World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1288

Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan followed, Shen Xiang walks in the rear, he thought that at present these three women, unexpectedly want to swallow that not awfully in private to Jade Rabbit, this ironclad by three Immortal Palace suspicions, when the time comes cannot be inseparable from absolutely. Arrives at the Yue Xuelian room, places a very big jade plate on a jade table, Shen Xiang is encircling with these three females in that table, saw only in the jade plate to present some images, can see four snow white like the jade, the whole body to release the snow white cloud light rabbit, is scurrying about in a stone chamber, but also two old women in the stone chamber sat in closed eyes maintains mental tranquility. unexpectedly has four Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit!” In the Shen Xiang heart is startled darkly. These two old fellow are Immortal Monarch, I and Shumei can idea open them!” Yue Xuelian said directly that then she moved the jade plate gently, the picture skips arrives at outside the stone chamber, that is a yard, has more than ten beautiful charming females there, wears very thin clothing, several near **, but Shen Xiang actually remains unmoved. This outside female is responsible for by Lan'er, finally is this passage of stone chamber!” Yue Xuelian moved jade plate, but above is jet black a piece, afterward light reappears a image, that is a whole body ** the female, the stature is abundant, the skin like the jade, can see these to let the wonderful thing that the person blood inflates clearly. In this passage is this woman is responsible, so long as you cope with her, again with this jade Fang Zhenmen who opens raises the rabbit, goes in loads this Immortal Beast bag that four Jade Rabbit.” Yue Xuelian has given some Shen Xiang things, she is getting more and more satisfied to Shen Xiang at this time, because Shen Xiang sees these charming charming female, as well as that fills to charm the strength the luster of the skin, remains unmoved, in addition hears these matters that she said that is also maintaining calm. „Did I come out?” Shen Xiang asked. Converges with us, here has the disposable Teleportation Formation plate, can make us be far away from Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace.” Yue Xuelian said: We planned to cross again 1-2 moon/month fight, but the situation does not permit now, we as soon as possible, you must momentarily maintain the condition!” Shen Xiang touches the nose, asked: Why this matter does not look for a woman, the woman quite convenience.”

Yue Xuelian said: Cannot, the person who because opens jade Fang Zhenmen must be the man is good, although I am Divine Blade Palace Master Immortal Monarch, but he still has very big vigilance to me, intentionally such arranges, I cannot open that door directly, but he has given my this thing.” Shen Xiang frowned, said: Said that he is testing you intentionally, because of except for you with that two Ms. Immortal Monarch, nobody can open a door.” The Yue Xuelian nod said: Right, after obtaining Jade Rabbit, we will recede Gao Fei, but they should go to Snow Moon Immortal Palace to report on accomplishments.” Cannot person, although I do not know that this is any rabbit, but is very certainly fierce.” Shen Xiang said. Cannot, this Jade Rabbit blood man use only the meeting...... Turns into the woman, actually many people do not know that Cold Moon Immortal Palace and Snow Moon Immortal Palace Palace Master is the man changes, in these two Immortal Palace is the female are many . Moreover the strength is very strong, that is because majority are the man turns.” The Yue Xuelian words made Shen Xiang be shocked. Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou do not know that this regarding them was really too shocking. Shen Xiang must record sincerely, later does not bump Snow Moon Immortal Palace and Cold Moon Immortal Palace woman, looked that do not look, now he knows why this Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit will sell out, the actually man is unusable, only if did not mind one turn into the female. But I want one.” Shen Xiang said that he is unusable, but his woman can use. „Can you come to do? If this thing sells, will only bring in the fatal disaster, very danger(ous), will induce by Snow Moon Immortal Palace and Cold Moon Immortal Palace. Also, if Jade Rabbit long-term and man contacts, meets to vanish, therefore the snow moon/month and Cold Moon Immortal Palace every other a period of time cannot preserve, although they turned into the woman......” What Yue Xuelian said is the truth, she thought that will only waste to Shen Xiang. You give me that's it, I want.” Shen Xiang said that issue that Yue Xuelian said is not the issue.

Mu Jialan looks at Shen Xiang strangely, suddenly pū chī smiles: „Do you want to turn into the woman? Right, you have strong restraint strength to woman probably,......” Heard a Mu Jialan such saying, Yue Xuelian and Yao Shumei cannot help but has smiled. „It is not, I give my woman to use! In brief, gives me that's it.” Shen Xiang said. Good, if you can complete the matter, gives you one also to might as well.” Although Yue Xuelian looks like icy, but contacted a period of time after her, felt that she is very amiable. Hears to have the opportunity to obtain Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit, in the Hidden Jade Ring three females are excited, especially Long Xueyi, she said when the time comes will help Shen Xiang fully. The Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit blood can make them have strong fleshly body, the need like Shen Xiang does not carry on the trainings of various suffering, therefore they anticipated. Madame Yao, why will you be coerced? Didn't go back to report on accomplishments, takes Jade Rabbit not to run away that's alright with Xuelian Demon Monarch?” Shen Xiang asked. Went well said again!” Yao Shumei sighed lightly that mentioned this matter, made her mood very not good. Rests, momentarily maintains the best condition.” Yue Xuelian said. Shen Xiang also stays in this mountain village, lives in this White Jade pavilion, he discovered that here in White Jade pavilion also several Immortal here, is late stage cultivation base. Dawn, Shen Xiang with Yue Xuelian, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan also side her, but cannot today fight, because Yue Xuelian sees his time, shook the head to him.

In the hall, Shen Xiang sits is eating some desserts and fruit juice here, these sell very much expensive thing outside, in eating, he was suitable quietly has given in the Hidden Jade Ring three females, because these were in Heaven World the quite delicious thing, although and actual function, but was very tasty. Xuelian Immortal Monarch, this is long-horned beetle Palace Master gives your invitation.” A man gives Yue Xuelian the invitation. After Yue Xuelian looks, said: I will go.” Shen Xiang discovered that Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan, are very good with this Yue Xuelian relationship, does not know how they develop such relationship, can conspire this danger(ous) matter. Xuelian, inviting you to do in the past?” Yao Shumei asked. Participated to observe pill meeting, Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace came several Dan Immortal.” Yue Xuelian said. Such a saying, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan understood, but Shen Xiang is not clear, asked: What observes pill meeting? What relationship this and does Dan Immortal have?”