World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1305
Ma Zong Guan hopes that Shen Xiang can win, if such, explained that No. 6 shop be fiercer than No. 1 shop, can explain that No. 6 shop can attract the fierce alchemy master. Swallow Grandmaster, if won, later Xiao Ling this girl was your, did not need you to use Immortal Crystal to buy freedom to her surely, this I can take responsibility! This mainly can help No. 6 shop leave the one breath......” Ma Zong Guan to say to Shen Xiang sound transmission. Now the struggle of throne, what competion is the strengths in various aspects, the pills shop is also quite important, here beats, can many to see six Prince to be slightly better, can more to know how now should stand in line. This was you said that good, I can certainly win!” Shen Xiang processed these Life Returning Pill herbs, White Jade Lotus Seed and Life Returning Grass...... these herbs he is being familiar again cannot be familiar, closed one's eyes can make very well. But the alchemy master who He Hong He Tang sends gets down from above four five, although is an old man, but Shen Xiang from surrounding these people's discussions in a low voice, knew that this old man is Dan King, can refine Heaven Level pill. Clock Grandmaster, but Dan King, in refining Earth Level High-Grade Dan has the rank, Life Returning Pill does not know that has refined many grains successfully, must win him to have more than enough to spare.” He Hong said with a sneer. Two ordinary alchemic furnace place there, the people start to inspect, this is in the rule that in ten thousand pill Buildings competes with, after not having what issue, then returns to Shen Xiang and that clock Grandmaster front. little rascal, do not despise Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country inside alchemy master, but here place crouching tiger, hidden dragon, my small Master many times had said in the past in this Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country is hiding fierce alchemy master, careful.” The Su Meiyao reminder said that although she knows that Shen Xiang will not be arrogant, but she hopes that Shen Xiang puts out the strongest strength. I knew!” Shen Xiang is very tranquil at this time, he competes each time time so, will not affect own alchemy condition because of other.

„Does the plan use Refining Simulation Technique? These old fellow use Refining Simulation Technique to be definitely more skilled than you, if they can also refine the similar quantity and quality Life Returning Pill, the time also slightly flies than you, you will lose, this is Heaven World, the opposite party has that big assurance to win, will not send out the ordinary alchemy division.” Bai Youyou said that although she does not understand alchemy, but very much knows about these. I know how should do.” Shen Xiang has put in main herbs and auxiliary herbs alchemic furnace completely, but on this point, he was slower than the opposite party, therefore some people have thought that he lost. If the alchemy master of similar level, the time is the deciding key! Really is very fierce!” Shen Xiang induces to opposite party that alchemic furnace in fast and stable the change, in the heart secret surprised, such alchemy master, compared with him in returning stronger that Sacred Dan World meets. Some also nod to commend that clock Grandmaster, the alchemic furnace inside steady and fast turn-around, main herbs can fast was smelted, can explain that will congeal pill to be quick, the quality will also be very high. In comparison, what making the person compare the doubts is, Shen Xiang alchemic furnace inside flame aura is very disorderly, not being one obtains the alchemy master of regarding as important to have the standard, making the people frown secretly. Is the mouth is fierce, that Fire Spirit was our.” He Hong contemptuously said with a smile. Ma Zong Guan worries secretly, if Shen Xiang lost, No. 6 shop will lose the face, must know that several Prince shops little compete with, once competes, must have the assurance that must win, will otherwise lose is taunted by the opposite party for a long time. This fellow what's the matter? Also thinks a moment ago he was very fierce, in pill furnace how a piece chaotic?”

„, My apprentice controls compared with him well, is he brain is sick, this level also takes the gambling Fire Spirit!” „No. 6 shop was blind? Such alchemy master can also have a maidservant!” Hears others this to discuss in a low voice that He Hong is haughty, but Ma Zong Guan is burning with impatience, he sees Shen Xiang to refine Life Returning Pill, but Shen Xiang does not have at that time that level now, making him feel that Shen Xiang is displays not well, possibly by the gas fraction of victory and loss. When the people discussed in a low voice, dried in the sun at the same time unexpectedly to receive his pill furnace in Uncle Li, crushed into the crowd to watch. This Uncle Li in ten thousand pill Buildings was also a character, it is said in the past many shops pledged very rich condition to gather him, but he actually did not go, but he during some competition, won very high position frequently, it can be said that in these ten thousand pill Buildings quite authoritative character. „Does Uncle Li, how you see?” A person asked. This Uncle Li alchemy is fierce, but does not have what rack, many people frequently chat with him. You were asking that who I will win, right?” Uncle Li asked. Yes, depending on your experience, who will win?” That person also asked. Uncle Li knits the brows to look at Shen Xiang that pill furnace, inside changes also stems from his anticipation, before Shen Xiang can see him to refine Heavenly Blood Pill, can see his pill furnace inside sound, explained the level to be good, but now actually displays so cannot withstand, making him have doubts very much.

Uncle Li does not believe Shen Xiang only then such level, he had not replied that person, is inducing Shen Xiang pill furnace inside change carefully...... Shen Xiang alchemy time, reason that in pill furnace so will be unstable, that is because he has not used Refining Simulation Technique, but is using God Refining Technique! He with formidable Divine Power, has been divided into several regions in pill furnace, a auxiliary herbs region, other main herbs a respectively region, after dividing is good, he again uses the God Refining Technique method, melts refined into herbal powder and herbal Spirit Qi these main herbs fast. Before he refined Primordial Dan time, carried in the palm, that was easier to control, but now in pill furnace, the difficulty is a little, but this was Earth Level High-Grade Dan, moreover he knew about Life Returning Pill herbs. God Refining Technique is, burns to extinguish in herbs with powerful spiritual strength and greatly strengthened flame the stubborn spirit, will smelt, but burns the process that builds up to need to use in Heaven Refining Technique these abstruse mysterious chant, can succeed. Strange, strange, this little brother alchemy time, altogether burns down herbs with very strong flame...... this is the alchemy big death anniversary, if in the normal situation, already explode pill furnace, but is very steady.” Uncle Li murmured. Right, heat that in Shen Xiang pill furnace sends out, to the person is such feeling, when normal alchemy, fierce burning down herbs is the alchemy big death anniversary. Then we won, from the beginning the fire intensity so was fierce, herbs inside Spirit Qi ruined.” He Hong is more self-confident at this time, look at him at this time excited expression, probably obtained that Fire Spirit.