World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1279

Shen Xiang beforehand had inquired Chen Jiancheng here herbs price, truly wants pill's price to be high, because many herbs of present were regarded the seed, the price is quite high, but buys to work as the person of seed, definitely can also gain, but was used for alchemy to be unworthy. It seems like here does not have the wild alchemy master, many big influences grasped massive herbs, the alchemy masters have hired oneself these influences, there are massive herbs to be used to build up the hand, did not need to worry that herbs matter, this truly can attract many alchemy masters.” Su Meiyao said that although now the Heaven World's change is very big, but she can accept quickly. Hears the price to be so expensive, Long Xueyi's heart cool a big truncation, sighed one disappointedly. Shen Xiang hurriedly said: This...... Can trade with other herbs? My side does not have that many Immortal Crystal temporarily.” Reason that to be honest, this Saint Beast Fruit is so expensive , because this thing can adolescence be Sacred Level herbs, therefore is not ordinary herbs can compare, you said to look that you planned what herbs with received exchange?” That old man asked. Shen Xiang thought that this pills shop is also the big influence control. Good Fortune Fruit!” Shen Xiang said that this is Heaven Level low-grade herbs, he thought where should not miss arrives. You have 15, I traded with you.” That old man said. 15 Good Fortune Fruit, can go against 200 ten thousand Immortal Crystal! Trades, this old fellow also calculates very sincerely, before, Good Fortune Fruit, although lacks, but has not sold expensively.” Su Meiyao said. Good Fortune Fruit Heaven World, has the quite good status, because is not very high level, but is not low, many Nirvana peak or are Immortal late stage or are the Immortal Monarch ranks, can afford. This was also initially Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou hopes that Shen Xiang gets so far as the Good Fortune Fruit reason.

Shen Xiang wants to trade, but he does not have that many Good Fortune Fruit now, his side only then one, is foundation that is used to duplicate, cannot use. Can use Longevity Fruit? Diamond Fruit......” Shen Xiang asked that the Longevity Fruit price definitely was not here low, that was the person who can make many soon pass away, can obtain rebirth Immortal Fruit. Do not use, this type of thing do not flow exits.” Long Xueyi hurriedly said: These high level herbs, the energy flow does not exit.” Shen Xiang said to that old man: Can keep a period of time to me? I accumulate to suffice Immortal Crystal to buy again.” That old man has revealed awkward expression: Perhaps this cannot...... Because had many people to order this Saint Beast Fruit with me, before three in Heaven territory quickly had sold out, perhaps how long my this could not guarantee.” At this time, that often constructed runs to say: That wind Young Master came, I remember that his previous time must buy Saint Beast Fruit probably, but actually insufficient Immortal Crystal, right!” Shen Xiang is greatly anxious, however the back of the head sea dodges, immediately said: Old Senior, half Longevity Fruit, trades?” Without the entire fruit words, is very difficult to plant, but Shen Xiang sees the strength of this storekeeper to be good, should be Immortal late stage, or is Immortal Monarch, definitely many Immortal Crystal, even if he is helps others look at the shop, can leave this Immortal Crystal. Longevity Fruit, all around person listens to word, had very big change to the Shen Xiang's view, although has the half, but the crucial moment of alchemy master has sufficed, can refine grain of Longevity Dan to come, although may not guarantee that prolongs life for ten thousand years, but several thousand years have. Sufficed!” This storekeeper is not a fool, this type of thing may with not be possible to ask, after remaining to oneself uses, if later bogs down, life essence must exhaust, this can play very big help.

Class exiting half, Shen Xiang does not only think anything, although he takes, that old man is somewhat disappointed, because this side is a little small. This is Su Meiyao cutting, she cuts as far as possible most is youngest, enough refines grain of Longevity Dan, and cannot to come out through these formation types. However this, that storekeeper has traded, has given Shen Xiang Saint Beast Fruit. Storekeeper, takes quickly that Saint Beast Fruit, I came with Immortal Crystal, two million Immortal Crystal is right!” The people have not appeared, the sound passed on has achieved, afterward a male stride of wear blue color clothes walks, is grasping one this leaf, with several guys. Sees that clothes, Shen Xiang to determine that this wind Young Master is the Feng Family person, these Heavenspan Family have very big influence on Heaven World, the strength is also very strong, does not allow to look down upon. This wind Young Master comes, sees Saint Beast Fruit in Shen Xiang's, but Shen Xiang sees him to come, hastily receives, brings often to construct leaves here. Slow!” That wind Young Master comes in in high spirit, but knew that Saint Beast Fruit was just bought, his complexion immediately becomes gloomy. Enemies often cross each other's path!” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart, just arrived at Heaven World, with the Feng Family bar on, before he had very big hatred with Feng Family, this Heaven World's Feng Family should very be also clear. Your can Saint Beast Fruit sell to me?” Although this wind Young Master such asked that but on that handsome face is very unfriendly, cloudy sad, looks like very deceitful. Does not sell, I have big using!” Shen Xiang answered, must leave, he does not think now with Feng Family to. He does not have that energy.

All around person at the same time is watching the fun, the person and Feng Family who Young Master just transcend came up to, the person who transcend came up, in once that world, was the top character, naturally has own arrogance, but this Feng Family Young Master was not weak, the side also has some expert. You know......” Does not need to come this set with me, even if I know that who your family is, I will not sell to your, I have big using, moreover I do not lack Immortal Crystal.” Shen Xiang said directly that then brings often to construct goes out of the shop, cannot. Do not want to walk!” That wind Young Master angrily said, waves, releases a very strong suction, thin and small often constructed to attract. Sees this, storekeeper slightly frowned of that pills shop, said solemnly: Wind Young Master, sees wealth little rascal and this matter No problem, please pay attention to the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace rule, here is not your Feng Family Divine Wind Immortal Country, you also left are too here dissolute.” Often constructs although does not have what strength, but his sweetest person is good, all day here runs, many people are familiar with him. That Feng Family Young Master arbitrarily has possibly been used, he pinches is often constructing scruff, was shouting to clear the way to Shen Xiang coldly: Sold to me Saint Beast Fruit, otherwise I cut off the neck of this little rascal.” All around person has gotten angry, coped with Shen Xiang they not to say anything, but often constructed is only little rascal that ran about to make a living all day, did not have with Shen Xiang relationship, unexpectedly was used to coerce the person by that Feng Family Young Master.