World Defying Dan God - Volume 13 - Chapter 1300

Shen Xiang was considering that if wanted pulls out that jade token, like this he can join that six Prince temporarily, at least, he will mix well, but he decided finally does not depend upon this relationship, oneself take their road, his solemn Subduing Dragon Sect's Dean, does not want to join a side influence, although he can be separated at any time, but in his heart does not permit. But at this time he in this pills shop, gains selects Immortal Crystal, is not equal to joining this influence, but is working, can leave at any time, does not need to listen to other people's orders. Shen Xiang must go to the alchemy room with this old man, is the secret room that deeply under constructs, peacefully is also safe there, moreover Immortal Qi does not need the ground to be bad. Our alchemy masters are many, Heaven World many Immortal Palace pills are comes to here to stock with goods!” That old head harness Shen Xiang is arriving deeply, here is huge underground palace. Walks on passage, Shen Xiang suddenly saw the front to present a familiar face, but this person this time wear was magnificent and expensive, was releasing a dazzling brilliance, although he prettily, but actually did not lose potential of the King. He Feng...... this fellow is really descendants of princes!” Shen Xiang secretly said in heart. Big Young Master!” That old man lowers the head to salute slightly, then told He Feng him to have the person to conduct the alchemy test. He Feng nodded: That quickly goes, after a period of time we need massive pills.” After He Feng walked, Shen Xiang asked in a low voice: Uncle, who is he?” The old man has profound respect immediately, said: Six Prince eldest son, strength Immortal Monarch late stage, is in the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country descendants of princes quite strong existence, do not look at this, he once by strength of person, ruined a Devil Heaven demon palace.” Shen Xiang took a deep breath, surprisedly said: Demon palace? In that doesn't have other demon King Level fellow? How is this possible?” Old man laughed: Naturally has, but big Young Master has strong strength, can cope with that fiendish person, finally ruins the entire demon palace completely, therefore he very famous.” „Does he name?” Shen Xiang asked.

He Feng!” Shen Xiang also thinks that initially this was a fictitious name, has not thought that unexpectedly real, his suddenly thought one were too friendless and unlearned, no wonder at that time He Feng saw that he was the fellow who a anything did not know. As a Immortal King eldest son, does not have an ability is incorrect! Do not envy him, you are not bad, you in my heart are strongest.” Su Meiyao said with a smile lightly. Um!” Shen Xiang in truly felt to that He Feng strength a moment ago surprised, a person of strength, annihilates an demon palace, what strength is this? This Heaven World really experts as common as the clouds!” Shen Xiang emotionally said. This time looked like compared with us in the past that also stronger Sheng, was because Emperor Heaven did want the rebirth the reason? Can from present Fifth of Nine Emperors Venerable newly?” Bai Youyou said. Arrives in the alchemy room, old man gave Shen Xiang pill furnace, Shen Xiang has put out Life Returning Pill herbs, but the quality was not very good, otherwise initially already was eaten by Long Xueyi. Sees this quality, old man frowned slightly, because is the words that he refines, perhaps can also build up well comes, if just became the Dan Ancestor person refined, perhaps was more difficult. Please inspect.” Shen Xiang hands over that quality not good herbs, back then this herbs he had massively, but does not need now, he does not have to duplicate. Does not use, you refine directly. Even if were defeated, but if your performance is good, we will accept your.” The old man said. If not this old man here, Shen Xiang directly uses God Refining Technique, such will be quicker, but currently he honestly uses Refining Simulation Technique. Although the quality is not much, but simply does not have what issue in the Shen Xiang eye, in many Alchemy Competition, he already can be used.

From handling herbs and release flame, that old man at the same time is looking that seeing Shen Xiang to be very adept, moreover is very calm, he secretly nods. Must build up successfully, needs to wait for a period of time, the old man sits on a nearby chair, the patience is waiting. He thinks must wait for a long time, has not thought that Shen Xiang was only more than half double-hour refines, this speed let stem from his anticipation. I refined, please old Senior glance.” Shen Xiang stands up, turns on the pill furnace cover. Two grains!” Old man hastily walks to look that said astonished. How do you refine?” Like this refines, sets on fire, then Refining Simulation Technique.” Shen Xiang said very much simply. This old man from is sizing up Shen Xiang newly, he has not thought that unexpectedly has this talented person, thing nature not much herbs, refines two grains of Life Returning Pill at the extremely quick speed . Moreover the quality is very good. Shen Xiang hid, will otherwise shock everybody. „Do you name?” The old man asked. Yan Fei!” Shen Xiang can only use the fictitious name, if reported own real name, this Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country will be more chaotic, although he was young in many Big Shot eyes, the thing that but he grasped was these influence Big Shot long-awaited things. You passed, I will make the person arrange your, this passes and out jade token of alchemy palace at will, some concrete things, some people will tell you.” The old man said.

After going out of this alchemy room, really the youth came, bringing Shen Xiang to leave this underground alchemy palace, arrived in an above mountain village, arranging Shen Xiang to live in inside. Shen Xiang sits in the garden suns, can have an independent small house in this central area, making Shen Xiang feel that the release is enjoyable. This Heaven World's sky is very probably blue, how did not know Master he.” Shen Xiang somewhat is worried about Huang Jintian this old lunatic, because Huang Jintian must cope, but Imperial Dragon. When Shen Xiang muttered, broadcast together the gentle delightful sound: Sir Yan, I am Xiao Ling, later is your close maidservant, has anything to tell that said that's it freely.” Shen Xiang turns the head to look that sees only one to grip ponytail, puts on the delightful young girl of purple skirt, is narrowing that curved eye, slightly crooked under one, sweet is smiling to him. This...... Does the close maidservant bestow? The treatment was good!” Sees such a tender sweet simple and beautiful young girl, in the Shen Xiang heart to acclaim one. close maidservant? Where is I arrives at you with where, right?” Shen Xiang asked that in the heart was a little delighted, after all a person will be very bothersome, although in Hidden Jade Ring had three females. Um, you make me do me to do...... Although I am not strong, but I very much knew about the thing that should be able to help you.” Xiao Ling stands in Shen Xiang behind, says with a smile gently.