World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1277

Can go to the place that some people gather, Shen Xiang is very happy, where no matter he that is, he urgently needed must know something that now here has, seek for these compared with his transcend very early friend. This Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace belongs to neutral place, little meddles some disputes, in inside commercial competition is very intense.” Shen Xiang arrives at the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace entrance, goes in does not need any basic fee, this makes the good impression to Shen Xiang. You just arrived at Heaven World, is best to leave is seeking for your relatives and friends anxiously, this does not have what significance temporarily, everybody's strength here is not strongest, if you have stirred up trouble, will implicate their, you best are the go it alone, has Xueyi to help you, you can be out of danger with ease.” Bai Youyou urged him saying that initially she and Su Meiyao wanderer Heaven World's time, had certain experience. Su Meiyao approves of the Bai Youyou's words, said: This Heaven World inside fellow, there are much is very sinister, any method can use, you should already experience.” Shen Xiang can only cancel to seek for the thoughts of his relatives and friends first, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou says is reasonable, on him many treasure, enough many people made the matter that resorted to all means. Enters in Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, Shen Xiang looks at that many streets, does not know that which should walk, moreover in this is very big, perhaps few people can stroll here, worthily is Heaven World above Immortal Palace, but enters the entrance, can be shocked. Is very common like this new military recruits, Immortal that these guard a gate has been used to it, at this time put on neatly, be with smile on the face pretty youngster ran over, has pulled his sleeves, smiled to ask: This big brother, you just entered Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace this large-scale Immortal Palace, needs me to lead you to be familiar with here?” On Shen Xiang also a little Immortal Crystal, this is he gets so far as in Sacred Dan World, he said: How many Immortal Crystal needs? I am a poor devil, left was too expensive, I may unable to pay.” Before coming, he soared crystal stones, because brings here not to have what use.

Ten Immortal Crystal have sufficed, but you must wrap my food and lodging, I will lead your three days, I will let you to live hand to mouth in this Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace as far as possible to eat.” That youngster said with a smile, it seems like he was the occupation does this. Shen Xiang pulls out five Immortal Crystal, gives him saying: First gives half, behind that half and other days later is giving.” That youngster receives, said: Does not have the issue, brat named often constructs the talent, you can call me to see the talent. Big brother you?” Shen Xiang said with a smile: Common wealth? The good name, I called Shen Yi.” Arrives at Heaven World, Shen Xiang is also very discrete, had not revealed own true appearance, but changed the outline slightly, as well as makes others seem he likely is a middle-aged person, this has him to paint a portrait, very difficult to recognize him. Before Shen Xiang, knows that oneself is known in Heaven World, but this for him is not the good deed, because others know him, because of his Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, as well as Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique. This called often to construct little rascal, the strength was not weak, looks like just entered Nirvana Realm, but the person of this rank, were many in Heaven World, because Heaven World had to help transcends tribulation pills not be deficient, therefore transcends tribulation, can be quite relaxed here. Often constructs brings Shen Xiang to arrive at a medium inn, this is the Shen Xiang request, too expensive he cannot live, too disappointing did not live comfortably, the region that he is at now, enters a Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace region, here was also the lively region, can let the matter in he very good inspection here pills aspect. Sees the wealth, is here pills price what kind of? For example Earth Level High-Grade Dan, Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan.” Shen Xiang asked that these two pill should be the person in Heaven World are quite commonly used.

Earth Level High-Grade Dan Life Returning Pill is two hundred Immortal Crystal one grains, the Earth Level High-Grade Dan price is almost this price, but Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, needs one thousand Immortal Crystal one grains.” Often constructs replies, he boss with this inn is very familiar, therefore he can rent the convenient two-bedroom apartment. This price...... So is so low?” Shen Xiang feels very surprisedly, Su Meiyao also so, a moment ago Su Meiyao very with amazement told him, before, Earth Level High-Grade Dan was over a thousand crystal stones one grains, Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan at least must take 7,000-8,000 crystal stones. Big brother, you are not transcend will come up? If is really this, then your luck was too disappointing, has not appeared in welcoming in immortal palace transcend Immortal, not having the influence can want.” Often constructs very much surprisedly looks at Shen Xiang, in the look is having the color of admiring. Person who because can come up from Lower Realm transcend, is very fierce, has very strong ability, can emerge in that world, arrives at this higher world. Right, but I hear here pills should not that convenient? Present herbs is the same with cabbage, can plant all of a sudden?” Shen Xiang continues to pursue asks, he thought that these have certainly the reason. pills becomes such convenient, regarding often constructs this kind of person is the big good deed, he said with a smile: This was lucky that a while ago Sacred Dan World merged into Heaven World, Sacred Dan World that herbs are many, moreover they to fight for the Heaven World's pills market, presses lowly the price is very very low.” Sacred Dan World unexpectedly merged into Heaven World, Shen Xiang and Su Meiyao they are surprised. This good matter, isn't your Sister Long Huishan Long Family Patriarch? Female Dragon King, you can look her.” Long Xueyi said that the sound is having a jealousy. Shen Xiang had not planned that now looks for Long Huishan, although Long Huishan is female Dragon King, in Heaven World is also the quite top strength, moreover upholds justice very much, Shen Xiang was worried one will annoy to trouble to her.

Sees the wealth, can you find out the person who in recent years how many transcend came up? Where did they go to?” Shen Xiang asked that although he did not plan to look, but inquired. I hear these days transcend, majority in Human King Immortal Palace.” Often constructed has thought that said. Human King Immortal Palace, isn't inside the Human King palace? Shen Xiang remembers that was King Continent initial expert, the Wu Canghong foundation. That Human King did Immortal Palace have the multi- youngster history?” Shen Xiang pursues asks, because Su Meiyao has not heard Human King Immortal Palace. Many years, there did not call Human King Immortal Palace, but called any Bixia Immortal Palace, but afterward that Immortal Palace master probably was defeated, lost Immortal Palace, afterward that person does not know that and who compared, lost, in brief has changed several masters, finally forms present Human King Immortal Palace.” Su Meiyao said: Bixia Immortal Palace, should be that Bixia Dan Immortal, should you still remember?” Shen Xiang remembers certainly that initially he and a Fire God Palace's alchemy master competed with alchemy, that fellow boasted that own Master Bixia Dan Immortal was fierce, has not thought that was also the goods that lost loses everything. But that Bixia Dan Immortal initially also lost to Su Meiyao, Shen Xiang had asked at this time: Sister Meiyao, what did you have Immortal Palace before?”