World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1306
Side has many people to direct, was speaking many influence moods words, but Shen Xiang actually remains unmoved, he entered very steady state now, not long, can build up these main herbs completely. That called Uncle Li's fellow, was very fierce, unexpectedly can induce to your pill furnace inside change, but he should unable to see exactly has any situation.” Su Meiyao has not thought from the beginning Shen Xiang unexpectedly will use God Refining Technique, she knows that now God Refining Technique can also such use, although will consume to be bigger, but is used to refine Life Returning Pill not to have what issue. Shen Xiang opens the eye, looks at that clock Grandmaster, in his heart is very surprised, perhaps because the speed rapidness of that clock Grandmaster, according to his judgment, that clock Grandmaster can refine two grains of Life Returning Pill. alchemy time, but also is gazing at own match at the same time, making many people unable to master Shen Xiang to do, unexpectedly not startled. This old man is very fierce, has not thought that Heaven World that for many years, the overall alchemy level has progressed was so big.” Bai Youyou said. Possibly because of herbs more and more reasons, before, the alchemy master does not know that multi- youngster can refine a furnace to compare high level pill, now was different, can plant to come with formation fast massively, like Life Returning Pill this use very big pills, the quantity that needs to refine are more, at this time refines this pill, should be able to build up well regarding this alchemy master.” Su Meiyao said. Shen Xiang closes the eye, slightly took a deep breath, secretly thought: I wanted start to condense pill!” In that instantaneous, in Shen Xiang pill furnace has had the huge change, because of him at the same time, builds up all main herbs, making pill furnace inside pressure reduce, the fire intensity rapidly was also weaken. Shen Xiang puts aside pill furnace inside the regions of these divisions completely, lets all herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder fuses together, releases Divine Power again, has a greatly strengthened pressure, rubs one group inside all! How many grains can? Can four grains?” Su Meiyao asked.

Shen Xiang refines the Life Returning Pill limit is three grains, four grains of words are quite difficult, because of all herbs Spirit Qi only then these, if divided into four to congeal pill, will cause herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder is insufficient, is unable to coagulate pill. This point Su Meiyao is also clear, but she knows that Shen Xiang can always create the miracle, after all God Refining Technique of this Shen Xiang use. Ok!” Shen Xiang should say that afterward is divided into four that Qi ball. If uses Refining Simulation Technique, in the refining simulation process, will consume some herbal Spirit Qi little, but use God Refining Technique, neat will build up herbs directly, herbal Spirit Qi and herbal powder will not drain, will congeal the pill four grains is not the issue.” Shen Xiang said self-confidently. Shen Xiang pill furnace inside change, everyone induces obtains, wild flame aura that suddenly vanishes, becomes very steady, but this was also much steadier, this did not congeal pill, because congealed pill time, pill furnace was unstablest, will have the weak vibration. Uncle Li induces to Shen Xiang pill furnace cyclone suddenly is divided into four times, fierce stares the big eye, but he quickly restores the actually appearance, but actually still heart like mighty waves. At this time, that clock Grandmaster alchemic furnace slightly was vibrating, used this inferior pill furnace alchemy, even if were Dan King, had this situation is very normal. The people have not been regarding the clock Grandmaster alchemy speed surprised, now clock Grandmaster is concentrates pill prelude, quick can have pill. But Shen Xiang, but enters the steady-state, the people think that he just started, just stabilized pill furnace inside situation. Xiao Ling is looking at the same time, she to some alchemy certain understanding, lightly is also nipping the lower lip, was extremely worried that Shen Xiang loses that Fire Spirit, that is very precious thing, she does not hope to see Shen Xiang because of her, but discards this precious Fire Spirit.

When people all attention centralized when the body of that clock Grandmaster, what unexpected is, Shen Xiang suddenly opens the eye, aspirated lightly, said: I completed!” That continuously very calm clock Grandmaster, in original conscience secret happy, taunted Shen Xiang, but heard Shen Xiang saying that he opened the eye immediately, looks at Shen Xiang. Shen Xiang under people that surprised vision, stands up, stretches oneself, said: Finally this, but must please a quite authoritative character determine that I do not want to make others think I am cheating.” Uncle Li, what also waits for? Is about to have a look.” A person asked that many people do not believe that Shen Xiang has succeeded, this speed was too fast, moreover too suddenly, even if were that clock Grandmaster must concentrate pill, must require some time. That He Hong does not speak at this time, clenched teeth to look. He Tang said: Uncle Li, was exhausted you!” Uncle Li took a deep breath, looks to Shen Xiang, said: Has not thought of alchemy, not only a method.” The people saw Uncle Li saying that knows Shen Xiang definitely was not the ordinary fellow, a moment ago alchemy time did not have the use normal building up law, but besides that method, other methods? In the people heart starts to shock, what if Uncle Li said is real, then said that the Shen Xiang's alchemy method and they are different, that is the way that pave, inherits some monster? Uncle Li turns on the pill furnace cover, inside sends out weak light glow, Qi mist rolling must spout from inside, the medicine is fragrant, understood at a glance that is excellent quality Life Returning Pill.

Oh!” Shen Xiang sighed gently. Uncle Li takes out four grains of Life Returning Pill from pill furnace, said: What air/Qi did you sigh? This result are you unsatisfied?” Sees Uncle Li four grains of Life Returning Pill in hand, the people all startled, sees Uncle Li with the unbelievable look Life Returning Pill in hand, in these ten thousand pill Building three peaceful incomparable, which sentence but also reverberates Uncle Li you not to be unsatisfied......” Is impossible! This is everyone thinks immediately, because from Life Returning Pill herbs, most limit is also three grains, moreover that is very fierce alchemy master can refine very much fiercely, but at present this simple and honest honest middle age, is actually four grains, has exceeded that limit, is absolutely impossible the limit of breakthrough. I lost!” Has continued peacefully a moment later, that clock Grandmaster long sighed that but his pill furnace also slightly vibrated, obviously was he gives up congealing pill, he did not have the thoughts to refine. Immortal Crystal, takes away surely!” Wish the gambling to concede, that He Tang loses storage pouch to Shen Xiang, then must bring the whole face unwilling and is full of the question He Hong to leave. Is impossible, he has cheated, Life Returning Pill main herbs most limit also can only leave the pill three grains, before this is very long, had Dan Immortal saying that he was impossible to achieve.” He Hong yelled, he did not concede.