World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1295
Shen Xiang looked at all around, he also did not have the direction, does not know that which here is, he shakes the head sighs, is casual in a direction walks slowly. Does not know that what character the Meng'er parents are? Felt that they are very mystical, is very formidable!” Su Meiyao said. Your Master this old lunatic arrives at Heaven World, the strength rapidly will definitely promote, Eldest Senior Brother that in addition your has not met...... also has Yan Zilan their several sisters, this strength does not allow to look down upon in Heaven World.” The Shen Xiang nod said: They, although is very strong, but I cannot always put to trouble to them, after waiting, looks for them again.” Now Shen Xiang will not return to Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, there present may live it up well, Divine Blade Immortal Palace Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit that raises there is robbed, Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace Heaven territory by frozen several, the Divine Wind Immortal Country descendants of princes was discarded, but also presented Grasping Soul Devil Curse...... various matters to add, caused Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace this originally low-key Immortal Palace, earned a great reputation, but this was not the good matter, many Immortal Palace is laughing at Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace. Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace had the clue quickly, first posts a reward is Yue Xuelian, Yao Shumei and Mu Jialan these three participation females, but man who finally no one has known, is of Shen Xiang incarnation, initially also won Monarch Qiong beautiful jade million Immortal Crystal. This Heaven World is very big, you go to Immortal Palace words, most is easy to buy to refer to the Immortal Journey plate, this is low-grade immortal tool, but has actually marked many famous Immortal Palace, in situation that in you cannot use the Teleportation Formation plate, can direct the correct direction to make you go to Immortal Palace that wants to go, but is the walk.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang is spinning on a wilderness at this time, he dashed for one month in a direction, the person's shadow had not seen one, he understands that now why initially that Wu Canghong will give him that Heaven's Crown Gate, because a that thing use did not have here. Several months rushing about, Shen Xiang saw Immortal Palace finally, this is in giant lakes. Clear Lake Immortal Palace, but also is good, you have a look advanced, best is Immortal Palace that goes to a pills comparison to be in vogue, can purchase some quite good herbs there.” Su Meiyao said.

Clear Lake Immortal Palace inside person, majority are to practice water attribute True Qi, goes in can feel, in Immortal Palace in this giant lakes, absorption Immortal Qi is also in the lake sends out to have water attribute, therefore this is also very normal. Divine Blade Immortal Palace and Snow Moon Immortal Palace did, Heaven World did not have the matter of this super Immortal Palace to war for a long time, does not know that the Divine Blade Immortal Palace big masters, can be victorious the Snow Moon Immortal Palace these tender dī dī beautiful women.” Shen Xiang passed by one to sell the weapon shop specially, heard inside storekeeper and an acquaintance was saying this matter, he then walked, interposed: You have not to know that Sacred Spirit Jade Rabbit blood, only then the woman can use, Snow Moon Immortal Palace inside Palace Master is a male, but had afterward used the Jade Rabbit blood, will turn into the female, it is said Snow Moon Immortal Palace inside beautiful woman, majority are the big master turns.” The Shen Xiang's words, attracted in this shop person. „Is this real?” Everyone has the heart of Eight Diagrams, let alone is this Eight Diagrams. Naturally really......” following, Shen Xiang according to the material that Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou provide, adds inflammatory details again, mentioned Snow Moon Immortal Palace and Cold Moon Immortal Palace these years matters incessantly. Is only Snow Moon Immortal Palace and Divine Blade Immortal Palace, but Shen Xiang thought that draws in Cold Moon Immortal Palace to be also good again, afterward he also mentioned snow to lean first this strange poison, said extremely evilly Snow Moon Immortal Palace and Cold Moon Immortal Palace. Words that Shen Xiang that big mouth said that quick has spread in this Clear Lake Immortal Palace, afterward some people learned of some news, said that from some old Immortal King mouths, confirmed that these words really had reliable, especially that strange poison. In Snow Moon Immortal Palace most females are the man turn, knew many men of this matter, in heart inexplicable has lump together, but has had the relationship man with inside these women, eating the excrement was more uncomfortable, also degenerates into the laughingstock.

Snow Moon Immortal Palace and Cold Moon Immortal Palace prestige suffers a disastrous decline, but they investigated the informed sources, knew that sells the weapon shop to pass from one, moreover that shop is Divine Blade Immortal Palace...... You make slowly, waits for my Subduing Dragon Sect adolescence to get up, your Immortal Palace are also mediocre.” Shen Xiang sits near the window, looks at outside scenery. After these days inquiry, Shen Xiang knew that had one just to complete soon Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country in Heaven World, after this was Su Meiyao them, that time appeared. This Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country should be expands by ten thousand Dan Immortal palaces, can have a look, perhaps can also inquire my small Master matter.” Su Meiyao suddenly is somewhat excited. What background your small are Master?” Shen Xiang asked. alchemy, his alchemy technique was at that time in Heaven World quite top existence, if he still, should be fiercer now, is he teaches my alchemy, identifies many herbs and toxicants, as well as other things. But he is very low-key, we to the present do not know that his real name, he and my Master relationship is very good, probably is sworn brothers, we also afterward know.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang has not gone to inquire that has the matter about Heartless Devil Venerable, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou does not allow him to inquire, it is said inquired this character, will welcome the fatal disaster. Shen Xiang bought one to refer to the Immortal Journey plate, this thing was very expensive, uses five hundred thousand Immortal Crystal, after this also to let him, do not become lost, thought at that time that Yue Xuelian they have not paid Immortal Crystal to him, depending on him with the friendship of that three female, made 35 million Immortal Crystal definitely is not the issue, but he actually forgot at that time. Transmission expense takes five hundred thousand Immortal Crystal, his mother, I Immortal Crystal that gains from Monarch Qiong beautiful jade old hag such does not have.” Shen Xiang stands in Teleportation Formation, in heart was scolding carelessly, he very much lacks Immortal Crystal now.

Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country distance here is very far, five hundred thousand Immortal Crystal are his using both hard and soft tactics others complies, the person who good one time transmits are quite many, will otherwise open Teleportation Formation to transmit him to lose money, but this Teleportation Formation little only will transmit a person, generally was sufficed the person, informed to walk together. Teleportation Formation opens, Shen Xiang the white light dodges at present, thinks will then see in Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country the lively picture, who knows that actually saw big piece of trees, their unexpectedly appears in the forest. This...... His mother, has leaked the 1st Stage distance, this is Clear Lake Immortal Palace so poor? Immortal Crystal of this energy must eat!” old man cursed said that other people also scolded Clear Lake Immortal Palace. Shen Xiang put out has referred to the Immortal Journey plate, this square shape jade plate of wash bowl size, above has one golden referred, at this time aimed at a direction, and referred to also reappearing some characters, writes Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country. Little brother, your unexpectedly has finger of Immortal Journey plate type of thing, I have thought this thing is useless.” old man arrives at side Shen Xiang, looks at the above indicator, afterward results in crack cursed by the distance air/Qi that on that demonstrates. We must step onto for 20 days!” That old man anger sound track. Shen Xiang receives that finger of Immortal Journey plate, said: Ten days sufficed.” Then, he immediately dashes, suddenly vanishes in the line of sight of people.