World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1278
To have how possibly? My personal enemy were too many, we do not dare to establish Immortal Palace, will only make our personal enemies have an opportunity.” Su Meiyao said. I have devil art actually, in Heavenly Devil World, is Devil Heaven!” Bai Youyou said: Afterward I had given my elder sister, behind does not know how she processes.” Rested for day, Shen Xiang has often constructed the talent with that went to here quite big pills shop, he must have a look here herbs price, he needs to collect some herbs, was used to duplicate. In Sacred Dan World, high level herbs that can find are not many, but are many in Heaven Level low-grade and herbs of Earth Level this stage, but Shen Xiang did not need at that time. Heaven World is so vast, Shen Xiang believes that even if Immortal Level herbs can also purchase, but the premise must have enough wealth. This Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace is divided into five regions, the east , south , west and north respectively four regions, is the center, but the central area has very high fence to encircle, there is regarded as the noble region, entering inside needs to pay many Immortal Crystal. In Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace is very big, even if not enter the center , the places of many activities, in this are not only the street and house, there is mountains rivers, but in these mountains rivers does not have no Immortal Beast. Except for fence, in this quite in continent, and is very safe. Big Brother Shen, here eliminates Heaven territory, quite good pills spread!” Often constructs defers to the Shen Xiang's request, leading him to arrive at a pills shop, but here can see the big great walls of these surround central areas. The central area was also called Heaven territory, that is a being a cut above other people region, living that eats must put on plays, is expensive, moreover inside person has the right to have the potential competent person, if makes the ordinary person go, also will not go, because in these honored status, as well as the formidable air/Qi field, makes them unable to gain ground.

This Heaven territory fence be only thousand zhang (3.33 m) high, does not have the surround entire heavenly palace these big. Shen Xiang and often constructs to come here, through Teleportation Formation , many transmission points in Immortal Palace, because transmission range in Immortal Palace, therefore the price is not high, many people can transmit. Shen Xiang very much wants certainly to enter that Heaven territory to have a look, moreover he from has often constructed in the mouth to know that almost each Immortal Palace has such Heaven territory, inside Immortal Qi is richest, the resources are richest, the person of accumulation is also very strong. Big Brother Shen...... enters Heaven territory to need ten thousand Immortal Crystal to purchase a pass, moreover is only sufficient for one month, Bao Nian hundred thousand Immortal Crystal that's alright.” Often constructs sees Shen Xiang to stare at that front door of fence, wants to see through inside, immediately reminded Shen Xiang, although Shen Xiang was very natural, transmitted anything was he leaves, but often constructed does not think that he had enough Immortal Crystal purchase pass. Shen Xiang „”, he had not said that must walk from the front door, Evil Dragon Burial Ground that place is unable to shake including Immortal King, but he can actually go, he thought that must enter this Heaven territory is not too difficult. Ten thousand Immortal Crystal are not good to make, grain of Primordial Dan supports also on over a thousand Immortal Crystal, but Longevity Fruit and Good Fortune Fruit this type of thing he will not sell casually randomly, he does not think that Longevity Fruit this extension life essence Immortal Fruit falls into the hand of personal enemy. Sells expensive Life Returning Pill and Primordial Dan below, arrived here is the white vegetable prices, it seems like that the Heaven World present resources are very rich.” Shen Xiang murmured, then often constructs steps into that to repair also calculates the good pills shop. This is natural, in Heaven World, many big influences makes the breakthrough on time formation, especially is used to plant herbs time formation, therefore these need very long years can maturity herbs, be able to make in the short time, but that large formation only then the big influence can establish, only then these big influences can maintain, moreover they can also gain.” What speech is in pills shop old man, looks at his appearance, should be buys pills.

Before Shen Xiang listened to Su Meiyao saying that some big influences truly were studying some to be able fast large formation that accelerated herbs to grow, now such a long time, had broken through in this aspect, so long as there is enough Immortal Crystal, can ask a set up formation team to arrange. This is only limits to some herbs, some herbs do not accelerate, but if these high level herbs through this means growth , the association president results in not well, alchemy time easy explode pill furnace, to succeed the part that accelerates, majority are to sell very convenient these.” That old man continues to say. Sees wealth little rascal, your recent luck is good, can always find the business to do.” That old man traces often constructs head to say with a smile. Shen Xiang saw now, this old man should be the storekeeper in this shop. But the luck of my this guest does not want, transcend comes up, has not appeared welcoming the immortal palace.” Often constructs said. That old man smiled to Shen Xiang, said: Has not appeared welcoming immortal palace not to have no relationship, the fierce character, where can blossom in radiant splendor, what pills needs?” Shen Xiang asks actually, but he does not have Immortal Crystal now, herbs that he needs, is not in his hand that Immortal Crystal can afford. Has Saint Beast Pill herbs?” Shen Xiang asked that because this Saint Beast Pill eats to Long Xueyi, herbs is one type may adolescence herbs, lowest rank is Heaven Level low-grade, but is highest can adolescence arrive at Sacred Level, will therefore be called Saint Beast Pill, Sacred Level Saint Beast Pill has not appeared.

Has, only then Saint Beast Fruit wholeheartedly.” That old man said. Saint Beast Fruit is crystal is transparent, but will be long in the central place very small fruit seed, was long to be able on the representative alchemy, can refine Heaven Level low-grade Saint Beast Pill, if condense two fruit seed, can refine Heaven Level middle-grade, and so on. Sells?” Shen Xiang must certainly take, words that even if refined into pill, does not eat to Long Xueyi directly, can satisfy desires to her temporarily, now he loves this Little Dragon. All around person looks immediately to him, the person majority here very much familiar often constructs person, they know that often constructs the person who brings, majority are very poor that unexpectedly asks about the Saint Beast Fruit price, although wholeheartedly. Two million Immortal Crystal, this was the quite sincere price, if in Heaven territory, at least must add two hundred thousand Immortal Crystal to take.” Shen Xiang was frightened the complexion big change by this price, his hastily inquired Su Meiyao: Sister Meiyao, this is old fellow in black I? Is so expensive?” „Before, million Immortal Crystal can take, but now...... The reason that because these large formation present, the herbs price upward will therefore rise, especially this type can herbs of promote step, should almost to be this price! If can become three hearts with this type, takes fruit seed, plants again, can plant three to come.” Su Meiyao said.