World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1291

Is so fierce? Then, I and others bet pill, did I win?” Shen Xiang said excitedly. Naturally is not, was mainly this pill furnace too broken, can make others' Divine Sense go in easily, moreover inside these ancient marks happen to were I are also familiar, if were your Flame Dragon Brilliant Furnace, my fight foot, will certainly be discovered.” The Long Xueyi's words made Shen Xiang win to spread around the world the dreadful idea to be disillusioned. Person who dares to chip in a moment ago, majority is a little strength a little status, but Shen Xiang this small small shrimp also joined in the fun, clarifying wants to gain the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade Immortal Crystal, therefore the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade stared his one eyes a moment ago. Shen Xiang did not fear that his previous time has won the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, therefore he did not fear that wins again the second time, now he is waiting for the result patiently. These five Dan Immortal alchemy levels are very good, can refine Immortal Dan Dan Immortal, Shen Xiang thought that is Li Baojun perhaps is a little away from them, but after Li Baojun, words that adolescence gets up, is not definitely bad. In the past the most of the day, some people opened pill furnace finally, took out two grains of Immortal Dan from pill furnace, but this Dan Immortal was the victor of this competition, because took out one after another prolongs life pill's Dan Immortal, although was two grains, but the speed was slower. That Rui Lao complexion is somewhat ugly, because of this alchemy, his unexpectedly slow these many, he refines excessively prolongs life pill much, he regarding his control hardware well, he is very very difficult to believe that can be such result, he does not know that this is any reason, because of this time as usual, displays very well. Fire God Palace unexpectedly lost, said that the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade must lose 6000 ten thousand Immortal Crystal, in the people heart to rejoice in other people's misfortune, some people are in the heart ridicule this Monarch Qiong beautiful jade are an unlucky star, before she at the Emperor Heaven matter, many expert heard, that called an ugliness. Yue Xuelian sees Shen Xiang to smile, in the heart acclaimed his luck to be good, she said: I accompany you to receive Immortal Crystal.” Although Yue Xuelian is only Demon Monarch, but she is a Divine Blade Palace Master efficient subordinate, therefore the status is very high, at this time she walks on the road, many people made way in very far place a road.

Gave regards to Divine Blade Old Man for me!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade has given Yue Xuelian storage pouch, said such one. Um.” Yue Xuelian should say that then brings Shen Xiang to step onto third layer, a moment ago past time, Shen Xiang is also the secret heart startled, because the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade investigates his strength with that formidable Divine Sense carefully, he goes into hiding luckily very well, otherwise was recognized, he is very difficult to escape from this Immortal Palace. The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade in second layer, Yue Xuelian arrives at third layer, the place that they stood a moment ago, gives Shen Xiang that Immortal Crystal. Shen Xiang received, expressed gratitude, can gain to such Immortal Crystal with hands down, he liked very much. But then, is the people bids, pledges some rich conditions, strives the alliances of these Dan Immortal, but Fire God Palace that Dan Immortal has not actually participated, he is joins in the fun obviously, thinks can obtain first, is good to show off, who knows that actually lost, but also makes the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade lose 6000 ten thousand Immortal Crystal. The people secretly hope that Bai Mei Poison Monarch stared by the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, then after this people very repugnant sinister and ruthless old men perhaps, will vanish. Naturally , some people thanked him, will otherwise not gain to million Immortal Crystal. One year five million Immortal Crystal, moreover bestows some herbs!” Shen Xiang is exclaiming in surprise, but that Dan Immortal actually thinks otherwise to this condition. One Immortal Crystal one year, do not want to gather two Dan Immortal surely.” Yue Xuelian said that the look is having the color of envying, this two alchemy masters, in Heaven World, although also has, but contrasts the entire Heaven World's population, that was considered as on is few.

Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan are also so, they envy these Dan Immortal that rich treatments. Shen Xiang does not envy, because he is a alchemy master, he lacks the time now adolescence, otherwise after him, certainly is fierce Dan Immortal. Is the fellows of some crude people, builds up Heaven Level Low-Grade Dan so to be also slow.” Shen Xiang was whispering low voice, he had this qualifications saying that because he used God Refining Technique to refine the Primordial Dan speed to be quick, if he turned into himself an old man, refined a furnace beam energy spread to send out Dan light Primordial Dan at the scene, definitely will make many people take for him is high level Dan Immortal. After Yue Xuelian hears, said: This was quick, if just became Dan Immortal refined, the time was longer, if I now am a hierarch of influence, definitely first gathered said again.” The Yao Shumei nod said: Present herbs can train fast through large formation, many herbs very convenient, if the Dan Immortal friend, oneself purchases gives him to refine, then does not need to use too many Immortal Crystal.” Yue Xuelian they had hit a meaningful glance to Shen Xiang at this time, then moves toward the staircase. In the Shen Xiang's mind transmits Yue Xuelian sound transmission: Must start fight! Now in Heaven territory many expert concentrate here, that mountain village has something, they suddenly will not rush.” Finally must start, Shen Xiang is secret, he must obtain that Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit quickly, although cannot use to oneself, but that truly is a good thing. Yue Xuelian comes here reason, to have a look at Heaven territory has any expert to gather, if no some extremely keen expert to arrive, she will not have scruples. Returns to the mountain village, the present was the night.

Yue Xuelian and Yao Shumei move first, they enter that secret stone chamber, directs inside Immortal Monarch, after hearing the fighting sound, is Mu Jialan and Shen Xiang moves! Shen Xiang has not thought that Yue Xuelian and Yao Shumei can with the Immortal Monarch eruption conflict, this is not the good matter, because that sound will bring in expert in Heaven territory quickly. This means that they must make the best use of the time to complete, otherwise they can very danger(ous). Arrives at that to enter the place of stone chamber, here is a garden, has more than ten wear frail charming females, Mu Jialan and Shen Xiang arrives, these more than ten females throw immediately. You go quickly, here gives me!” Mu Jialan suddenly overflowed a pink multi-colored sunlight, both hands presented two tall and slender sharp swords, she was waving the double sword, immediately the sword shade was intermittent, such as the difficult situation was ordinary, has not thought that looked like good gentle she, sword technique unexpectedly was so strong. Shen Xiang entered that passage, this is jet black, but he, as soon as comes, immediately has shone. Then a long hair loose shawl, the stark naked female stands before him, that luster of the skin is sending out favor light glow, looks like pure and holy, but actually fills incomparable charming. This female is very beautiful the monster is very very charming, if the strength in meditation not good man, seeing such a beautiful woman to sit some large scale at present the movement, definitely meets the blood inflation. However, what Shen Xiang cares is the strength of this woman, unexpectedly is very strong!