World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1281
Shen Xiang caused three drops of blood, said: „Is this effective? Do not waste my blood!” Long Xueyi controls these three drops of blood to fly with Divine Power to three directions, said: You continued to run that's alright, this at least can open one or two Heavenly Dog, the brains of these Heavenly Dog were not good, even if can distinguish that three drops of blood is not the most correct goal, but they will also pursue.” Really, Shen Xiang has used Nine Heavens Mental Exploration to see following to have two dogs to lead two teams of people to rush to another direction, Long Xueyi leads away with the blood. It seems like the remaining dogs, should be a good dog.” Long Xueyi said: Now should not be difficult, the people of remaining squads are only pursuing you.” Even if this, Shen Xiang does not dare to face alone, after all these chase down his are here locally born Immortal, moreover he has not determined the opposite party strength now. If there is Immortal Monarch, you only needed to solve that's alright that dog.” Bai Youyou said. Traces the Shen Xiang's person, should be Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace sends, Shen Xiang and they do not have what hatred, but they also handle matters impartially. Shen Xiang slows the tempo intentionally, letting the following person a bit faster with, quite lets him to solve that Heavenly Dog, like this he can a bit faster get rid of tracing of this group of people. After slowing the tempo, he can induce to the aura of that group of people quickly. unexpectedly has a day Monarch, it seems like that Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace is very strong, can send out Immortal Monarch to come finally you.” Long Xueyi said.

Shen Xiang now is the Immortal rank, but is early stage, he thought after one, must break through, possibly will be very difficult, but now he just entered into this Realm, temporarily is not thinking matter that continues to break through, that is the later matter. He can only cope with the Immortal late stage rank now at most, if faces Immortal Monarch, he could fall into to struggle hard, only if the opposite party is Demon and Devil, or he with the toxin and sneak attack, can go well. This Immortal Monarch my opposite party, but must make that dog under his nose.” Shen Xiang continues to slow the tempo, after the person who behind these chase sees his back, immediately is vigilant, because they perceived that the front person intends to make them pursue. Shen Xiang deeply attracts the tone, start to condense gathers Divine Power, then locks that snow white Heavenly Dog. With the Grasping Soul Devil Curse loose soul incantation, attacks this domestic animal with this move, does not need the big strength, can have very good effect.” Bai Youyou said. Shen Xiang planned directly to launch the spiritual attack, but heard a Bai Youyou such saying, he displayed Grasping Soul Devil Curse immediately, before, he because of the limit of strength, in Grasping Soul Devil Curse many techniques is unable to display, but this powder soul incantation was. In his mouth was reciting the incantation, after condense good spell strength, immediately turned around to rear area to bellow, afterward both hands one pile, these made the incantation that the person could not understand emerge immediately, was similar to strong winds toward that crowd of person rush over, has swept on them instantaneously. Sees these black incantations, these people immediately defend certainly, because they did not know that this is any thing, was worried that this is any fierce evil technique, but that Heavenly Dog was unlucky, after the strong winds that the incantation turns into assail, although that Heavenly Dog nothing, but actually turned into an idiot dog, the soul has dispersed, although did not have the body, but was remnant. Good fierce spiritual attack, who is this? He has made us lose Heavenly Dog, this account must ask him to calculate.” A quite young man, is sweating profusely said that he only thought a point that a moment ago one miss must same turn into an idiot with this Heavenly Dog.

Words that I have not admitted mistakes, this should be Grasping Soul Devil Curse in Legend, this matter must inform Palace Master immediately!” That old man expression said solemnly that he is the Immortal Monarch strength, the experience be broader than these young people. We hurry, this person in kept the hand a moment ago, if he intends to cope with us, perhaps you had met with a disaster a moment ago.” That old man can deposit in Demon Beast storage equipment the Heavenly Dog income, then leads that several young people to leave fast. Dashes Shen Xiang, in had left a moment ago behind wisp of Divine Soul, listens secretly their talks. What was seen me to display by them was Grasping Soul Devil Curse, wasn't this in the way?” Shen Xiang inquired Bai Youyou, although he has used many devil art, but knows that he had this fierce devil art person, little had to live. Did not fear that they do not know you anyone.” A Bai Youyou point does not care: This many will start some mighty waves, the Devil World rare technique attraction, be more appealing than many Immortal World divine art.” Shen Xiang also thought that for example that Engulfing Devil Art, the use is very big, but currently he little uses, uses, he will not be using this devil art to go to the devour person to promote the strength constantly, if uses many, somewhat will leave some hidden dangers, although in the past Bai Youyou grasped, but she also little used. If falls into some person hands of not having one's heart in right place, definitely greatly with especially will use, but the final fate only will also be put to death. I must a bit faster find that Saint Beast Ancient Domain to be good, Beast Slaughtering Technique in inside, moreover that Dan Emperor also marks a thing there, does not know that Dan Emperor has the thing there.” This is Shen Xiang compares to care that now, he must collecting Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique as soon as possible. „If such, you must first go to a Immortal Palace quite crowded place, or is ultra-large Immortal Palace, where can find out that place!” Su Meiyao said.

How can that go?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. Now is not good, if you must transmit, must enter in Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace Heaven territory to be good, only then has that large-scale Teleportation Formation in, be not thinking walk, even if White Tiger that fellow, is very also difficult to go in a short time, that is very long distance.” The Su Meiyao's words made Shen Xiang worry. He cannot enter Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace now, he just killed others' Heavenly Dog, moreover these people know that he understands Grasping Soul Devil Curse, once enters Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, will occur in inside these Heavenly Dog his. This does not need to be worried that I can help you solve, but I also the poor point can break through at present, so long as I can break through, I can not make these Heavenly Dog smell your a wee bit flavor.” Long Xueyi said very self-confidently. „Is this real?” Shen Xiang knows certainly that Long Xueyi is having any idea. Naturally is, gives me again probably 20 Saint Beast Fruit, I can break through!” Several fingers of Long Xueyi in Hidden Jade Ring calculates.