World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1297

Went out of the forest, Shen Xiang has stood in the high place, looked to the distant place, saw only several huge Immortal Palace fuzzy shadows, although can see, but was very fuzzy, moreover in very far place, must know that Immortal Palace was very huge. This is only outside several, entire Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country has over a hundred such Immortal Palace......” Shen Xiang murmured, this is a great strength of Immortal Country, can control so many huge Immortal Palace, but this influence may be many in Heaven World. This Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country should be quite fierce, can side by side Suppressing Devil Temple and Fire God Palace this influence, but this is quite neutral Immortal Country, little with others opening station.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang arrives at recent Immortal Palace, was smaller than that Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace, but he does not plan to stay here, he must go to the main palace, is this Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country power center, it is said that Immortal Palace is equal to other Immortal Palace Heaven territory, expert converges, quickly is this blustery time. He entered this Immortal Palace to stroll, then walked, he wants to use Teleportation Formation, but he did not have Immortal Crystal, only remaining little, it is estimated that can live in room anything, he was the first time as poor as this situation. And other Dragon Vein evolves the Immortal Crystal rank, the father was the Nine Heavens richest character.” Shen Xiang is thinking at heart, is comforting itself. Shen Xiang has used for three days, has used the quickest speed, rushed to the main palaces of ten thousand Dan Immortal palace groups, here wall is not very high, wants to be shorter than a Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace ten thousand zhang (3.33 m) wall, moreover here tall wall seems like with the blockhead creates, has the texture of blockhead, stands in this palatial great wall, making Shen Xiang think immediately one are tiny, this giant Immortal Palace, even if will be Immortal King is hard the destruction. Ten thousand Immortal Crystal!” A guard sees Shen Xiang not to understand the custom, to Immortal Crystal on the important contract that gate, has not blocked him immediately. Shen Xiang does not have Immortal Crystal now, but actually does not mean that he is very poor, these Immortal Level Sacred Level medicines that he grasps if fling to be the same, can create not the small stir. This......” Shen Xiang very difficult has fished out jade token from storage equipment, this is beforehand that He Feng gives him. Sees this jade token, that guard has profound respect to him immediately, hastily makes way, asking him to leave.

Shen Xiang dark crisp, then swaggering walks. This jade token is really the good thing, can make our province get down ten thousand Immortal Crystal.” In Shen Xiang heart secret joyful, then receives jade token. Enters this Immortal Palace, Shen Xiang felt that here Heavenly Bull Immortal Palace is much more formidable, mainly in the strengths of this inside some people, in Immortal late stage many sees, moreover magic treasure and pills that in the shop sells, the quality is very high, the type are also many, but the price is very high. Strolled outside, what making Shen Xiang compare the headache is, he can only have a look, because he does not have Immortal Crystal, especially enters some pills shops time, what he wants pill who tries some so-called famous expert to refine to be. little rascal, you stared!” Shen Xiang just went out of a pills shop, the Long Xueyi access road. Whom haven't I offended?” Shen Xiang just entered this Immortal Palace two double-hour, had not said with the person several words, unexpectedly stared. Long Xueyi said: I also think that the appearance that but I recognize that fellow, he hid before very well, I had not discovered that he from entrance there with.” I understood, possibly is because I have used that jade token reason, it seems like I must hurry to trade an appearance to be good.” Shen Xiang continues to stroll, but he has strolling of goal, is gets rid tracks his person. Not long, Shen Xiang turned into a middle-aged guy, tracks in front of his person to pass through from that in the heart sneers: Continues to walk with illusion that dragon brat changes.”

Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly: Strolls continuously the moon/month, looked when he can follow to arrive.” Shen Xiang passed through many luxurious hotel inn, wants to go to satisfy a craving very much, but he Immortal Crystal on hand, here most common inn cannot live now. Steps onto the tall wall to have a look at the scenery!” Shen Xiang is also strolling in the addendum circle, in the central place is the royal palace region, that nearby has expert, moreover is fermenting a dark war. Above the tall wall has many people here, at this time the sky is sunny, the tall wall had not wound around by the cloud layer, can under the overlook main palace, but also can only see a small part, farther was fuzzy one piece, but can see many high very huge grand construction. Bang! Above Lan Tian, vast sound rumbled, is startled main attack inside person to look up to the upper air, saw only airborne unexpectedly to present a giant gate. Was Dragon Gate, the Imperial Dragon Clan fellow comes!” Long Xueyi said. In this golden great gate the vulture is filling all kinds of dragons, after the front door opens, dragon roar spreads, is covering the horizon, is scary, as if wants the big dragon to arrive general. This is Imperial Dragon Clan transmission sacred tool, named Dragon Gate, can transmit in Nine Heavens at will.” Long Xueyi answered. golden light projects from Dragon Gate together, then Dragon Gate on vanish from sight, only remaining golden Qi mist tuck dive in sky, but under the tall wall also presented more than ten to wear the golden robe person, should be a moment ago Imperial Dragon that came out from Dragon Gate.

Holy Dragon has two, other are Fire Dragon and so on, but has the thick emperor Dragon Qi breath, strongest should be the Dragon King strength.” Long Xueyi said that the sound brings swift and fierce murderous aura, Shen Xiang little to see Long Xueyi to have this killing intent. Shen Xiang asked: Is your personal enemy?” These Imperial Dragon Clan come, must observe the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country custom, enters from the entrance, but he just entered the entrance, rushes to recent Teleportation Formation on the half step, many people have not seen his appearance, they transmitted, should to go to the central area. You are Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, I am Subduing Dragon Sect's Supreme Elder, you said how this dragon can cope?” Long Xueyi restrains murderous aura, tenderly snorted and said. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: This must look that these dragons are worth getting rid, if that Holy Dragon Crown Prince, I thought likely is necessary, Holy Dragon pill......” Shen Xiang just went down the tall wall, arrives at ground, feels the central area to well up strength of very intense Holy Dragon, afterward is one type lets he somewhat familiar aura. This is......” Shen Xiang is startled. Is Imperial Bird Clan, with Imperial Dragon Clan to, has not thought that this Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country situation is so complex.” Long Xueyi said that Imperial Dragon Clan and Imperial Feather Clan should want to support Prince become the new kings, therefore helps one another in secret, quite can place strength by oneself in this Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country.