World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1292
Shen Xiang comes, sees this woman, first has gawked, afterward two atheistic, look dull this charming incomparable female is having the charming smiling face to walk, every step makes some postures, is full of the incomparable enticement. Must arrive around Shen Xiang shortly time, the Shen Xiang atheistic two eye suddenly none remaining glow, afterward the personal appearance dodges, appearance suddenly nearby this female, he gathers strength for a long time Shocking Heaven Palm hitting maliciously on the abdomen of this women's. A palm shakes disperses this female within the body condense that strength, afterward his consecutively several fists, sincerely arrive at the meat, makes this female spit blood sincerely, after several sub- hitting will lie, Shen Xiang looked that does not look at her one eyes, then fires into that stone chamber, opens that leaf of Stone Gate with Yue Xuelian to his thing. Opens Stone Gate, Shen Xiang arrives in the room that White Jade has built , before is him, in that on Yue Xuelian that disc sees! Be careful!” Long Xueyi suddenly startled shouted. Shen Xiang has been very vigilant, felt that danger(ous) approaches, his hastily shuttle space leaves same place. unexpectedly is old man grasps long spear to attack him, on condense True Qi long spear looks at from that this old man is the strength of Immortal Monarch rank! Here unexpectedly also Immortal Monarch, in Shen Xiang heart in great surprise, moreover he could see that already hid here. Grasps Jade Rabbit, gives me!” Long Xueyi shouted, then runs from Hidden Jade Ring, this is the danger(ous) matter, must know that now in this Heaven territory is gathering the fellows of many Immortal King ranks. Although Long Xueyi comes, but not with that old man dogfight, but releases the string that many white lights turn into, closely twines that old man. On that old man face full is the surprised color, because he used many strength unable to work loose, obviously the strength of this wearing a mask female is very at present strong, moreover this was a fierce method. Shen Xiang holds that four Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit of corner, puts in a beast bag, it is said this type of beast bag is specially-made, the ordinary beast bag may unable to install this Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit.

Is real Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit, has gone well, walks quickly!” Bai Youyou said. Long Xueyi also suddenly vanished, entered in Hidden Jade Ring, but that old man is also twined by the white string that Long Xueyi released. Shen Xiang leaves this stone chamber fast, after arriving outside, immediately sneak attacks that more than ten with the Mu Jialan dogfight monster flexure female, he started to be very heavy, has suffered a female of his palm, was shaken to fly, hit in some houses. They subpoenaed to your mother quickly, I went well.” Shen Xiang anxiously said. Mu Jialan knits the brows to look at the distant place light glow glittering place, expression is dignified: Perhaps has troubled, they with these Immortal Monarch dogfights, cannot possibly be withdrawing.” At this time, Shen Xiang and Mu Jialan can induce to compel to a big wave very strong aura, does not need to know that this was that day Ox Xiandian inside expert is coming! Walks!” Shen Xiang suddenly is drawing Mu Jialan, then uses the space shuttle and Earth Shrinking Step coordination, their great war that side rushes toward Yue Xuelian. This is......” Mu Jialan sees the step of Shen Xiang under foot, surprised incomparable, she recognizes this is Earth Shrinking Step, only then Shen Xiang understands the use, is in the Heaven and Earth Slaughtering Technique alone gate step, is fierce. Yao Shumei and Yue Xuelian match is two old women, the strength is very strong, what making Shen Xiang quite accidental is, the Yao Shumei Human Immortal late stage strength, unexpectedly can also cope with Immortal Monarch, just has enough to do, if the time is long, definitely will be defeated. Shen Xiang puts out Demanding Life Devil Bow, condense Black Blood Devil Sunflower and own strength, releases an arrow to and that old woman of Yao Shumei dogfight. „...... Is acute poison!” The old woman has not thought that some people will plot, the Shen Xiang's stab in the back is very fierce, silent, is very difficult to induce obtains, and has acute poison.

Shen Xiang emits the second arrow, letting Yue Xuelian can withdraw! Massacres them, unexpectedly uses this type of toxin!” An old woman gets angry exclaims, they are driving the toxin at this time, does not dare to approach. Walks!” Yue Xuelian and Yao Shumei move sideways to arrive at side Shen Xiang and Mu Jialan, holds them separately, is fast to run in a direction. At this time that big wave expert was getting more and more near, in Shen Xiang heart anxious. What to do? Perhaps had troublesome!” Yao Shumei is terrified. Shen Xiang puts out pill pellet that grain of golden light sparkles immediately, chases that group of people who to lose toward the rear area, then shouted: Prepares to defend the cold air.” Destruction frozen pill who Shen Xiang throws, this thing he closed up attacks transcend the time in the past has refined, is used to defend self to use. Yue Xuelian they defer to Shen Xiang's to do immediately, they know that Shen Xiang is not an ordinary fellow, that type of toxin was no one can have a moment ago. Behind transmits an explosive, afterward a wave of cold current sweeps across, entire Heaven territory was covered by this terrifying cold air immediately, many constructions have congealed thick incorruptible. Your this is provocative Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace!” The long-horned beetle Palace Master roaring sound transmitted, broke many incorruptible, but this Heaven territory was still a Land of Ice and Snow world. Yue Xuelian has put out the Teleportation Formation plate, now nobody pursues, she also relieved transmitted.

Four people stand on formation plate, saw several leads Immortal King to catch up, Shen Xiang springs several grains of destruction frozen pill, although will not create any typhus to Immortal King, but constrains their time to achieve. Opened!” Yue Xuelian shouted, at this time she is also the full cold sweat, person surround that if was chased down by this crowd, they died. The Teleportation Formation plate dodges, Shen Xiang and three female vanish from sight, but in that instantaneous, several grains of destruction frozen pill explode, wilder ice cold strength wild is wreaking havoc entire long-horned beetle Heaven territory, in this flash, these Immortal King collaborates to arrange barrier, wants to block the space, does not make them transmit leaves. But actually slow one step, because Shen Xiang they appeared in a piece of mountain. that was close!” Yue Xuelian is shutting eyes, deeply shouted took a deep breath, then soft sitting in the ground, closed right up against a big tree, a moment ago that was among the life and death. Although can be saved from death, but Mu Jialan and Yao Shumei are still shaken, a face is pallid, has not restored, thinks that type by the scenes of many Immortal King surrounding, they cannot help but was shivered a moment ago. Shen Xiang, both hands fork waist laughs actually, making that three females with looking at the monster look visits him, but they have to acknowledge that does not have Shen Xiang's several help, they definitely cannot escape safely. Shen Xiang met this scene to be too many, the experience of being saved from death was rich, therefore he was calm at this time! Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit has succeeded in obtaining, was the issue of assignment, before had reached an agreement person.