World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1275
After Shen Xiang knocks out the fist, the invisible shake wave direction sky uses, shakes to upper air that instantaneously obstructs the day the dark cloud, will shake to tumble, probably must diverge is the same, but actually by strength drawing. That dark clouds are the condense Tribulation Force places, so long as destroys, can cross Nirvana Ninth Tribulation! But is very difficult to ruin, Tribulation Force has not descended, Shen Xiang has been rumbling to the sky two fists, is displays the Earth Slaughtering Technique earth to shake strength. Although looks like these dark clouds must be shaken the powder immediately, but actually quickly draws, Shen Xiang knows that this means are invalid, destroys the Tribulation Force foundation to be difficult. Before this Ninth Tribulation Tribulation Force contrasts Shen Xiang, said meets, is more formidable time, but regarding present Shen Xiang, is not too strong, can only say that his present strength, has been able to contend with Tribulation Force of Nirvana Ninth Tribulation most limit. Ninth Tribulation also only then this ability!” Shen Xiang another fist bang broken huge incomparable red long sword, that is chops to cut from that dark clouds, condense very fearful Tribulation Force. Shen Xiang present fleshly body is the Heavenly Saint Body rank, can make him have with Human Immortal same strength, but this Tribulation Force is establishes to Nirvana Ninth Tribulation, at most compared with the Nirvana Ninth Tribulation strength strong larger part. In many Nirvana Ninth Tribulation Tribulation Force, Shen Xiang's is very terrifying, because he is a alchemy master, what he brings in Nirvana Tribulation is only True Qi strength, fleshly body and Divine Dao strength is calculated in inside, when now Shen Xiang facing this Ninth Tribulation, is quite relaxed. Shen Xiang suddenly puts out Enlightenment Stone, on forehead also has continued simultaneously a golden eye, he opened Primal Chaos Spirit Eye, puts out Enlightenment Stone, how wants to have a look at this Nirvana Ninth Tribulation to form. Primal Chaos Spirit Eye projects very radiant golden light, Shen Xiang sees in the dark cloud immediately, has densely and numerously, is similar to the hair silk generally tiny mark, although looks like very numerous and diverse disorderly, but the spirit rhyme of implication, makes Shen Xiang feel to shock, this is the thing that Celestial Emperor breeds. His mind fast transports, gives to take down that innumerable mark, this is primitively fiercest natural spirit pattern, if he uses Rune Force to release, perhaps can also ferment Nirvana Tribulation to attack the person.

Shen Xiang can keep one eye on, resists the attack of Tribulation Force, while remembers release these strong great tribulation strength a mark, the time that Tribulation Force continues is very long, even if in the thousand li(500 km) person, were alarmed, but actually nobody dares to come, everyone could see that some people are crossing Nirvana Tribulation, but is very strong that the words that approaches are only court death. Sees this terrifying Tribulation Force to continue that long time, the people guessed that is who is crossing Nirvana Tribulation, unexpectedly can support that long time, if the people of ordinary Nirvana eight tribulations, facing this degree of Tribulation Force, it is estimated that already made into the ash. But Shen Xiang actually with playing to be the same, moreover he is still peeping at the principle that Tribulation Force forms, remembers these numerous and diverse spirit pattern. Seven days seven nights, the Shen Xiang stretch of earth, probably peeled several skins to be the same, moreover above was covering the ice cold strength, the strength of flame, various attribute strength had, and remaining here. Finally passed! I have remembered these marks completely, has not thought that the consumption so will be big.” Shen Xiang is very tired, special brain. Becoming the sunny sky, suddenly presents the golden fissure, Shen Xiang is attracted together at this time by golden light that in that crack releases. What mark remembers?” Long Xueyi asked that Shen Xiang transcends tribulation, she does not dare to appear casually. „When forms a Nirvana Ninth Tribulation mark, there are many marks, with the help of Enlightenment Stone, can make me use very short time to write down, Enlightenment Stone is really a good thing.” Shen Xiang said. transcend Heaven World! To there, you have been possible to be careful, that is the innumerable years, many places of talent accumulation, the talent pours forth, expert converges! Perhaps in that great world, has with the person who a past Fifth of Nine Emperors similar strength had.”

What this speech is person Bai Youyou, Bai Youyou woke, making Shen Xiang feel at ease immediately, at this time he also entered in that golden space crack. Shen Xiang at this time float in passage, the body was being towed by temperate strength, eagerly anticipates him to enter Heaven World, but at this time he is also building up these strength of granting, carries out thoroughly Nine Heavens pill. Sister Youyou, you awoke finally, I am worried about you very much! Sister Meiyao? Did she wake?” Shen Xiang asked. little rascal, others slept, your transcend, has not disappointed the elder sister.” Hears Su Meiyao that charming voice, Shen Xiang relaxed slightly. You rested were very long, dozens years.” Long Xueyi said that her sound is somewhat weak, because she has almost eaten to eat all one's food Hidden Jade Ring inside thing, she worried that will be blamed. However Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou have been very pain she, knows after this matter, has not said anything, when plays to create a disturbance, pinches the opposite party time, makes an effort to be slightly bigger...... So long as breaks through, will have the strength of granting, therefore this very mysterious strength, existence of Nirvana Tribulation, to prevent the life to become formidable, prompt strangling, but the strength of granting is to grant life very formidable strength, lets the life and day resists. After building up the strength of granting, Shen Xiang's Nine Heavens pill has completed, at this time in his dantian five beast image, altogether has 45 grains of Heaven Dan. To Heaven World!” Shen Xiang presented the sunlight at present, feels that rich Immortal Qi, when he falls from that passage, his dantian actually had the change.

Each beast in nine grains of Heaven Dan, suddenly melts likely is a grain, that is flash's matter, but fusion later Heaven Dan unexpectedly is not the circular, but a little shape, carefully looked that unexpectedly is the shape that and beast image looks like very much, but has the fuzzy outline. Shen Xiang falls on prairies, here is filling rich Immortal Qi, regarding this type the Heaven World's person, Immortal Qi of casual place will think rich. My does Heaven Dan need adolescence is beast image is inadequate?” Shen Xiang discovered that beast Heaven Dan good to be very small, compared with inside beast image small hundred times of this of dantian. „Before Heaven World, was different, Immortal Qi is richer, the space is very reliable, it seems like that many years later, the quality of entire world is improved, does not know, can evolve for the more higher world?” The mood that the Bai Youyou that ice-cold sound, has fondly remembering, she lived in this place was very long. Shen Xiang has attempted, uses the strength of Law of Space, cannot shuttle back and forth is too far, is only two zhang (3.33 m) many distance, he can only use Earth Shrinking Step to hurry along. Your Divine Soul how?” Shen Xiang has free time to inquire Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou this matter now.