World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1301

She is not weak, with your same strength, just became Immortal!” Long Xueyi somewhat is not feeling well said: Has not thought that they will leave behind the alchemy master with this way, too despicable.” Shen Xiang also approves of her: Truly too despicable, but I like......” Snort, little rascal.” Su Meiyao and Long Xueyi simultaneously tenderly snorted and said. I, although two female slave, but that is not female slave in the true sense, at present this...... Hehe.” Shen Xiang said with an evil smile. Xiao Ling gave Shen Xiang beast skin at this time, Shen Xiang opens looked that sees only above to write many treaties. This is Ma Zong Guan makes me give you, you think not to have the issue, signing this contract.” Xiao Ling said. Shen Xiang carefully reads the contract the content, muttered: „The Dan Ancestor contract, needs to go to the pharmacy to take herbs every month, builds up to suffice 500 grains of Earth Level High-Grade Dan, the type does not limit. The reward is each month five ten thousand Immortal Crystal.” Um, was good!” The Shen Xiang nod said. This is the most basic request, if Sir Yan so long as the refinement suffices hundred thousand grain of Earth Level High-Grade Dan, you later by the restraint of this contract, when the time comes cannot leave our pills shops at any time.” Xiao Ling said. Shen Xiang some are not clear, ask: Why will I have a maidservant? Do other alchemy masters have? Felt that your pills shops do this will lose money.” Xiao Ling said with a smile: Will not lose money, Earth Level High-Grade Dan, excellent quality can sell to 300-400 Immortal Crystal, but the herbs cost, one is also five ten Immortal Crystal this, Sir Yan refines herbs to leave the pill two grains, was eight hundred Immortal Crystal, one month 500 grains of words, most little can earn 15 ten thousand Immortal Crystal for us. On the contract writes is being the hundred thousand grain, therefore you can gain many Immortal Crystal for us.” Other people did not have the close maidservant, Sir Yan to settle on by Ma Zong Guan, he could cultivate you with emphasis.” Shen Xiang touches the chin, asked: I most can earn 34 surely Immortal Crystal for you, what in your opinion should not be? Are you unworthy this price?” Shen Xiang was considering that if wanted signs this contract, must refine the hundred thousand grain to get rid of this contract, is really some pits.

Signed, later you developed, did not need to refine also good, every month turns in 500 grains of that's alright, big matter?” Su Meiyao said: Now you need such a place to understand that here circumstance, let alone this little girl is also better, the words when the time comes turns also very much delimited come.” If when the time comes Sir Yan wants to lead me to walk, can buy freedom for me.” Xiao Ling spits the tongue. How many?” Shen Xiang asked. Surely Immortal Crystal!” Xiao Ling happily said with a smile: I also very expensive.” The Shen Xiang drop blood has signed that contract, gives Xiao Ling, said: When the time comes again said.” This pills shop very large-scale, has massive herbs, every month 500 grains regarding him are minor matter one, he thought that own several days can handle, moreover can save many herbs to give itself. I give Ma Zong Guan, Sir Yan wait a bit, I come back quickly!” Xiao Ling vanished suddenly, speed is extremely fast. Several ten million Immortal Crystal here are very big number, only then some Immortal King and fierce Immortal Monarch can take, in the long run, they truly think that you can gain one for them greatly.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang knows certainly, but he did not matter, he only wants to have a place to find a place to live now, then waits for the opportunity to fish one, finally buys freedom to oneself again, leaves this pills shop. Ma Zong Guan is that old man, after he sees Shen Xiang to sign the contract, said with a smile: Xiao Ling, later he was your master, served him well, he had boundless prospects.” The Xiao Ling nod said: Xiao Ling knew.” Shen Xiang lazily lying down on the couch in courtyard, he does not want to move now, before he had not rested well. Xiao Ling came back, stands in him behind, a word did not speak.

Xiao Ling, doesn't this pills shop have the name probably? Why can like this?” Shen Xiang asked. I heard that is because has not known that six Prince plans give anyone the pills shop, six Prince have seven children, but the present is Young Master governs, words that later names, possibly is the Young Master matter.” Xiao Ling said. How long did you come here?” Shen Xiang is very curious, this Xiao Ling seems like only a young girl, but was actually Immortal, but her only value surely Immortal Crystal. 16 years, I, as soon as were born here, is only inborn aptitude is good, can therefore become Immortal, but also can only arrive this step.” Although Xiao Ling on the face is always having the occupation smiles sweetly, however in her expression brings to wipe sadly, by Divine Soul catch that Shen Xiang patrols. Before Shen Xiang, thinks strange, such a good seedling, well not to cultivate, unexpectedly is used, when the maidservant takes care him, these definitely have the trick. Was used secret method to break through forcefully, this matter is very normal, the slaves of many big influence trained are this, but these people are the homeless orphans, can like this also be the good home to return.” Su Meiyao said. Can show your body me?” Shen Xiang asked. Ah? this...... Ok!” Face of Xiao Ling slightly one red, said, starts to take off the clothes. Shen Xiang hastily shouted: Do not move, does not look at this...... Looks at your body inside situation, why I want to take a look at you unable to promote again!” Now Shen Xiang knows that anything is true female slave, why called to do. Wears quickly the clothes, then stands in front of me.” Shen Xiang gets up from the couch, pastes palm on the Xiao Ling abdomen, he wants to have a look at that secret method to cause the big harm to her. The moment passes by, Shen Xiang frowns tightly: This Heaven Dan what's the matter?” Xiao Ling had not crossed Nirvana Tribulation, I in Peak Realm, was inlaid grain of Heaven Dan, then adds on other secret method, can make my perfect fuse this Heaven Dan, understood that controls Heaven Dan inside strength, then becomes Immortal.” Xiao Ling lightly smiled, but smiles actually somewhat reluctantly.

Shen Xiang saw the pain that she bore at that time, although can make her very strong. „If there is mistake, you can die!” Shen Xiang said that in the heart gets angry slightly. Um, with my same batch, only then I can fortunately survive.” Xiao Ling dangling head, the sweetness on face smiled slightly vanished, she also had the sentiment, the partner who once together grew up, at that time died, did not have her of father non- mother, the partner was most intimate. Long Xueyi said: Her difficultly adolescence, Heaven Dan is not she cultivates very much again, this group of fellows are really not the things.” I do not blame them, because does not have them, we already died.” Xiao Ling said. But undeniable, the matter that they handle should not, they make your lives be able to continue, but is actually suffering your lives, if initially you had choose, you will choose that road?” Shen Xiang long sighed. Does not know, but we because of so, have enjoyed the life, the life is they grants, they take back are also natural.” Xiao Ling has not thought that own master will intertwine such matter, she did not understand very much. Shen Xiang helpless sighed one, said: Goes out for a walk with me, I first time go to this place, are you very familiar with here?” Um!” Xiao Ling nodded, had not said that again that serious issue, she unfolds Yan Tianxiao immediately. Now Shen Xiang knows that six Prince as well as He Feng, absolutely are not the good thing, but looks like the surface is very good.