World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1307
Uncle Li hands He Tang four grains of Life Returning Pill in front of them, said: You can have a look!” Did not need to look.” He Tang is very calm, although he is very shocked, but he had not actually suspected. Can leave the pill three grains, that bases on under Refining Simulation Technique to draw the conclusion, but this little brother has not actually used Refining Simulation Technique, I think that he should be the use most directly quickest way, directly herbs building up, this truly can reduce herbal Spirit Qi to drain, if achieves meticulously, four grains of pill is not the issue.” Uncle Li said that in his heart is also very surprised, this alchemy technique is very definitely fierce, but he is also clear this not to grasp easily. We walk!” He Tang draws He Hong to leave, people also want to chat several with Shen Xiang, but Ma Zong Guan actually hastily carries off Shen Xiang and Xiao Ling. Chang to come.” This is Uncle Li to the words that Shen Xiang spoke. Shen Xiang knows that Uncle Li is the fellow who a deep conceal does not reveal, saw many matters all of a sudden. Swallow Grandmaster, do not exit these days, here is staying, I notify to give big Young Master.” Ma Zong Guan has brought back to the shop Shen Xiang, but also arranged several expert to protect Shen Xiang. Then Xiao Ling matter?” Shen Xiang looked at Xiao Ling, asked. Later she was your, this was her Blood Contract.” Ma Zong Guan loses to Shen Xiang beast skin, then hastily leaves. Shen Xiang brings Xiao Ling to return to own small house, then gives her Blood Contract, said with a smile: Later you are free.” Thanks...... Thanks big brother Yan.” The eye of Xiao Ling is red, receives that Blood Contract: I later well will take certainly care big brother Yan, for a lifetime!” little girl, you later do not use with me, why wants to do, is unamusing with me, cannot do well must be chased down by others.” Shen Xiang is pinching her fine cheek, said with a smile. I did not fear!” On the Xiao Ling face has shown that delightful smiling face, but this is she smiling that is sent out by the heart, before is not, that type stiff and does not have the sentimental professional smiling face.

Um, Xiao Ling is really brave!” Shen Xiang also knows that this little girl is without family or friends, does not want to make her feel lonely, temporarily will not reject her. Big brother Yan, you really quite fierce, your this alchemy level, in Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country is very strong, even if the talent that in that several Prince is proud does not compare you.” Xiao Ling said. Xiao Ling, do you have the surname?” Shen Xiang touches her head, loves tenderly asks. No!” Xiao Ling shakes the head to say. „After that surnamed Shen.” Shen Xiang said with a smile. Why is surnamed Shen? Can't be surnamed Yan with big brother Yan?” Later you knew, now do not ask.” Shen Xiang put out spirit fruit to eat to her, this was Long Xueyi gives, was rare she to be so natural. I later called Shen Lingling, big brother Yan, said that you were my brother?” Shen Lingling at this time is very happy, although her status is very base and low, but this big brother Yan very good is very good to her, in her eyes is a big good person. Um, my also two younger sisters, we later were the whole families!” Shen Xiang whispered: This told others individually!” Shen Xiang so is good to her, but thinks her to feel sorry , and has the fate with him, can meet with him, he does is very simple matter, can make this feel since childhood in this brutal world survival Shen Lingling warm, sees Shen Lingling cheerfully at this time dances in the courtyard, in the Shen Xiang heart is very happy. Can have the means to make her continue to promote the strength? Although she now is Human Immortal cultivation base, but foundation is very thin, True Qi is very weak, it is estimated that her cultivation technique anything is not much!” Shen Xiang inquired Long Xueyi they, If before is us , the peak strength, could help her, but now, is very difficult, even if uses Immortal Dan, Immortal Dan of very high is good.” Su Meiyao said.

Can let her with Long Huishan, Long Huishan now was Dragon King, moreover she should march into Divine Dao, when the time comes she will practice double Dragon Pearl, making Long Huishan give her grain of Dragon Pearl that's alright, did not have what loss to Long Huishan, she can also in any case again a condense grain.” Long Xueyi said: If my cultivation base suffices, I give her to be also good.” Dragon Pearl also has such usage! Now then I do kill Holy Dragon also?” Shen Xiang said. „It is not good, that Dragon Pearl is useless, first male, that is masculine Dragon Pearl, moreover that Dragon Pearl will not be willing to fuse with this little girl, Dragon Pearl that is willing to deliver is useful.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang said: I have completed here matter, looks for Big Sister Long, helping the person help!” Now Sacred Dan World and Heaven World fused, Shen Xiang must look for Long Huishan to be easier, moreover Du Hai also here, he hopes when the time comes can find Du Hai this Dan Immortal. Swallow Grandmaster, outside has a very sloppy old man to seek an interview you, he said that he and your Master is a friend . Moreover the strength is very good.” Guards in entrance shouted. Shen Xiang just started also to suspect that who this old man is, but he has thought slightly, knows that sloppy old man certainly is his Master Huang Jintian. Which clothes give him, after letting he takes a bath to exchange, see me, must select to entertain him politely.” Shen Xiang said that but he now Grandmaster, moreover he makes the matter that No. 1 shop defeats at this time well-known, the status is very honored. After Huang Jintian combs the hair and wash the face is clean, quite the appearance of person of high skill, he hears the news that in ten thousand pill Buildings passes on, he guessed correctly immediately is that monstruous talent apprentice, first catches up to rub eats to rub drinks. little brat, fierce.” Huang Jintian said while loudly laughing, if not sees Shen Lingling here, he definitely will act like a madman to laugh wildly. Sees Shen Xiang to put on a serious face, Huang Jintian has patted his shoulder, said: I live in a period of time here, in any case what eats and drinks does not need you to leave, these No. 6 shop certainly me, when Sir same is supplying, what are you worried about? Relax, your Immortal Crystal my does not want surely.” Shen Xiang said: That Immortal Crystal helped Xiao Ling buy freedom surely.”

Huang Jintian looked at Xiao Ling, said with an evil smile: Your this brat, in Human King Immortal Palace the nest woman is also waiting for you.” Old Huang, they now how?” Shen Xiang hastily asked. cough cough...... Liu Yatou is bringing her two apprentice and her parents together, Hua Xiangyue led her apprentice to go to Hundred Flowers Immortal Country, was this.” Shen Xiang also asked: That...... Dongfang Xinyue?” „Is little girl of this hammering also your?” Huang Jintian is somewhat surprised. She brought Dongfang Jing to go to other places, she said that place and some of their Dongfang family origins. Right, this Dongfang Jing said that she is your younger sister, your younger sister are really many, braves.” Huang Jintian teased. Shen Xiang looked at Xiao Ling, said: This is also my younger sister, do not go crazy before her!” „...... Knew, you arrange to me, I later must follow side you, eavesdropped on while convenient the Imperial Palace inside matter, that inside news has not passed on, moreover does not go in easily.” Huang Jintian said.