World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1280

Sees the complexions of all around these people, that several guy hastily condense strength, in order to avoid these people to their Young Master fight! Wind Young Master shouted: My several three, you do not put out Saint Beast Fruit, my fight, one......” Just counted to one, the person who all around these got angry just wants to drink to stop that wind Young Master, but Shen Xiang vanished in same place on suddenly, that wind Young Master saw Shen Xiang suddenly to vanish, has not shouted! Broadminded, red light glittering gets up together, that wind Young Master holds often constructs the arm suddenly shoulder-length separation, Shen Xiang unexpectedly appears in that wind Young Master body side, in circle that in these guys surround. This, lets the people in great surprise, but red light continues to dodge, the people see clearly at this time, in Shen Xiang takes to send out the red light dagger, pricked that wind Young Master neck side, the same time, Shen Xiang often constructs to grasp, throws to that old man storekeeper. „...... Your unexpectedly......” that wind Young Master has a big shock, although he was broken an arm, the neck side was also punctured, but he has not actually felt the pain, but the blood actually crazily wells up. Dies!” Exceedingly indignant Shen Xiang, but seems like much calmer, making the person be afraid, the people do not think clearly, at present this person under the so angry situation, can maintain this calmness, and changes into the strength person that anger. Shen Xiang grips tightly the Devil Emperor dagger, pricks that wind Young Master abdomen, afterward inside Heaven Dan pulls out, at this time that several guys responded, toward his fist bang in the past, strength was immediately big, but Shen Xiang actually in that instantaneous strange disappearance, making their strong hit completely on that wind Young Master. That several guys are the Human Immortal late stage strengths, gets rid, strength that releases, shakes to collapse half this pills shop! fight in Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, but also ruins a quite upscale pills shop, Feng Family right now either compensates large sum of money Immortal Crystal, either prepares for with Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace hostile, although Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace few and other influence battles, but if some people provoke here, Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace also meets the counter-attack of savage.

After Shen Xiang that wind Young Master Heaven Dan runs away, then the mist and dust that collapses in the shop displays Transformation Technique, after being far away from the line of sight of people, goes to the place of nobody, turns into another appearance. This fellow, courts death purely! Really was a pity that almost can snatch storage ring of that fellow, inside has two million Immortal Crystal.” In the Shen Xiang heart was sighing. This getting rid time, must like this, this time do well!” Bai Youyou coldly said: „, I will kill his side that guys, Heaven Dan pulls out completely, them cleanness!” Shen Xiang already knows, if some people offend Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao, with them to, so long as were seized by them, ten have ** fate, is such that Bai Youyou said a moment ago. Shen Xiang will not look again often constructs, he is sees many people very much to care that often constructs the talent, he dares to get rid, because, Feng Family investigates, with often constructs does not have relationship. Can get so far as Saint Beast Fruit to want, aren't you also a little Soul Creation Fluid? Sufficed to duplicate one to me.” Long Xueyi said that she likes eating the fruit, the flavor be much better than refined into pill. Um, Sister Meiyao, you make one to satisfy desires to her! This dragon brat, the appetite was getting bigger and bigger, arrived at Heaven World luckily, otherwise very difficult to appropriate eats to you.” Shen Xiang ridicules saying that afterward he arrives to approach the central Heaven territory place, here distance that pills shop is very near, he must inquire that this matter will cause the big sound. Shen Xiang started to be very heavy at that time, Heaven Dan of that fellow pulls out, but also pours into very strong strength, shakes that person of all meridians, but also releases the formidable soul attack, writes off that person of soul. The sound that this matter causes is not small, on the one hand some people broke the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace rule, this is equal to the provocative Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace dignity, according to the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace procedure, they will investigate that gets rid the responsibility of that two side, but Shen Xiang escaped now, but Feng Family person also, although that Young Master brother died, but the compensation needs Feng Family to come. Shen Xiang knows that Feng Family juniors who now one kill, the status is not low!

Feng Family in formed Divine Wind Immortal Country a while ago here, actually Son of Heaven is called Saint Prince, if Divine Wind Immortal Country Immortal King other children, was called Prince or Princess, the descendants are descendants of princes. But Shen Xiang kills presses, is descendants of princes, is a Divine Wind Immortal Country Prince son. Here also nobody dares to proclaim oneself emperor, is said at most the fellow of king, haven't you extinguished Immortal King? That Divine Wind Immortal Country has anything to be good Chinese zither.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang has not thought that initially these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm, here have formed Immortal Country, if so, that Ji Meixian and Zhao Yixuan are not definitely low in inside status. White Sea Immortal Country, should exist, inquired how having a look at that two small female slave to mix?” Shen Xiang feels the chin to say. You but do not need to be worried about them, Ji Meixian this Jade Immortal Woman in the former very ghost essence, she can definitely help Zhao Yixuan this small female slave obtain very high status, will help also the Zhao Yixuan promotion strength, gain more resources.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang arrived at an inn, lies said on the bed: My strengths come up again, I must visit well these old enemies, in the past they did not have what perquisite in Emperor Heaven, but here definitely many.” Has the dog!” Long Xueyi suddenly said. Is Heavenly Dog is inadequate?” Su Meiyao calls out in alarm said: Run, this bastard sense of smell is very sharp, how even if you go into hiding, can smell your smell, can carry on 1 million li (0.5km) tracing!” Shen Xiang shuttle space, leaves this inn immediately, then rushes in the Teleportation Formation direction, he must leave this Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace immediately, is far away from that Heavenly Dog search area, he knows that is Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace sends certainly to look his.

This thing are many in Heaven World? If many, I could not mix!” Shen Xiang transmits to leaving the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace entrance place. Are not many, but the fierce fellow must get so far as is very easy, you left Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace to say first again that waited to come back after a period of time again.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang just came in shortly , to be far away from this Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, but he comes in also to have the good harvest, collects Saint Beast Fruit. Pursued, this group of people were very specialized!” Long Xueyi shouted. Shen Xiang has not thought that with tightly, him will be treading Earth Shrinking Step immediately, flees the tracing range with the quickest speed. Altogether three Heavenly Dog, you drop out three drops of blood, I help you controlling that three drops of blood fly away, disperse their fierce, they should pursue these blood to run.” Long Xueyi said.