World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1285
Shen Xiang felt that he bumps into the serious thing, hastily retreat, explained: I am not intentionally!” The Yao Shumei whole face blushes, in the beforehand inspection, she slightly has eaten Shen Xiang's to owe, but has not thought that this time actually suffered a loss. The Mu Jialan whole face is stunned, does not know that should say anything, because Shen Xiang a moment ago truly was not intentionally. That is intends certainly!” In the Yao Shumei heart coldly snorted, she thinks very much direct and at present this person of starting, she of being exemplary in remaining faithful to one's husband until death, most could not accept this. Naturally, she sees Shen Xiang is also the whole face blushes, cannot launch an attack to others, after all this person of strength truly is at present good, if not the flavor of a little young hoodlum, was in her eyes the perfect candidate. Continue!” The Yao Shumei complexion returns to normal, said solemnly. Shen Xiang this time was more careful, the step is not strange, but the speed is faster, but he does not dare to attack with the hand again, but sweeps with the foot to the Yao Shumei knee following place. Yao Shumei also very has scruples Shen Xiang now, is worried to be flirted by Shen Xiang again, therefore to above against stubbornly, but has not thought that Shen Xiang this time actually only hits below, when she fends, by the Shen Xiang's foot gently has slid the long skirt, this has also bumped into her. Third attack, Shen Xiang the goal of Yao Shumei knee following localization attack, Yao Shumei also had still realized, when Shen Xiang moves sideways, she looked from the Shen Xiang's look. Only attacks knee, this is to prevent to bump into once more should not the bumping place have awkward and misunderstanding, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan sees this, therefore commended to the Shen Xiang's moral behavior immediately secretly, simultaneously attacks a little place, the difficulty is also bigger. Yao Shumei moves aside with every effort, but actually does not ravel, why the Shen Xiang's foot swept her calf, Shen Xiang left a move of speed and movement technique was higher than her.

You passed!” Although Yao Shumei said that but in heart a little refuses to accept, the effort everyone has, moreover she now is been lower than small children to be defeated her by cultivation base. In Yao Shumei at heart, she thinks she adds on the beforehand three times, now is the successive defeats six times! You can enter Heaven territory with us, as for matter that must handle, waits to enter Heaven territory to know.” Yao Shumei said: As for danger(ous), that has certainly, if you want to withdraw now.” Shen Xiang thinks that asked: If you have completed at the Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace matter, can lead me to transmit to other Immortal Palace? I do not think stay here.” Ok, perhaps these days you must follow us everywhere, needs to transmit to other Immortal Palace.” Yao Shumei knows that this Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace in the Heaven World quite far away place, other distance Immortal Palace are very far, the transmission expense is very high. Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan lead Shen Xiang to move toward the Heaven territory front door, helped Shen Xiang handle a pass in front door there, but they already had, Shen Xiang does not know why they can that many Immortal Crystal spend freely. Finally entered Heaven territory, in this regardless of, on the one hand, be more luxurious than outside obtains, the street spreads with a very attractive jade brick, above is also carving some chart marks. Two two sides shops say nothing, outside has decorated splendid, but inside is luxurious incomparable, naturally, here any thing is expensive. Is Dan King, is very difficult to mix in this place, is burning Immortal Crystal in this radically.” Shen Xiang follows in Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan behind, looking around, a ground beetle type of face. In this inside person, majority are the strength and financial resource is very strong, can look from the wear that Long Xueyi had pointed out clothes that some people wear with any beast skin, any immortal silk makes.

Mu Jialan and Yao Shumei are also the quite outstanding beautiful women, moreover this time is two people walks together, seems like pair of two beautiful sisters, in addition they behind with one with the ground beetle that this Heaven territory is incompatible, this made their these three people capture many attention all the way. The place that Yao Shumei they live is very good, is a lonesome and quiet garden small dwelling. This room not convenient?” Shen Xiang comes, sees garden that five colors riotous fragrant flowers, sees that refined small house, immediately praised. Thousand Immortal Crystal days, are too not expensive, but here also only then two room, before were I and Lan'er one, now makes one give you, I and Lan'er lived together.” Yao Shumei said that she had inquired the Shen Xiang's name on the road, but other had not asked. Shen Xiang told her a fictitious name, Yang Yue. At this time they sit in the courtyard, Yao Shumei said that must here and the others. Madame, you come up from Emperor Heaven transcend? You should be very famous in Emperor Heaven, does not know that I do have to listen? I also just transcend came up.” Shen Xiang asked intentionally. Oh? I called Yao Shumei, was......” knows that Shen Xiang was also transcend comes up, Yao Shumei was somewhat surprised. Peach Blossom Sacred Realm's! actually is Madame Peach Blossom, has heard so much about you, this should be Peach Blossom Daughter of Heaven, has not thought that can be your mother and daughter two, I early should think.” Shen Xiang reveals the color of respect intentionally. Little Yang, then you should hear Shen Xiang! He now how? transcend? However returns to the original topic, your luck is not the general difference, unexpectedly has not appeared in the Immortal Palace welcoming immortal palace.” Mu Jialan somewhat excitedly asked that moreover the whole face anticipated that Shen Xiang answered her issue. Shen Xiang shot a look at Yao Shumei one, he discovered that Yao Shumei as if also very much wants to know has about his matter, he has not thought that this such cares about his matter to mother and daughter unexpectedly.

Oh? are you one of his wife? Such cares about him?” Shen Xiang said intentionally that he can certainly reply Mu Jialan issue, he is Shen Xiang. Mu Jialan spits the tongue, is holding the fragrant cheek, said: Not! However I and his woman relationship is good, has been together a period of time, was the good friend.” Shen Xiang also asked: Then you do worship him very much?” Mu Jialan nods to say immediately: That naturally, can expel Fire God Palace heavy Emperor Heaven, has occupied two Dragon Vein, but before also dares does right with many Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm, does not fear Primal Chaos Mountain in Sacred Dan World......” Mu Jialan has displayed one pile of Shen Xiang's great achievements, some Shen Xiang did not have the impression, he thought that certainly some people were making out of whole cloth him. However Shen Xiang corrected some mistakes, he said: He had Dragon Vein, Chenwu Mainland that by a very big mountain that suddenly presented suppressing, Chenwu Mainland's entire Devil Province therefore destruction.” Oh? that his transcend?” Yao Shumei asked. Does not have his news dozens years ago, should early transcend.” Shen Xiang does not think now on the exposed status, in this Heaven territory, stresses one fellow who he is stronger than in a big way, if were not careful that was heard by others, the disturbance that starts certainly be bigger than time that Grasping Soul Devil Curse.