World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1284

This to mother and daughter together, Shen Xiang has not felt surprised, is he curious Yao Shumei to ask the goon to do? With that two men who Mu Jialan comes, Shen Xiang guessed that they should just incur another two goons who arrives, but looks at their wear with the makings, is not lacks Immortal Crystal likely, but is this live person. These two male, are Immortal late stage, that Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven is the Immortal middle stage strength, this to mother and daughter perhaps is not that two male match.” Long Xueyi said that she can see others' concrete strength fast. True Qi of that two male within the body, is very pure, is not wild loose cultivator, should stems from the famous family.” Su Meiyao said. Person who mother, this just accepted a job offer? Is the strength what kind of?” Mu Jialan is having gentle delightful smiling face, she is sizing up Shen Xiang, no matter the opposite party is what kind of person, so long as is not her personal enemy, she can very polite treatment. Not like that with two men who she comes, board dirty look of being insufferably arrogant. He crosses my first round inspection, the present to second round!” The Yao Shumei words make Mu Jialan slightly surprised, but that two men are surprised, they have not thought at present this person, although of undistinguished appearance, but has this strength. Mu Jialan eyes shines, says with a smile: Mother, these two Immortal Country Earth Level bodyguards, cannot your first round, not think that his unexpectedly, is not overweight his True Qi, his cultivation base is not probably high!” That black clothing man refuses to accept, immediately said: That is only we have not displayed the true strength.” Before woman disgraced, is matter that these two male chauvinists are unable to accept, what although Mu Jialan said is the truth.

Another black clothed man also hurriedly said: Or let this you and we competes with knows.” In the Shen Xiang heart laughs in one's heart, he wants to teach but actually these two fellows, when he prepares to agree, Yao Shumei said: I then this round inspected to say again, if he were intransitable, then resulted.” Yao Shumei is because had been sexually harassed by Shen Xiang a moment ago secretly, somewhat is not feeling well at heart, wants to ask. „The second round inspection? Gets rid to mother, so long as can bump into your three times continuously, passes?” Mu Jialan glances flowing, looked at that two Immortal Country bodyguards, said in a soft voice: Mother, this is very difficult, for serveral days, all people were continually initial one round unable to pass, let alone is the second round?” Mu Jialan, was really pestered by these two Immortal Country bodyguards for these days too bothersomely, takes advantage of this attack now they, because of them is unable through the inspection of Yao Shumei, but uses their backgrounds to be able with them to come. That two male complexions slightly change, but has not said anything, but Shen Xiang can actually see in their look to flash through wipes the ruthless color, this is to Mu Jialan. Mu Jialan has also discovered that but on her face is also having the smiling face, obviously hopes very much these two male dislikes her. Yao Shumei sees own daughter to intend to become enemies with these two men, knit the brows slightly: „Can't your young people, be free from worry to me?” If not for looks in my father's face, I have not wanted to come really!” That black clothed coldly said, he also planned to pursue Mu Jialan before, but has not thought that Mu Jialan so scolded him, let in his heart the anger. Is, do not think that was in power in Emperor Heaven, arrives at Heaven World to be able show off one's military strength, here you were also mediocre, do not think also likely in Emperor Heaven such.” Other black clothing man also coldly said.

Yao Shumei has gotten angry, shouted to clear the way: You do not want with, now to go back, without you, my Yao Shumei same can manage to accomplish! Before I did not want you to come, the you my first round inspection did not have, if not for your fathers filled you to me actually, I being disinclined made you with coming.” Shen Xiang is seeing a play at the same time, makes him see Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan in the situation in present this Peach Blossom heaven, can say general, on the one hand is merit that because they establish when Emperor Heaven, therefore gave them to be convenient, because simultaneously they were the beautiful appearance females, the strength was also good, therefore the pursuer were many. However from the words of that two man, this to the beautiful mother and daughter flower, in the Peach Blossom heaven is the vase, because of this, makes Yao Shumei be angry. That two men had anger to walk, Mu Jialan saw Yao Shumei that to blame her look, spits the tongue, said with a smile lightly: Mother, does not want life Qi/angry, these two fellow uses do not have, to come here , not only has not managed the proper business, all day makes merry, but also is bringing one group of their pack of scoundrels, always pulls me.” Yao Shumei was saying to Shen Xiang: Made you be laughed, carried on the inspection of next round, if you can pass, the later reward was certainly rich, the reward of that two fellow can you, you currently speaking, the strength that showed a moment ago compared with that two fellows.” Goon has sufficed, mother so is also fierce, cans do the job of two, what fears?” Mu Jialan Yanran said with a smile. „The madame please prepare, I must get rid.” Shen Xiang said. Out Mu Jialan falls back on, is flashing beautiful eyes, carefully looks that she must conscientiously study to be the same evidently probably. You get rid to attack my three moves, so long as these three moves can bump into me, including clothes, even if passes, I only move aside, does not counterattack does not resist.” Yao Shumei and Shen Xiang stood the 1st Stage distance, has given a hand signal, hinting Shen Xiang can get rid.

Looks at the palm!” The Shen Xiang under foot treads, the person's shadow in a flash, disappears suddenly, he has not used the space to shuttle back and forth, purely is the step, is he carries on the improvement through Earth Shrinking Step, will not be looked, but in the Mu Jialan eye, that step actually strange incomparable, probably a person is riding the lightning, dodges. Getting rid time, Shen Xiang also reminded Yao Shumei, but Yao Shumei sees Shen Xiang this strange and incomparable quick movement technique, is in great surprise, does not allow her to think that Shen Xiang arrived at behind her, is patting to her palm. Yao Shumei movement technique is also good, Shen Xiang had experienced a moment ago, but actually during he grasps, Yao Shumei moves aside, he as if knows that Yao Shumei regard such, hastily appears after Yao Shumei fends the place that stops over, appears in the Yao Shumei body side, the palm has also patted, happen to from one side pushes to this beautiful woman very arrogant peaks and ridges. „” Yao Shumei shouted one tenderly, felt a moment ago in her oneself that does not know multi- youngster not by the man has bumped the twin peaks, had been rubbed a moment ago superficially.