World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1276
Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou deep sleep, because of the Divine Soul matter, after they have soaked that Fiendgod pool of water, breeds Divine Dao Infant Soul, but does not know that gave rise to any problem, caused their deep sleep for a long time, then when Shen Xiang transcends tribulation, possibly because of the Tribulation Force reason, awakened them. shiwuliu-year-old young girl appearance, is very shy, I entered their Sea of Consciousness to look, but light body.” Long Xueyi hee happily said with a smile. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou shiwuliu-year-old appearance, is the light the body, making in the Shen Xiang mind reappear immediately incomparably evilly, moreover spurts the picture of blood. I want to take a look, can make me have a look?” The words in Shen Xiang heart, cannot help but blurt out. Snort, do not think!” Bai Youyou coldly snorted and said, Shen Xiang this little rascal's thoughts, she is very clear immediately. Bad brat, were you when I was shiwuliu years old interested?” Su Meiyao eats says with a smile, the sound that type bewitches charmingly, making in the Shen Xiang lower abdomen one group of flame ignite. Naturally is not, I am only curious! My past youngster time, you can look at me......” „Haven't you look at us? Has averaged.” Bai Youyou does not want to make Shen Xiang pester again, has issued the dead order: Cannot raise this matter again!” The Shen Xiang undying heart, said hastily: dragon brat has told me, their Imperial Dragon Clan has Divine Soul double cultivation cultivation technique, named Spirit Gathering Technique, their Divine Soul double cultivation, can make Divine Soul expand fast, your present Divine Soul are so weak, if with me......” Do not think!”

Bai Youyou could not accept this matter, although she knew the matter of men and women, has seen Shen Xiang and Xue Xianxian also has Hua Xiangyue to do many times, but must make her do, she thinks not to think comfortably, if were only pure kiss mouth anything, she thought not to matter actually. Oh? Su Meiyao suddenly is interested: little rascal, the elder sister I wants to try with you actually very much!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Have not thought that Sister Meiyao your strength is so disappointing, your Divine Soul too formidable words, cannot with the cultivation base balance of fleshly body as well as True Qi, will have the problem.” In the Shen Xiang heart criticizes immediately: Damn dragon brat!” However he also knows that this is real, Su Meiyao had determined, is his person, but can only look now that is unedible, making him impatient. He crossed Heaven World that Nirvana Tribulation arrived at now, moreover does not have other too many worrying, before because of something, making him go against the pressure to pass long time, now constrained was so long . Moreover the side the beautiful woman badly circled, he naturally wants to break a meatless fast. Although before and Long Xueyi has practiced Spirit Gathering Technique in Divine sea, but that is only Divine Soul, is not true fleshly body does, therefore Shen Xiang thought that not be considered as. Naturally, can have Bai Youyou to practice the Spirit Gathering Technique words with Su Meiyao, he is glad. Where is here? After transcend, casually was lost in a place?” Shen Xiang runs on the vast prairie, cannot see the end. Generally appears in the Immortal Palace welcoming immortal palace, your this situation is the minority situations, can only say that your luck is not good.” Su Meiyao said.

What thing is Immortal Palace?” Shen Xiang thought actually own luck is good, if descends in fully these is in Immortal Palace of foe, that troubled. Immortal Palace is equal to urban such, gathers one group of people there, here Immortal Palace be bigger than these cities, here Immortal Palace should have Chenwu Mainland's half to be big, Heaven World's Immortal Palace are many, the size varies, but Immortal Palace was the big influence grasps generally! If the Fire God Palace's words, their Immortal Palace will be called Fire God Immortal Palace, but Fire God Palace will set up in Fire God Immortal Palace best the position.” Su Meiyao said. These are the general knowledge in Heaven World, but Shen Xiang is first time knows, before and Su Meiyao chatted, she has not said. Also a situation, many Immortal Palace rare books in a place, then that place call Immortal Country, there Immortal Palace will be controlled by a person, the Immortal Country King are the Immortal King strength, but jurisdiction Immortal Palace is Immortal Monarch.” Bai Youyou adds: Generally is dozens Immortal Palace can compose Immortal Country!” Naturally, there are does not name by the country, for example some Fire God Palace, Suppressing Devil Temple these influences. In brief, Heaven World is very big, influence are many, expert are more.” Su Meiyao said. You run in a direction, should be able to have the opportunity to see Immortal Palace, when the time comes went in that's alright, had Teleportation Formation.” Then Nine Heavens? How can go?” Shen Xiang asked. „Before, Nine Heavens was in administrative levels, needed certain strength to go, but should be equal now, if in the night, you looked up, can see eight groups of brights, that was other eight days, distance here was very very far, must cross the starry sky to go, seemed, although was one group of luminous, but there was not smaller than the Heaven World.” Long Xueyi said: Imperial Dragon Clan is hiding in a day, named Dragon Heaven, I think that above influence, should be Imperial Dragon Clan in secret supports.” You sharply have not been going to other days now, first is familiar with here! Now had Teleportation Formation, does not need to cross the starry sky, when you have made Immortal Crystal, can.” Su Meiyao said.

Dashed continuously the most of the day, Shen Xiang saw Immortal Palace in Legend finally, saw in the distant place that was one crawls in the great cow of ground, Shen Xiang can see a shadow. Is Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, has not thought of your unexpectedly in this region.” Su Meiyao said: This Immortal Palace fence has ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high, used many years to construct, but when that huge immortal absorbed outside Immortal Qi, will make this Immortal Palace look like a cow, gradually, was called Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace.” Shen Xiang was frightened, light the fence has ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high, Immortal Palace has half Chenwu Mainland to be so big, encircles with ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) high fence, moreover arranges one immortal, thinks to make people feel to shock. It seems like my Evil Dragon Burial Ground was too weak!” Before Shen Xiang, thinks that own Evil Dragon Burial Ground and Subduing Dragon City are quite fierce, but looking back now, is mediocre. This Immortal Palace was very fierce, has established several hundred thousand year also complete existences, after that several times three realms great war, had not been destroyed, because of the merit of these great walls, even if were Immortal King came, must use a strength, can the front make hole! Establishes these great walls, because of Heaven World for many years, has gone on an expedition unceasingly, does not come from Devil Heaven and Demon Heaven, is other days attacks, or is great war between here each Immortal Palace.” Su Meiyao said.