World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1299
Huang Jintian hears Shen Xiang is gets rich, the eye braves immediately light, in Emperor Heaven, he knows that Shen Xiang is big nouveau riche, pills, when the food eats. Master, you came Heaven World also to have a period of time, should mix well, can borrow thousand ten thousand Immortal Crystal to me?” Shen Xiang rubs hands saying: I very much lack Immortal Crystal now, lacks a Immortal Crystal turnover!” Huang Jintian yelled: I also want to ask that you borrow, if I thousand ten thousand Immortal Crystal lend you, I also do serve a need to rest the avenue? You do not have Immortal Crystal, runs to come to here to do?” „Didn't I say? Gets rich.” Shen Xiang is very disappointed. Your selling point pills what, Immortal Crystal came, are you so poor?” Huang Jintian holds the chest saying: On you also how many Immortal Crystal?” 3000 this?” Shen Xiang said. On a little? The Serbia gap between teeth is insufficient!” Huang Jintian was whispering, then shouted: Taking advantage of me 2000, I urgently needs.” After Shen Xiang and he bargained back and forth, has only given him 1000 five Immortal Crystal, he must keep a point in the side, moreover he does not believe that Huang Jintian so will be poor. Master, the Imperial Dragon Clan fellow here, if wanted I borrows Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade ***?” Shen Xiang happily said with a smile: When the time comes gave me that's alright their Dragon Pearl.” Huang Jintian stared his one eyes, curls the lip saying: Lends me Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade, did you dislike my life to be too long? Uses Azure Dragon Slaughtering Devil Blade in Heaven World, that courts death radically, although I lived many years, but also not tired of living!” Shen Xiang thinks is also, Demon Heaven and Devil Heaven person knew, can definitely come to snatch, Imperial Dragon Clan and Divine Blade Immortal Palace also think that this blade is their, certainly will participate, other big influences also meet to fish in troubled water to cope with him.

This cannot use the blade, unless it is absolutely essential, don't exposed, this Heaven World not like Emperor Heaven! Now many fellows do not know you already transcend, you temporarily on such nest.” Huang Jintian said. The Shen Xiang nod said: Master, or I and you kill the dragon, so long as I Dragon Pearl that's alright, dragon meat have eaten to you!” Huang Jintian likes eating the meat, in the past under Extreme Martial Mysterious Realm that heavenly pit, his often barbecue ate. „It is not good, went to too danger(ous) with you, your this brat will kill my, if your exposed, I have troubled.” The Huang Jintian rejection said. Master, you did not have conscience, I had given back to your 1500 hundred Immortal Crystal a moment ago.” Shen Xiang said ill-humoredly. You must kill dragon to go, you think that I do not know Dragon Pearl can be more precious than that dragon body? You want to pick my convenient, we kill respectively various.” Huang Jintian said that turned around to abandon. Shen Xiang also wants to ask something, but has not pursued. Also thinks that saw Master can fish advantage anything, now not only anything has not fished, but also was made 1500 hundred Immortal Crystal by him.” Shen Xiang sighed one, then moves toward that prosperous central area. What to do if he has massacred the dragon? That will also anger Imperial Dragon Clan, moreover when the time comes we did not have Dragon pill to eat.” Some Long Xueyi worries said. My Master this old lunatic, does not need us to worry, the dragon that if he comes these really massacres, truly is not the good matter, but my present strength cannot fight, I first probably find out these Imperial Dragon strengths as soon as possible.” Shen Xiang said that he just transcend Heaven World, with these dragons to words, does not know opposite party foundation, he does not dare to act unreasonably.

Your Master is also very fierce, I have not discovered am he, he has practiced that Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, definitely had many changes, perhaps he also revised.” Long Xueyi said. Huang Jintian in the Long Xueyi eye, is the mysterious character who cannot completely understand, itself Huang Jintian is Undead clan, has the endless life, does not know how long he lived, before being very long, once male tyrant entire Mortal World, now arrives at this Heaven World, starts to have the idea of Imperial Dragon, is not a simple character. This central area all and normal such, looks like has not fallen into the confusion because of the struggle of throne, but Shen Xiang thought that this possibly is because the struggle of throne is not very intense. Shen Xiang seeks for the pills shop here, wants to have a look to find a work, temporarily shelter, then has a look at the change of situation, seeks for the way of greatly fishing fishes especially. „Are you Dan Ancestor? Has Dan Ancestor jade token?” The old man who is responsible for move of alchemy Master is sizing up Shen Xiang up and down, Shen Xiang turns into a simple middle age, Dan Ancestor of this look is quite truly rare, majority are the old man is in the majority, young words, is some talents, with emphasis was trained by the influence, will not come this local work absolutely. Here alchemy master rank also and Emperor Heaven is similar, Emperor Heaven the new division was these Heavenspan Family and Sacred Realm decided in the past, thinks that formulated according to this Heaven World. Can refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan is Dan Ancestor, refines Earth Level High-Grade Dan Shen Xiang naturally to be a cinch, but he does not have that Dan Ancestor jade token to show. I have not gone to inspect temporarily, but I can refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan!” Shen Xiang said. If sells pills, he can also the sudden wealth, but that needs to duplicate massive Earth Level High-Grade Dan herbs, then refines many, is very tedious, he thought that has that time, might as well fiddles with high level herbs, present Soul Creation Fluid is precious regarding him.

Sees the color of that old man whole face question, Shen Xiang hurriedly said: I can demonstrate with my herbs, the words that inspects, need many expenses, moreover must wait for above a period of time to unify the inspection, right.” Shen Xiang had investigated the matter in this aspect. Right, if you just can refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan, truly is suddenly is unable to inspect . Moreover the expense is high, many alchemy masters before will then also earn Immortal Crystal.” The old man nods saying that then leads into the inside of this pills shop Shen Xiang. Sees Shen Xiang to look around like country bumpkin all the way, because the interior of this shop is very big, moreover decorates luxuriously, looks at Shen Xiang to be dazzled, making him feel that is similar to Imperial Palace inside one, for example present that demonstrated that pills hall, makes people think that is small plaza, at least can accommodate over ten thousand people. Has not thought that looks like that small from outside, but after entering inside, that big place.” Shen Xiang surprisedly said. This is natural, behind this street big piece open area is this pills shop, you must know that this pills shop is six Prince had stayed in the past the place.” The old man mentioned this matter, the whole face was proud. Six Prince, are in Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country strength strongest Prince, hopefully becomes this Immortal Country King.