World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1290

These expert here, majority had determined that Grasping Soul Devil Curse has appeared, because they saw that to be used by Shen Xiang have dispersed Heavenly Dog of soul incantation, that dog also here, frequently some people will examine now. Although does not have what clue now, but many expert will continue to seek here, looks for this cultivation technique person, majority are worried to waste the time, in the past Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou's Master, to seek for some fierce cultivation technique, looks a tens of thousands of year is not the extraordinary matter. However Shen Xiang also suspected that perhaps this group of people also come for that Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit, can practice the Heavenly Saint Body thing, the attraction absolutely not compared with that Grasping Soul Devil Curse difference. These Dan Immortal, are famous, I 11 introduced that now and look at them to compete with the alchemy level.” Long-horned beetle Palace Master said that then stands one side, lets that five Dan Immortal big show skills. Shen Xiang does not know these Dan Immortal, Su Meiyao did not know that should be the promising youth, Shen Xiang can determine through fire Qi that on them overflows, these Dan Immortal have Fire Spirit. However he thought that Su Meiyao is fiercer, because Su Meiyao does not have Fire Spirit, so is also fierce in the alchemy aspect, can explain her achievement very high in Pill Dao aspect, if she had Fire Spirit, that is fiercer! Then, five pill will compete the refinement to prolong life pill!” Long-horned beetle Palace Master said that this makes the person who comes to watch discuss immediately in a low voice. This prolongs life pill is Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, eats up one grain, at least can prolong life for two years, can have dozens high year after year, concrete must look to eat up the pills person is any cultivation base. The words that however eats continuously do not have what function.” Su Meiyao said. pill who in Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan quite many people buy, Shen Xiang also planned, makes some herbs to practice to look. How does this prolong life pill to sell?” Shen Xiang inquired Yue Xuelian. Ten thousand Immortal Crystal grains, are higher than many Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan.” Yue Xuelian said: Refinement difficulty is not big, is mainly herbs is hard to train, has the function of long life, will therefore sell this price, many people are go all out to earn Immortal Crystal, purchases this pill to prolong life, very sells.”

Shen Xiang nodded, asked: These are Dan Immortal very famous?” Yao Shumei replied: Naturally has, this is two Dan Immortal, can refine two Immortal Dan, generally also only then this Dan Immortal can a little fame.” Immortal Dan arrives at 9th level, Dan Immortal is also so, Shen Xiang in Du Hai of Sacred Dan World understanding, is three Dan Immortal, is very good. Dan Immortal competes with alchemy, does not refine Immortal Dan, because of that need quite long time, moreover extraordinary quality herbs is very rare, in this environment refinement, very easy emergency, gain does not equal the loss, therefore has to make Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan compared with trial. Even if refines Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan, that also requires some time, what Shen Xiang sees them to use is Refining Simulation Technique, he knows that at least must wait on for day. Like this observes pill, was too senseless, how was inferior to under us a gambling stake?” What this speech is an old man, in second layer, does not have in this old man person, other places are actually filled with the person, obviously nobody dares to approach this old man, should be the background is not small. Bai Mei Poison Monarch, this fellow always likes to pick a quarrel.” Yue Xuelian lightly snorted. This old man seems like only on the face a little wrinkle . Moreover the camel the back, however his hair is being the black, but the eyebrow is snow white, moreover is very long, hangs to hang, appearance that at this time his smiles, looks like the human and animals is harmless, but is actually one with the poisonous master, no wonder nobody dares to approach him. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade said: I fear you unable to repay, I bet my Fire God Palace's Rui Lao to win, if I have won, the people who the ginseng bets must to me million Immortal Crystal, if loses, I give you million Immortal Crystal!” That Bai Mei Poison Monarch does not fear Monarch Qiong beautiful jade fiendish person obviously, happily said with a smile: Million Immortal Crystal? This were also too few!”

Fire God Palace's Rui Lao was old man of wear fiery red Chinese-style gown, Shen Xiang one recognizes, some alchemic furnace two were high, seem like a fiery red buttress tower, moreover fire Qi that on him released, supple belt just, to person a very strong feeling. At this time many people participate, thinks that Rui Lao will not obtain first, although the Fire God Palace present pills industry is in Heaven World quite strong existence, but the present is that Rui Lao and four Dan Immortal competes, the opportunity of winning is not very big. This Fire God Palace also is really self-confident, now had more than 60 to participate personally, if loses, that must lose six surely Immortal Crystal.” Yao Shumei said that although her on hand also a little Immortal Crystal, but contrasts with this, missed far. Shen Xiang sees the meaning that Yue Xuelian and Yao Shumei have not joined, then knows that they are discrete, moreover is not interested in these. Long Xueyi shouted: You hurry to shout that you also participate, that Rui Lao pill furnace too broken, I can go to disturb.” Shen Xiang said: „Are you confident? What to do if were discovered? What to do failed? I may not have million Immortal Crystal on hand!” Long Xueyi tenderly snorted and said: Your fool, can't you bet one? If when the time comes does not have million Immortal Crystal, borrows from the two women of your side, you later must help the matter that they handle, to the income that they bring may more than one million Immortal Crystal, moreover must go all out, but must be chased down.” Shen Xiang also immediately shouted, said wants the ginseng gambling, he was stared one by that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade immediately, if not see him to appear in this place, other people definitely think that he cannot repay. Long Xueyi happily said with a smile: Waits to receive Immortal Crystal!” Yao Shumei and Yue Xuelian are somewhat accidental, they have not thought that this fellow unexpectedly is so extravagant, dares such to play, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan know that what fellow this Little Yang is, appearance that before outside Heaven territory, went down in the world very much, moreover just transcend came up, unexpectedly can have million Immortal Crystal.

Your actually is so rich!” Mu Jialan white his eyes. My present wool does not have, but that fellow will certainly lose.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. You, if lost, cannot repay, waits for Fire God Palace to butcher you.” Mu Jialan said ill-humoredly. Shen Xiang Hehe says with a smile: You do not look I was butchered right, not on million Immortal Crystal? You affirm!” Yao Shumei looked at his one eyes slantingly: Little Yang, has not thought that you such like to gamble, this is not the good matter.” Shen Xiang must bet, majority have in the situation that very big assurance wins, for example now, Long Xueyi in secret gets rid. I arrived at god law boundless Realm now, I can modify quietly in a that broken pill furnace mark, making inside time change, such one, will congeal pill compared with other person of slow, when the time comes will not be looked.” Long Xueyi said with a smile deceitfully.