World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1304
unexpectedly must bet the life! The people think that Shen Xiang is cracking a joke, but looks like likely is not. Hears to breakneck, that He Hong could not smile, but frowned, was staring Shen Xiang, because he does not dare to play. You think that what thing you are? Why do you breakneck with seven young masters? On your life, do you match?” Side He Hong old man hurriedly said. Shen Xiang sneers: Good, competed with alchemy that to lose with me has committed suicide, your seven young masters should be glad very much, because death was not he, was only his son-of-a-bitch, died many he not to matter.” Xiao Ling was worried very much, but she can see from the Shen Xiang's words and deeds, at present this big brother Yan unusual, unexpectedly dares such to speak with this He Hong. At this time that suddenly start to talk is said by Uncle Li who all people forgot: I also thought that bets life comparison to have the amusement, if lost has not feared to lose face, because the life did not have, anything did not fear, moreover can display own most high level.” He Hong clenches teeth, he does not certainly dare to decide this matter casually, although his side has many good alchemy masters, but if kills one, his big Prince father definitely will punish his. Does not dare to play makes way!” Shen Xiang knows that this group of fellows like this, before so was rampant, spoke of breaknecks, shrank the egg. This is ordinary comparing notes, does not need such violent! The gambling selects Immortal Crystal, or the gambling selects herbs, won has been able to obtain a bigger advantage, if bet the life, you have won, others died, your anything could not obtain.” He Hong old man said. Shen Xiang said: My happy that's alright, I did not strive for being able from you to win any good thing.” unexpectedly dares to despise the descendants of princes! The people were anticipating secretly both sides can put out very fierce thing.

You meant must play in a big way, what gambling stake that must have a look at you to have, your life does not have what value in my eyes, has the thing of practical significance.” He Hong or the first time run into this person, he saw that Shen Xiang has the self-confidence very much. Helps Xiao Ling buy freedom that's alright from No. 6 shop, you should know that needs many Immortal Crystal.” Shen Xiang said. Surely Immortal Crystal!” He Hong secret took a deep breath, this was too truly big, even if million Immortal Crystal, regarding this descendants of princes status, is somewhat heavy, when used to go shopping anything also passable, the thing that after all buys is also useful, but lost, that quite in discarding is the same. Xiao Ling bites the lip lightly, Shen Xiang must buy freedom for her, touching her, but she thinks that Shen Xiang does not need to spend that many Immortal Crystal for her. That also you have Immortal Crystal to be surely good, do not empty glove White Wolf.” That He Hong said that but just said that he regretted, because Shen Xiang, once puts out surely Immortal Crystal, if he does not bet, will then certainly look at the joke by others. The people also know that He Hong at this time riding a horse difficult, kicked the sheet iron. This sufficed!” Shen Xiang has put out a bead, inside has bunch of red flamelet. Sees this thing appearance, people stare the big eye immediately, the heart of everyone in thump thump jumps, because this is Fire Spirit, although most low level red Fire Spirit, but is very precious, some unexpectedly people come out to bet with this thing, this makes many people wish one could to jump and Shen Xiang compares. Red Fire Spirit, if auctions, perhaps Immortal Crystal cannot buy surely.” Uncle Li is also very surprised, some unexpectedly people casual eject this thing to come, this is very precious, although Heaven World has many people to have Fire Spirit, but few people take to sell, let alone bet. Shen Xiang does not lack Fire Spirit, so long as Fire God Palace has not perished, he later has gets so far as better Fire Spirit to come the opportunity greatly, this red Fire Spirit in his eyes is not the popular thing.

He Hong there, could not speak, he only wants a bit faster to leave these ten thousand pill Buildings now, because he could not play, Immortal Crystal had very tremendous pressure regarding him surely. He Hong is sweating profusely at this time, sees this appearance, in many person hearts to rejoice in other people's misfortune, usually arbitrary He Hong, at this time unexpectedly was also compelled so the region. Bets with him, not on surely Immortal Crystal?” The temperate sound appears together suddenly, He Hong feels relieved, hastily turns the head to look that to one middle age of slowly walking. Immortal Monarch late stage!” Long Xueyi said. On the He Hong face has shown the smiling face: Big brother, how did you come?” He is the He Hong big brother, is the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country Immortal King eldest grandson, named He Tang, the strength is very strong, No. 1 shop is he governs now.” Xiao Ling gives Shen Xiang sound transmission. Can govern No. 1 shop, surely Immortal Crystal truly is not anything, seeing He Tang to arrive, some alchemy masters salute to He Tang in abundance. Although He Tang is the appearance of middle-aged person, but looks like is very energetic, is very young, before body that imposing manner and Shen Xiang, He Feng that meets looks like very much, is not He Hong this playboy can compare. I also want to take a look at No. 6 shop newly arrived alchemy master fierce, unexpectedly dares to come out to bet with Fire Spirit, in Heaven World perhaps is for the first time.” He Tang said with a smile. Rule I decide.” Shen Xiang said.

Does not have the issue, please say.” He Tang is very polite. Refinement is mad Divine Pill, a furnace fights out, has pill to be most, the quality is highest, the speed most quickly is a winner.” Shen Xiang indifferently said, but this is mad Divine Pill is Earth Level Middle-Grade Dan, is he can refine, speed quickest one pill, he refines this pill to win absolutely steadily. Is only Earth Level middle-grade? Can be higher?” He Tang said: Was too easy, does not have any meaning.” Life Returning Pill, this pill use is broadest, sells well, is everybody is familiar, when the time comes can also let everybody scene testimony victory and loss.” Shen Xiang also said: Actually my level is also Earth Level High-Grade Dan.” To be fairer, competition time with some ordinary pill furnace, from counter there purchase, several hundred Immortal Crystal, this tests the level of alchemy master. Ma Zong Guan catches up in a hurry, he has not thought that Shen Xiang just joined No. 6 shop, came to here and others to betting, but heard that was the competion refines Life Returning Pill, he relaxed immediately, Shen Xiang refined the Life Returning Pill level he personally to see, that called fierce, otherwise he such will not take seriously Shen Xiang, gave back to him to arrange a close maidservant. Life Returning Pill? This is herbs!” Ma Zong Guan hastily puts out a good quality herbs, said: auxiliary herbs you had, do not lose, if can win, perhaps six kings will summon you.” Has won surely Immortal Crystal from No. 1 shop there, this will certainly cause not the small stir, this is also the contest of No. 1 shop and No. 6 shop. In any case not with the Shen Xiang's name, therefore Shen Xiang does not fear now noticeably, he thinks this instead fortunately, can perhaps closer Imperial Palace, if can enter inside, can perhaps the better understanding present situation.