World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1282
During runs Shen Xiang, is calculating how long want to duplicate 20 Saint Beast Fruit probably. According to the Primordial Dan herbs speed, my one month can make!” In the Shen Xiang heart is thinking, Primordial Dan main herbs has the difference, his one month can cause ten respectively. If no accident, Soul Creation Fluid that his one month of condense comes out, should suffice to duplicate 20 Saint Beast Fruit. Do not deceive the fruit to eat with this reason, if you dare to deceive me, I must pull out your buttocks maliciously.” Shen Xiang said that now he also can only choose this means. So long as he goes in Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace not to be discovered that he can do Immortal Crystal in inside, then leaves Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, when the time comes he had no more worries. Snort, others so were ripe with you, has not believed others.” Long Xueyi low snort|hum said. Shen Xiang has been far away from Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, arrives by a great river forest, hides in inside condense Soul Creation Fluid, makes some Saint Beast Fruit to eat to Long Xueyi. Does not know that can cause Saint Beast Fruit of two hearts? Is the effect what kind of compared with 20 Saint Beast Fruit?” Shen Xiang inquired Su Meiyao. Was very difficult saying that my former alchemy, wholeheartedly has refined with Saint Beast Fruit, has not seen Saint Beast Fruit of two hearts, only if were these raises the Immortal Beast influence specially, will have this type of thing.” Su Meiyao said. Does not use two hearts, that's alright wholeheartedly, I have calculated, moreover this can eat 20, two hearts can only eat one, is not very cost-effective, cannot satisfy desires.” Long Xueyi tender dī dī shouted. In order to satisfy the Long Xueyi's appetite, Shen Xiang does not toss about Saint Beast Fruit of that two heart temporarily, he has used for one month, duplicated 20 Saint Beast Fruit, Long Xueyi almost previous day ate one, finally ate the remaining these.

I rested for two days, I can break through.” Long Xueyi flowed a few words to Shen Xiang, slept. Sleeps can break through, making Shen Xiang envy, this dragon brat promotion strength all day the eating and drinking rubbish rests, although this, but the speed rapidness of promotion strength, now is fiercer than him, making the person envy very much. Over the two days Shen Xiang had not been idling, continued condense Soul Creation Fluid, now he must duplicate herbs is high rank, Soul Creation Fluid that needed were many, therefore he, as soon as had the time, or was when usually hurried along, could condense Soul Creation Fluid, otherwise needed time, must wait for many days. Long Xueyi woke up, has hit a yawn, said: Was good, you can go to Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace now, I ensure these Heavenly Dog will not discover you.” If discovers me?” Although Shen Xiang such asked that but started to rush to Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace. You, if were discovered that then you heartily spank my.” Long Xueyi said very self-confidently. How do you achieve?” Shen Xiang is very curious: Your Divine Soul present to what Realm?” „The Perfection third stage, the first stage is called the strength of god law, you now are this stage, the second stage is called the god is Gang, before this is me that stage, you knew, the third stage is god law is boundless, is the Perfection last stage.” Long Xueyi said: As for fierce, you later had know that I now and you do not talk clearly.” Shen Xiang has grasped scratching the head, said: dragon brat, do you promote that quickly? My present Divine Dao cultivation base is very difficult to promote.” Long Xueyi haughty said with a smile: This is called the race talent, cannot demand, you as a humanity, have only used a little time, can arrive at this Realm, you should be content. I am Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor, you cannot compare with me.”

In the Shen Xiang heart whispered: That is also what kind, manages your anything emperor, you later are my person!” ...... Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace suddenly came one crowd of Devil Path person, but some formidable Demon Immortal also hide here, they come for that Grasping Soul Devil Curse, especially that side Devil Heaven, almost broke open the pot, Grasping Soul Devil Curse has been lost the innumerable years, now finally makes an appearance, enabling many Devil Heaven greatly not to hesitate to use massive Immortal Crystal, making a group of people come the investigation. But after that the Shen Xiang use disperses the soul incantation, brain remnant Heavenly Dog, at this time is a treasure, comes to confirm that Grasping Soul Devil Curse big energy, must spend Immortal Crystal to investigate carefully this Heavenly Dog within the body these scattered in disorder seven soul six souls. Although Grasping Soul Devil Curse concrete cultivation method is lost, but after was hit by Grasping Soul Devil Curse, the related situation has spread, for example some present people saw from that Heavenly Dog that was dispersed the soul incantation to hit. Uses Grasping Soul Devil Curse the mysterious person, vanishes outside Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, before counterattacked to kill the Divine Wind Immortal Country descendants of princes, moreover person who just transcend came up, attack weapons of use, was the baleful aura very thick demon soldier, the people guessed that this person should be cultivates Devil Path. Shen Xiang arrives in Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace again, is strolling outside that Heaven territory fence, he knows that Devil Heaven sent many masters, was investigates the Grasping Soul Devil Curse matter. Sister Youyou, you really said that really has initiated not the small sound.” Shen Xiang said. This is certain, Grasping Soul Devil Curse was lost was very long, although I in the past grasped, but I little used, only then some minority expert know that I understood this Devil Path rare technique, but I died in these person of eyes.” Bai Youyou said. Saw, these Heavenly Dog have not pursued, I arrived at god law boundless Realm, uses peerless Divine Ability that Heavenly Dragon Great Emperor has been able to use, can help you hidden go to that faint trace to be able by the smell that the Heavenly Dog nose smelled.” Long Xueyi very haughty said while loudly laughing.

Shen Xiang has not managed her, how he in calculating is entering that Heaven territory, the pass needs ten thousand Immortal Crystal to purchase, moreover in must food and lodging anything, especially that transmission expense, definitely be much higher. Initially arrived at Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace time, that often constructed first leads him to go to a place, there was to pick a quarrel does, goes all out to gain the Immortal Crystal place. Shen Xiang temporarily cannot think now any good means that only to come to here to have a look, to arrive at a quite lively street first, in a wooden tower of unexpectedly six story-high. Here has many people, waits to earn the Immortal Crystal good assignment, belongs to be gluttonous and lazy, finds out least strengths, does the simplest matter, gains many Immortal Crystal. In this on the wall of that hall, pastes to be fuller the paper, writes is some can gain to the work of Immortal Crystal. Shen Xiang looked, there are can earn the work of massive Immortal Crystal much, but very danger(ous), moreover needs to handle for a long time. Actually hunts and kills the beast Monarch rank Immortal Beast, isn't this courts death? Does not go!” Su Meiyao said. This is odder, is only million Immortal Crystal, wants to take a beast egg from Beast King there, I give his double price, making him take two to me!” Bai Youyou said.