World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1298
Shen Xiang did not plan punches this type lively, but he lacks Immortal Crystal now, moreover wants to have a look to cast off 12 dragons while convenient, refines a furnace Dragon pill to satisfy desires, therefore he and Long Xueyi they discussed that decides to join in the fun, has a look to pick some good things while convenient, even if gets so far as a Immortal corpse, pulled out also to gain Heaven Dan. Hits is sending the deceased person wealth idea Shen Xiang, makes a long and wearisome journey in this huge Immortal Palace, goes to the central area, look can fish an advantage conveniently, he thought that own sole wiped the time of oil so, if this time did not go, certainly will be unfair to the generation. It seems like does not have no great war, came in vain!” Shen Xiang on the road somewhat loses, because he sees many people as usual. In this Immortal Palace has many open areas is nobody, that was the place that was used to fight, Shen Xiang all the way passed through many unmanned mountain forest, but has not actually seen any great war. Possibly has not started, this competition, will somewhat erupt great war, possibly a moment ago Imperial Dragon Clan and Imperial Feather Clan met, carried on one to compare notes in the imposing manner.” Long Xueyi said. In the addendum circle of main palace, Shen Xiang cannot live the house, but now he arrives at the central area, discovered that rests the avenue, may be driven away. This Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country central area is really fierce, wants to skid the floor tile to sell really together.” Shen Xiang walks on these floor tiles, discovered that these floor tiles are made of a wonder stone, above has to have spirit pattern, can gather Immortal Qi, making Immortal Qi of this central area very rich, he carefully has observed together the floor tile, above these spirit pattern are abstruse complex, is hard to imagine here that many floor tiles, on each has that spirit pattern. The person of ability, has not mixed very much difficultly here, does anything casually, needs expense big Immortal Crystal. It seems like only then my this type of poor egg has to rest the idea of avenue.” Shen Xiang looks on the road these wear the dazzling incomparable passer-by, in the heart cannot help but sighs. „Doesn't front have a person to rest in the ground? You can go to keep company with him!” Long Xueyi happily said with a smile. Shen Xiang looks to the front, discovered that near a pills shop entrance is really lying down a sloppy old man, in this old man hand also grasps one is being similar to the broom equally giant bone, the above meat had been eaten. Such a person, in this gold and jade in glorious splendor central area, appears incomparably dazzling, some people of passing by, slightly frowned, what is strange, he had not been driven away.

Shen Xiang walked, wants to have a look at this is that group of deities, rests in this place probably in own family such, does not have the polite meaning. He walked, carefully looked that immediately has gawked, then careful looked, if were struck by lightning! This...... Master!” In the Shen Xiang heart cried out several, this old man unexpectedly is his Master, Huang Jintian! unexpectedly is this old lunatic, my unexpectedly had not discovered.” Long Xueyi also feels very surprisedly. Huang Jintian discovered that is having a middle-aged guy growing up eye to gaze at him, immediately begins supinely shouted: What looks at to look that hasn't seen others to rest the avenue? Do you dare to rest? Do you have my this facial skin to rest? Has not hurried to get the hell out, do not see the father with the look of envy here, harasses my clear dream.” Shen Xiang wants to pass very much tramples his two feet maliciously, then runs off with the quickest speed. Looks at the foot!” Thinks to achieve, his past has kicked a Huang Jintian foot, he leaves the speed of foot to be quick, but Huang Jintian also hides quickly, is swept by a foot that Shen Xiang that flies. Bastard, the gentleman did not talk fight, your unexpectedly was motionless including the hand, moved the foot directly.” Huang Jintian flies into a rage immediately, after scolding, discovered that Shen Xiang has disappeared. Shen Xiang has been similar to the rabbit is the same, is dashing about wildly on the street desperately, he fully realized that the temperament of this old lunatic, was caught by him, definitely facing the street will be beaten savagely. You cannot be inescapable!”

Huang Jintian had not discovered that this person is Shen Xiang, he only thought that this fellow, the unexpectedly bored arrival has provoked ending of this type of resting avenue bored, those who most make his fire big is, this fellow runs quickly. A moment ago one group of people still in surrounding these two rarely seen, a face thick-skinnedly day old man, slept on the avenue, another was the bored top of the head, the short distance surrounds this old man, and has kicked others foot. The people think will have that hoodlum at the scene that the street entangles to hold to fight mutually, who knows that Shen Xiang that such as the electricity common Taobao speed lets present many people to feel to feel ashamed of one's inferiority, makes people feel what is surprised, that rests old man speed unexpectedly of avenue to be also quick. Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country central area, really crouching tiger, hidden dragon!” It seems like also a little strength was bored good, otherwise was caught, definitely will be beaten to death.” Shen Xiang is not bored, he wants to direct Huang Jintian to an unmanned place, therefore in this manner, naturally, he can sound transmission, but he was worried after Huang Jintian this old lunatic knows is him, not saying anything further, beats savagely his, was seen not to be good. Finally, the Shen Xiang doom ran up to having been far away from the prairie of crowd, shouted: Master, is I, I am Shen Xiang.” What? The young bastard, unexpectedly provokes facing the street I, tired of living inadequate!” Huang Jintian shouted, picks up the speed immediately, suddenly then overtook Shen Xiang, then fist direct greeting in the past. Shen Xiang moves aside immediately, avoids that chaotic fist. Master, your old man can here? I come Heaven World, looks around you, but how to look had not found.” The Shen Xiang shift topic, asked. Huang Jintian did not eat this set, fists and feet greeting in the past, moreover incurred the move is very very overbearing that was bringing very wild Dragon Force. The Huang Jintian's strength is very strong, Shen Xiang cannot touch with him hardly, even if he has Heavenly Saint Body, projected on is very painful, therefore he can only move aside.

Hits the small moment, Huang Jintian is also very anxious, because his unexpectedly has not hit Shen Xiang, was avoided with very strange way by Shen Xiang. Huang Jintian suddenly calls a halt, asked earnestly: You such also here?” Shen Xiang relaxed, walked, said: I come to here am......” The words have not ended, Huang Jintian suddenly dodges behind, gave him a fist of heavily, Shen Xiang early has the protection, Huang Jintian this move he had already asked for advice many times, the hastily use space shuttle avoided. Snort, was too sinister, you can use this strange movement technique, does not hit.” Huang Jintian said that but Shen Xiang actually does not believe him, is leaving him by far. Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: Master, I know that your old man wants to have a look at my strength, this is good for me.” Huang Jintian is reorganizing the uncombed hair, said: „The little rascal head, the wing was long!” „Do you do? Here present situation is very complex.” Huang Jintian said: I said first, I knew that has the Imperial Dragon Clan fellow to appear here, I plan to kill 12 Imperial Dragon.” Shen Xiang heart startled, this old lunatic Master unexpectedly has this idea. I am get rich.” Shen Xiang face seriously said.