World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1283

Shen Xiang said: I now only then more than 1000 Immortal Crystal in the side, enter in that Heaven territory need over ten thousand Immortal Crystal......” Has not said that his suddenly sees on a paper to write: Incurs goon several, strength at least is the Human Immortal rank, if Devil Immortal and Demon Immortal, so long as the attractive female, Human Immortal, the sex does not limit. If can through the inspection, then be able for a long time in Heaven territory, the pass and transmission expense and food and lodging entire package.” Who is this? unexpectedly needs that many goons, looks like condition is good, can not need Immortal Crystal to mix in Heaven territory that's alright, perhaps can also transmit with this fellow leaves Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace.” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart. You can use 72 Transformations, turns into an attractive female, is very relaxed can through the inspection.” Long Xueyi giggle said with a smile. Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly: I the invariable woman, think to think disgusting.” Su Meiyao was teasing at the same time, happily said with a smile: I also very much want to take a look at this little rascal to turn into the appearance that the woman deceives the man, thinks to think very interesting.” Shen Xiang is despising them secretly, then takes down that address, goes out of this wooden tower, goes to ask the situation, having a look at oneself to be able through the inspection. After going to that place, Shen Xiang was led into a small hall, he feels here somewhat accidentally, how because to see that likely is not the place that a big master lives, according to that paper above request, the person of this move of goon should be male is right. You were today's 50 th, before nobody can listen to the verification, moreover this was also last day, diligently young people.” Said a guy who Shen Xiang takes to bring. How many goons then altogether has incurred?” Shen Xiang inquired.

So far, only then two, if you passed, is third.” The guy said that left the hall. Shen Xiang waited for the moment, fragrant wind suddenly, Shen Xiang looks immediately to out of the door, between a female of wear pale-green long skirt walks on the ground slowly, this female is noble, the graceful bearing is varied, performs to reveal the makings of peerless grace and talent. Shen Xiang looked to stay, not because of this female beautiful appearance , because this person was he knows. Yao Shumei! In the past Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Dean! In the past Shen Xiang had threatened, must receive to make female slave her daughter, but this Yao Shumei and her daughter, were very good with Liu Meng'er their relationship. This to the mother and daughter flower here? This to the outstandingly beautiful mother and daughter flower, thinks that makes the stream of people saliva, giggle......” Long Xueyi smile ambiguous. Initially in Sacred Dan World, some people went to Heaven World from Sacred Dan World, this Yao Shumei and her daughter Mu Jialan is one of them, they gave up in the Emperor Heaven Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's honored status, chose Heaven World, but this choice should be correct, because of present Yao Shumei, the strength is very good, is the Immortal late stage strength. My inspection is very simple, first is I gets rid to attack your three moves, you can 11 evade, proved one in critical have the ability of escape, is you attacks my three moves, making me have a look at your strength whether can make me satisfy!” On the Yao Shumei face reappears the light charming smiling face, but actually does not lose that noble solemn makings. The Shen Xiang's strength in meditation is good, although this Yao Shumei had to charm the strength compared with before, but he had already received the exercise in this aspect, with she similarly beautiful female, he also had to see, but his first female slave Hua Xiangyue also had intimate relationship with him, at this moment he remained unmoved, he knows that this Yao Shumei revealed seductive appearance that bewitched intentionally, was to his one test. Shen Xiang also by light smile response, he now turns into a look ordinary youth, said neither arrogant nor servile: Then asked the miss to get rid!”

In Yao Shumei heart dark startled, she has looked at the Shen Xiang's eye a moment ago, she thought that she should display peak her attraction a moment ago, in Peach Blossom Immortal Country, the strength she is stronger than some male Immortal Monarch, sometimes the understanding lives the evil thought that reveals in the look. But the present youth, does not have the mighty waves, and has one to ponder and happy expression of ridicule, probably was saying: On your such goods, has removed completely uselessly.” Yao Shumei is only the innermost feelings is surprised, but on face actually reappears very gentle smiling face, this gentle smiling face to the feeling that the person brings, seems in cold Land of Ice and Snow, suddenly blows warm gentle breeze, blows makes the favour confuse intent to be chaotic. At this time, Yao Shumei that supple, if the characterless filament holds suddenly to hit, is similar to a flash suddenly stroke. Early had preparation Shen Xiang hastily to be sideways to avoid, has evaded this palm, the wonderful delicate fragrance on his flagrant took a deep breath that Yao Shumei releasing, said with a smile: Continue!” Yao Shumei is a powerful woman, otherwise she could not make Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's Dean, she felt that she was being sexually harassed by a man, in the heart the dark anger, the lotus foot light point ground, the personal appearance was similar to the ghosts and demons, suddenly arrived at Shen Xiang's behind, the jade palm blade, divided to the Shen Xiang's stamina. Must hit Shen Xiang shortly, what lets the Yao Shumei short of breath is, Shen Xiang unexpectedly formerly flew to leap up in that most essential moment, making her palm blade fail. Snort!” After the Yao Shumei palm blade fails, immediately stretches out the slender beautiful leg, kicks to Shen Xiang. The Shen Xiang's fight experience is rich, to Yao Shumei this time is the understanding is at heart more incomparable, all basically during his grasps, he avoids the Yao Shumei palm blade, knows that she can leave the foot, but after he avoids, hastily has turned around.

At this time Yao Shumei just lifted that slender leg high, although in her also wore the trousers, but faced a man like this, making her face blush immediately. Sees the smiling face on the Shen Xiang face pondering, in the Yao Shumei heart to criticize, she thought that at present this person is intentionally this, wants to look at her lose face. „The first pass/test inspection passed, but your second pass/test inspection not through the words, you cannot become my goon.” The Yao Shumei complexion restores to come, said in a soft voice. Shen Xiang nodded. „Are you really only Human Immortal early stage cultivation base?” Yao Shumei suddenly asked that aura that at present this person lends, truly was Human Immortal without doubt. Naturally!” Shen Xiang said truthfully that his True Qi truly is this rank, even if releases not to matter, however his fleshly body is very strong, both unify more terrifying. You get rid! You can use True Qi to move body, however gets rid cannot use True Qi.” Yao Shumei urged: If you threaten me, I will counter-attack!” Shen Xiang just wants to get rid, three person's shadow suddenly dodge, is female two male, what female is one looks like the graceful gentle beautiful female, has several points of similar to Yao Shumei, wears the pink women's clothing, the whole body sends out the spirit rhyme to leave the dust the aura, this female Yao Shumei daughter, Mu Jialan!