World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1308

Imperial Dragon Clan arrives at the Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country matter, although many people have discussed that but does not have what important news, obviously they in that stern royal palace, a news cannot pass on. Then after you, is my close accompanies.” Shen Xiang thinks, only then arranged Huang Jintian like this. Can't a advanced point?” Huang Jintian some do not want. Too advanced , others will have begun to have suspicions to you, like this is better.” Shen Xiang said. Huang Jintian also can only comply, because eats and drinks with Shen Xiang, does not need to rest the avenue all day. Ma Zong Guan came back quickly, as soon as he comes, sees Huang Jintian, then said: This is your Master friend? Does not know how to call?” Called me Old Huang that's alright.” For Huang Jintian does not make others recognize his identity, his also slightly change appearance, he has been Shen Xiang's Master, grasps Tai Chi Subduing Dragon Divine Art, is characters of many big influence comparison attention. Ma Zong Guan, he is my Master distant relative, I make him make my accompanying, can make him in this place difference more convenient, sometimes I will make him help me handle something.” Shen Xiang said. Ma Zong Guan simply complies very much, Shen Xiang has contributed to the great merit, making on his face add many light, six Prince also exaggerated his vision to be good, has gathered a such fierce alchemy master. Huang Jintian also had a work here, can receive Immortal Crystal, he is quite satisfied. Two days six Prince will have come, if you when the time comes give a good account of oneself, obtains settling on six Prince, perhaps you can enter the royal palace, I to you disclosed that a news, old Immortal King must leave Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country, when the time comes seven Prince will carry on very intense battle, but now started gradually.” Ma Zong Guan whispered. Enters the royal palace, Shen Xiang is certainly glad, but Huang Jintian also gives him sound transmission, making him probably enter in the royal palace with every effort investigation, finds out that several Imperial Dragon strength.

Um, I certainly well will display when the time comes.” The Shen Xiang nod said. After Ma Zong Guan leaves, Huang Jintian then laughs, at this time Shen Lingling ran over, inquired curiously Huang Jintian was smiling anything. Xiao Ling, leave alone he, his brain is sick.” Shen Xiang said that draws Shen Lingling, he was considering now how to arrange Shen Lingling, when the time comes he enters the words of royal palace, cannot go in the Shen Lingling belt. Big brother Yan, your alchemy technique that outstanding, when the time comes certainly can obtain entrusting with heavy responsibility of six Prince, perhaps can also enter that royal palace.” Shen Lingling somewhat excitedly said. Um, but I cannot lead you to go, inside now very danger(ous), moreover in inside , if not anger some fierce fellows carefully, will face the total destruction.” Shen Xiang very seriously said. Shen Lingling nodded, she also knows anything probably: Where then when the time comes I do want to go to? I now was not the girl in No. 6 shop, I was without family or friends, big brother Yan in the side, I do not know where should go.” Shen Xiang looks to Huang Jintian, gives him sound transmission: Master, helping me arrange this little girl, her situation is somewhat special, although the present is the Human Immortal strength, but was actually used some secret method to promote, has very big harm to her.” Huang Jintian hears, immediately frowned, then walks: Xiao Ling, I investigate your practice, extends the hand.” Shen Lingling sees Huang Jintian to become that earnest, before not having , the appearance of that crazy, somewhat dreads immediately, but she puts out a hand. Really, these fellows also really dare to train the slave with this method, unforgivable.” Huang Jintian light several words, but actually sees him is very the anger. Xiao Ling, is this matter that No. 6 shop does? How can other influences be also dry?” Huang Jintian inquired, the complexion became temperate.

I heard that several Prince do, this secret technique only then they understand the use.” Shen Lingling said in a low voice. Shen Xiang said: They need to plant very massive herbs, needs some strength quite strong people to maintain, this can reduce the cost.” Shen Lingling said silently: I also heard that inlays the Heaven Dan person successfully, there are sent to dig Immortal Crystal partially.” Huang Jintian looks at Shen Xiang, gives him sound transmission: I most hate others so to treat these slightly pitiful, little rascal, thinking the means to give cloudy seven Prince, puts out you to come in the Emperor Heaven that stirring up trouble ability, at the worst flees far-away place in Heaven World.” This...... A little difficulty, now you first help me arrange her to say again.” Shen Xiang had considered, decides to pack off Xiao Ling now, he felt that here quick must have the important matter. Master, have you heard Sacred Dan World Long Family?” Shen Xiang asked. Naturally has heard, the Xiangyue girl also with saying that female Dragon King has been your eldest sister, can this little girl belt in the past? This does not have the issue actually, but needs Immortal Crystal, back and forth the words of transmission expense, said that also 1 million, that place was too far.” Shen Xiang also surely Immortal Crystal, he immediately put out 1 million to give Huang Jintian on hand: Comes back as soon as possible, gives this jade symbol while convenient, after she looked, knows how to look after Xiao Ling.” Shen Lingling just started some not to want, but after Shen Xiang persuaded well, told her, said that must lead her to go to sister there, let her there practice, later can become expert...... Huang Jintian brings Xiao Ling to leave, goes to that Sacred Dan World, there present was called Saint Dan Territory, inside pills resources are very rich, especially that another side Sacred Dan World that has four respected families to rule, that is truly formidable Sacred Dan World. Huang Jintian is noon exits, darkness comes back.

That female Dragon King asked that your if wanted help, she knows that you must do here, she said that she now is very idle.” Huang Jintian empty-handed does not come back, he brought delicious many. Shen Xiang can see this from the taste is from Long Family these hotels, he initially may eat several times there, he had guessed correctly that Huang Jintian in that side affirmed overeats brazen-faced and shameless. Definitely does not need her to help, this matter person the fewer the better, moreover involves Imperial Dragon Clan...... also Imperial Feather Clan, the later influence are perhaps more, will form when the time comes definitely two strength, a side is to help six Prince obtains the throne, another side is to prevent six Prince.” Shen Xiang said. Imperial Bird Clan also? This was good, the phoenix meat I have not eaten!” Huang Jintian is excited immediately, on suddenly tabletop these Immortal Beast meat time differences several scales. Master, have you also heard Imperial Feather Clan?” Shen Xiang asked curiously. Naturally has heard, but this Imperial Bird Clan is always low-key, before Imperial Dragon Clan, is this, but is more recent the year becomes the high-sounding talk, does not know that which side is to help six Prince, but does not manage, the bird and dragon we ate.” Huang Jintian Hehe said with a smile. Some people came!” The Huang Jintian body trembles: Strong is very fellow, that six Prince? Such late has he done?”