World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1289
Mu Jialan explained: Is this Dan Immortal can refine some pill on the spot, shows own alchemy level, then each influence bids, fights for these Dan Immortal to come own influence to assume personal command, is equal to inviting these Dan Immortal.” Shen Xiang is suddenly enlighted, says with a smile: I also think that looked Dan Immortal plays the monkey to play.” Mu Jialan said with a smile lightly: „The Dan Immortal status is very high, although many big influences have Dan Immortal, but these Dan Immortal are arrogant, moreover most of the time when handling own matter, therefore on hand some Immortal Medicine, but these Dan Immortal actually happen to have no free time, or has been missing temporarily, can only invite other Dan Immortal top temporarily.” Yue Xuelian said: „If very large-scale Immortal Country, inside Dan Immortal is also different, these Dan Immortal will be more honest, because of Immortal Country, needs massive high level pill to support, usually these Dan Immortal must look after Immortal Medicine.” When the time comes we together have a look, perhaps also will meet these Dan Immortal live auction pills.” The time in afternoon, Shen Xiang somewhat anticipated, because when the time comes will gather cow Heaven territory of this day has the status fellow, expert are definitely many, will come including Palace Master. The place in the long-horned beetle immortal palace, in Heaven territory in that grand palace, Shen Xiang and Yue Xuelian they three beautiful females travels by a car(riage) to go, landing time, many people see him to be able with these three female together, is the whole face envy, although he is a personal servant. In the palace, Shen Xiang has gotten down carriage, follows in Yue Xuelian they behind, simultaneously to look at the strengths of all around some people, is very strong, Immortal Monarch has more than ten, Human Immortal late stage most. The Human Immortal late stage strength, Heaven World was very good, because after Nirvana became an immortal, every time promoted Realm is very difficult, therefore Heaven World's person, although were many, however Immortal Monarch quantity actually still few, the quantity of Human Immortal rank were many, but was middle stage early stage this. Saw the acquaintance!” Shen Xiang whispered.

Really unlucky!” Mu Jialan lightly snorted, acquaintance who because Shen Xiang said that before is, that two youth, any Peach Blossom Immortal Country bodyguard. Let the Shen Xiang accident is not only these two acquaintances, he is more familiar, Monarch Qiong beautiful jade! Is this old lady, how can she here?” Shen Xiang sees the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade to be similar to many things around a center is ordinary, side with a troop person, Immortal Monarch has several, ostentation very big. Walks on the road, no one dares to keep off in their front, knows that following has such a character to arrive, front these people arrive at the two sides, resigns a road, but they behind do not dare with the person, until gazing after this line of since that day Ox Xiandian, the people dare to step that road. Fire God Palace is this, but such, can't this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade same clamp the tail to run in Emperor Heaven? Does not think really clearly, they have three Immortal King, Immortal Monarch are also many, in that overall strength that faint world, unexpectedly died Immortal King, but also such as the stray cur runs generally.” Yue Xuelian said low voice. In Shen Xiang heart secret haughty, because this and he has big relationship, Immortal King that died was killed by him. This is they too arrogant reason, is not only they, these Celestial Immortal countries and Sacred Realm heaven, eat below owe oversized, if there is Celestial Emperor day adolescence to get up, there person is very definitely intrepid.” Yao Shumei said that she is heavy there comes up, is clearest. The Yue Xuelian nod said: I know that is because called Shen Xiang's little rascal was right, this person has Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, that was Divine Blade Immortal Palace Old Ancestor Divine Craftsman builds, Divine Blade Immortal Palace has been finding the way to find this person, recaptured Divine Blade.” Has a dream!” In the Shen Xiang heart sneers, if annoys the wool he, he takes Divine Craftsman's Hammer to go that Divine Blade Immortal Palace to move.

Entered the long-horned beetle immortal palace, in this is spacious, the middle has a giant courtyard, steps onto on the floor, can stand under corridor overlook, but on this day the mine shaft surface spacious place, when the time comes is these Dan Immortal shows the place of alchemy level. Yue Xuelian brings Shen Xiang they to go to three high places, but here majority are some Immortal Monarch, but they have not greeted with Yue Xuelian, obviously Yue Xuelian that ice-cold semblance, making many people not dare to come up to greet. This is also good, has been short of many matters. Shen Xiang lies in the railing, looks below that several turreted pill furnace, the quality is extremely good, is top grade immortal tool, after is the Dan Immortal use. „The Suppressing Devil Temple's person came, is the Grasping Soul Devil Curse attraction so big?” A person shouted lowly. Shen Xiang looks immediately to the entrance place, what sees is only one crowd wears the person of golden clothes, body glittering pure and holy golden light, is coming, that imposing manner be fiercer than formerly Fire God Palace, although the person are not many. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade near the railings of two buildings, seeing the Suppressing Devil Temple's person to arrive, the complexion becomes unattractive, because she is a fiendish person, very repugnant Suppressing Devil Temple that type restrains her strength specially. Suppressing Devil Temple is also very strong in Heaven World, has the rank, although internal many years are striving for the power, but the overall strength has not been weaken, some people said that if Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal can return, Suppressing Devil Temple can definitely become the strongest influence. Naturally, Shen Xiang not silly dull takes Suppressing Devil Sacred Seal to go to Suppressing Devil Temple to bellow to yell that competes for the position of Palace Master, that is courts death radically.

Yue Xuelian feels the aura of Suppressing Devil Temple that group of people, the willow eyebrows is wrinkling gently, she is the monster, dislikes this type of aura. Does not know that restrains, now Heaven World Demon, Devil and Human is the coexistence.” Yue Xuelian lightly snorted and said. Waited for a period of time, the person almost to come neat, this time was Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace Palace Master is going on stage, entered the immortal palaces with that several Dan Immortal. In the Shen Xiang's imagination, cow Palace Master should be similar to the cow on this day, but has not actually thought that is one looks like the pretty youth of release scholarly, but this is Immortal King of genuine goods at reasonable prices, can govern so huge Immortal Palace, assigns the strict rule, but was not destroyed, this is not easy. To be honest, Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace was very long so was not lively, reason that now so will be lively, gathers that many people, because of a devil art reason, therefore we also seized the opportunity to invite some Dan Immortal at this time, enabling the friends who the plan long kept here to have a better convenience.” On the long-horned beetle Palace Master face has smile, the sound to say gently. Grasping Soul Devil Curse really has very big charm, although in gentleman of mouths many justice gives scolding this devil art, but actually very much wants to obtain, because of the strength very strong words, using Grasping Soul Devil Curse can search others' memory, possesses of others' memory, becomes own part, this is only fierce place.