World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1302
Chapter 1302 ten thousand pill Buildings Shen Xiang is bringing Xiao Ling, goes out of this pills shop, arrives on the avenue, comes out, he discovered that has side some alchemy masters also to have such servant, but majority are very delicate youngster. Xiao Ling, why the other alchemy master servants of male? But you actually female, adorable attractive little girl like you are not many, that Ma Zong Guan arranges to give me you, to me also good.” Shen Xiang walks on the road, Xiao Ling follows close on him behind. Xiao Ling whispered: Sir Yan, actually...... Other alchemy masters do not want me, they dislike me are little girl, cannot help their anything busy, their alchemy time needs a very efficient assistant, this can make their alchemy quicker, omits many matters.” Called me for big brother that's alright!” Shen Xiang said with a smile: These alchemy masters were too useless, alchemy time also wants others to help.” Xiao Ling surprised, said: In the two years, Ma Zong Guan pushes me to more than ten alchemy masters, but these alchemy masters first send back me, said that I am useless.” They, they are leave alone useless, alchemy is also thinking wants others to help, big matter.” Shen Xiang disdains very much, in his opinion, such good little girl also shut out, these people were really blind. Big brother Yan, where do you want to go? You now not alchemy?” Xiao Ling asked. In her eyes, many alchemy masters are very busy, a day at least has the most time to want alchemy, this is she knew from these youngster servant mouths that these youngster servants are also very tired with these alchemy masters, all day must do lives painstakingly anything. What to be anxious? Said to the end of the month again.” Shen Xiang comes out, that Ma Zong Guan has given him five ten thousand Immortal Crystal, this is the reward of prepay. Xiao Ling, are here where alchemy master quite many? The central area, best to see some high level alchemy masters to compare notes.” Here is Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, Shen Xiang walks on the road, although can see many alchemy masters, but majority are not much, he wants to have a look at these comparisons to have the level.

Ten thousand pill Buildings, my this leads you to go, has many Dan King publicly to compete with alchemy in all day, is very lively, Ma Zong Guan led me to go one time.” Xiao Ling said with a smile sweetly. Shen Xiang arrived at that ten thousand pill Buildings with Xiao Ling, these ten thousand pill Buildings only then five, but each has plaza to be like that huge. Goes, sees in the spacious main hall to have many people, the medicine also is very fragrant rich, has all kinds of medicines to be fragrant. Many people, are they doing?” Shen Xiang sees here to have many group of people, separately encircles. They are looking at others alchemy, here has many quite famous alchemy master, their frequently here in the presence of everyone alchemy, making others watch.” Xiao Ling said: This is first layer, is rank is quite low, highest fourth, the fifth building is the Dan King region . Moreover the average person cannot come up.” Shen Xiang smells these medicines to be fragrant, knows that here majority were pills of any rank. What that is?” Shen Xiang saw a counter, there has old man, once for a while some people of pasts. Some person have herbs, needs alchemy Master to come to refine, will come to here to look for some famous alchemy masters, many levels are good, but lacks herbs to practice acquiring a skill, or wants to demonstrate the alchemy master who own alchemy level, will come to here to receive the herbs refinement.” „Can everyone receive?” Shen Xiang also asked. „It is not good, the famous alchemy master can receive, refines successfully will also obtain the reward.” Xiao Ling shakes the head to say. Shen Xiang and Xiao Ling one breath arrived at third layer, here refines Earth Level High-Grade Dan, the person also has many.

Arrives here, Xiao Ling sees person who has probably the understanding, hastily hides in Shen Xiang behind, was worried that will be recognized. „Isn't this No. 6 shop inside that little girl? unexpectedly had the master.” Puts on the red magnificently dressed youth to walk, looks at Xiao Ling with a evil looking look. This youth behind also has to accompany, a strength of middle age is very strong, Human Immortal late stage, another two are the youth servants. Shen Xiang is drawing Xiao Ling, moves toward one in the alchemy alchemy master, there quite few people watch, does not need to force one's way. Yo, this little girl master is good, unexpectedly such can calm down.” That red clothed youth accent said with a smile, unexpectedly also followed. Big brother Yan, my previous time does not contradict carefully he, therefore by his envious hatred, he will be a big Prince son, will be the descendants of princes, named He Hong, you a bit faster will return to the shop.” Xiao Ling said to Shen Xiang sound transmission. Did not fear that pays no attention to his that's it.” What nonsense descendants of princes, Shen Xiang did not fear that the Dragon Emperor biological son had been chopped eating by him in the same old way, will he fear this fellow? Shen Xiang arrives at that alchemy outdoor shop, many people gather round watch peacefully. Xiao Ling whispered: This is Uncle Li, he on refining Earth Level High-Grade Dan has very high achievement, when the competion refines Earth Level High-Grade Dan, he took first.” He Hong arrives, other people allow to pass through to him, this always puts on the descendants of princes of red clothes, is the patrons in ten thousand pill Buildings, he always in the alchemy master by his shop comes to here and others to the gambling, makes others suffer a crushing defeat frequently, many alchemy masters, because lost, sees always to hide by far. He Hong came, but Shen Xiang actually links to be motionless, looked that does not look at his, but grips the white hands of Xiao Ling, sees that Uncle Li alchemy.

Why does this Uncle Li alchemy that few people look? Properly speaking should many.” Shen Xiang inquired that other person of alchemy masters were encircled stubbornly, but this alchemy so fierce Uncle Li did not have many people to gather round. Uncle Li white-haired, beard and eyebrow also entire white, but a face does not have the wrinkle, seems like not very old. Because of him sometimes not when alchemy, but is sleeping, his pill furnace is very strange, will not show heat, therefore is very difficult to see his alchemy change, perhaps he now is sleeping.” Xiao Ling whispered, that He Hong also in the, making her have the pressure very much, she worried that annoys troublesome to Shen Xiang. Uncle Li truly closes one's eyes, sits cross-legged in the ground, is breathing slowly, looks like also really likely sleeps, if surrounds here for 1-2 days, discovered that he does not have alchemy, but is sleeping, definitely non- Changkeng father. little girl, this is your new lord, Mr. horse can arrange a close maidservant to him, it seems like his alchemy level should be good, this just joined the alchemy master in No. 6 shop, I want to take a look at him to be what kind of really!” The He Hong words attracted some people. No. 6 shop is that Shen Xiang just joined, because is six Prince, but also does not have the name, therefore like this names. Here many people know that in No. 6 shop alchemy master, can have a servant that is means is regarded as important, can bring very big benefit to No. 6 shop, is the level very good alchemy master.