. You should not step into this Realm, this means that you must die in my hands!” The familiar sound conveys, Shen Xiang turns head to look that is startled suddenly. Speech person White Tiger! White Tiger Senior? How you can here!” Shen Xiang shouted several Long Xueyi in the innermost feelings, but Long Xueyi had not replied. This certainly is the illusion!” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking: Should be the spiritual attack and so on method, cannot baffle my!”

On White Tiger that appearance ordinary face, suddenly gloomy and cold gets up, incomparably formidable murderous aura fills the air, also presents black Qi mist, understood at a glance that is the strength of Law of Darkness. The Shen Xiang facial color is dignified, is he somewhat cannot distinguish clearly this illusion, moreover he had not heard transcends tribulation time, will present this matter. This is not the illusion, I am a person who governs this day, if your such person continues to be formidable again, will only ruin this day, will only cause here life uttery misery, you either mediate, either I get rid.” Hears the White Tiger words, Shen Xiang said with a sneer: Little deceived the person, although does not know that this was any situation, but you certainly were not White Tiger, do not want to deceive me.” Shen Xiang's is mental, may not have to be given to confuse by the opposite party easily, he puts out Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, with most formidable strength greeting in the past, a blade divided present White Tiger, will hew piece of black Qi. You could not kill me, I grasped the strength of Law of Darkness!” White Tiger said with a sneer, a palm hits, releases one group of black Qi strength, covers Shen Xiang. The Shen Xiang body shakes, Suppressing Devil Holy Power release, Holy Light immediately dark purification. On your this strength, but also wants to pretend White Tiger? Has done a bit less, if White Tiger gets rid, I already died a moment ago, does not have that strength, what expert do you install?” Shen Xiang laughs, he confirmed that at present this person truly is not real White Tiger. He acclaimed fierce of this psychedelic method secretly, he guessed that should read White Tiger from his memory is he has contacted strongest existence, then now makes White Tiger, however the White Tiger strength actually far exceeded Shen Xiang many many, even if were the illusion is unable to simulate that formidable strength, because Shen Xiang has not experienced White Tiger true strength.

Ninth Tribulation energetic tribulation?” Shen Xiang releases completely Divine Power, fights with the fists to White Tiger of that honeyed words, the bang will be loose. After destroying completely White Tiger, this white space vanishes, afterward shakes the boom to transmit, Shen Xiang only thought one were hit by very strong strength, the air/Qi in within the body cracked dirty immediately most probably. His fleshly body is very luckily strong, even if the five main internal organs (entrails) has the damage, so long as, will not have the too tremendous influence to him, if other people, without Heavenly Saint Body, the attack has unravelled. The stone chamber that Shen Xiang is, was ruined by that strength a moment ago completely, the earth also caved in a big piece, he clashes from the ground, only sees a sky darkness, is covering thick dark cloud. First is the spiritual attack confuses me, delays the time, then Tribulation Force ferments, is unprepared while me, gives me to strike fatally, snort|hum, Nirvana Ninth Tribulation is really fierce, unexpectedly also understood that played Heart Eye.” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart. Attacked Shen Xiang's Tribulation Force a moment ago, although was formidable, although has caused certain damage to Shen Xiang, but Shen Xiang actually restored now, he had carried on a big fusion in dantian many things before, caused the ability huge promotion in his aspects, for example the union of Bone Spirit and Jade Dragon Bloodline, can repair the damage of his fleshly body rapidly. Come!” Shen Xiang stands in a summit of mountain, sees only huge red giant palm, searches from the densely covered dark cloud, maliciously whips, that fills with the destruction aura strength, the foot ruins a mountain range. However, the time of whipping, was actually disintegrated by a Shen Xiang fist!