World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1310

In Emperor Heaven, cannot make that two Fire God Palace's Immortal King level expert, is matter that Shen Xiang has taken to heart, naturally, definitely is not here good now, words that Fire God Palace and six Prince collaborate, the influence is more powerful. Huang Jintian gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: I saw the old lady who that was called the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, you in Emperor Heaven, should compare notes with her, has not thought that was six Prince.” Shen Xiang has to acclaim the Huang Jintian that only transparent bird, unexpectedly can also see to hear many things, although was slower than Long Xueyi, but can achieve this degree is very good. „Do the fellows of their these Immortal King ranks want to hit? In this royal palace?” Shen Xiang asked: If not, did they call expert to do? To crush the opposite party in the imposing manner?” Who knows, words that but they do not hit, your dream of riches and my Tu Dragon ate the phoenix dream to malinger, must make them hit, making their dog bite the dog.” The Huang Jintian sinister smile is giving Shen Xiang sound transmission. Shen Xiang that a lot of clever trick, is Huang Jintian teaches, Huang Jintian with shady move is also brought to the point of perfection, Shen Xiang at this time also with him thinks that goes together. I must eat the phoenix meat, roasts the phoenix to be very delicious.” Long Xueyi was shouting in Hidden Jade Ring tenderly. Next day, Huang Jintian and Long Xueyi simultaneously make the vigilant sound. He Feng is bringing the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade to come!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is alchemy, but is a fiendish person, cruel and merciless sinister deceitful that is the affirmation, if not she voluntarily requests, He Feng will definitely not lead her to come, Shen Xiang has not the good premonition, he before and Monarch Qiong beautiful jade has encountered, he worried that will be recognized. He and Imperial Dragon Clan and Fire God Palace have very big contradiction, cannot reveal the secret. Swallow Grandmaster, this is in Fire God Palace one of the two ten Palace Master, king Senior.” He Feng was worried that Shen Xiang did not know, hastily said that in order to avoid angers the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade. Shen Xiang and Huang Jintian in abundance come up to salute, but in heart actually cursed this old lady.

Heard that you refine Life Returning Pill, can a furnace leave the pill four grains, does not know that what method has used?” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade asked. Others' can alchemy technique, can it be that hand down at will? This is the big death anniversary, He Feng feels uneasy, if the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade forces Shen Xiang to teach that alchemy technique, he does not know how should end. This is the secret!” Shen Xiang said neither arrogant nor servile that he will not say anything in the alchemy aspect. He Feng asked at this time: Swallow Grandmaster, my father allows me to come inquired you, now alchemy progress how?” Has refined 80 herbs, 320 grains of Life Returning Pill, before tomorrow darkness, I can certainly complete.” Shen Xiang should say. 80 herbs can refine 320 grains, if the ordinary alchemy master, needs 320 herbs, fierce point also needs 160, moreover Shen Xiang is steady, refines that many furnaces not to have the failure, has pill is also same. This achievement, makes the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade envy. I can leave Immortal Crystal to purchase your alchemy technique, or exchanges with the thing.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade undying heart, at this time her the sound became severe, released an oppression the aura, was telling Shen Xiang likely, he was worm. Shen Xiang frowned, the He Feng forehead also full is the sweat. Dies also the non- to divulge to an outsider, this was my Master to me said that sorry.” The Shen Xiang's sound sinks, feels somewhat angrily. Called your Master, I and he discussed.” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade coldly said: He saw me, certainly will comply to make the transaction with me.” Shen Xiang and in the Huang Jintian heart sneers, the appearance of your old lady, the picture opened the portrait to hang the head to exorcise evil spirits. I am also looking for my Master, if you can find him to be best.” Shen Xiang said.

Huang Jintian is Shen Xiang's Master, but Huang Jintian knows the Shen Xiang certainly also director his alchemy fierce fellow, then in Heaven World definitely is also a fierce character. Who your is Master?” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade sees at present this person so gruff, moreover does not fear her, has probably very sufficient energy. I do not know him to name, perhaps except for him, nobody knows that he called anything.” Shen Xiang let go. Where does he come from?” In the He Feng mind reappears a person to come immediately, hastily asked. Punishing Demon Summit!” Shen Xiang said that this was Su Meiyao teaches him to say. Hears these three characters, the complexion of Monarch Qiong beautiful jade changes, becomes gloomy and cold, afterward turns around to leave. „Do you come out from Punishing Demon Summit?” He Feng asked with amazement. „It is not, I have not gone to there, after my Master also lets me, do not go.” Shen Xiang said that that Master that he said that was Su Meiyao past Master, although nobody knew his name, but was famous, heard including the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, directly left. At this time He Feng looks at Shen Xiang behind Huang Jintian with a very surprised look, said: You had said this Old Mister is your Master relative, what relationship he and your is Master?” Heard He Feng saying that the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade walked immediately, looks at Huang Jintian! Huang Jintian indifferently said: I am his Master cousin, my not alchemy, but fights actually the meeting, do not think of a way to this brat.” Nonsense, his where has any cousin!” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade said with a sneer: You are really his younger male cousin, you in this place?”

Huang Jintian said: I here? You not also here? Although I am not this brat Master, but if you must move him, first passes my this pass/test!” Quite fierce, I do not believe him now am Punishing Demon Summit that apprentice, you are the plan deceive my! This brat wants to deceive me, then I must catch to punish him well.” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade just said that Huang Jintian shouted angrily, the body spout a golden multi-colored sunlight, this entire mountain village was shivering. Female old demon, I am the Punishing Demon Summit person, seeing your this devil to get rid to put to death is normal, but, I do not want to stir up trouble, but I cannot endure now!” A Huang Jintian palm hits, palm above has execution that” red light sparkles character, lends an incomparably formidable aura. Executes Devil God Palm!” Monarch Qiong beautiful jade one startled, immediately moves aside, after avoiding, Monarch Qiong beautiful jade hastily is far away from Huang Jintian. What's the matter?” Six Prince graze from the distant place, on his face is still bringing the mask, the sound is bringing surprisedly. Shen Xiang, Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou are also very shocking, planned using Punishing Demon Summit deceives that Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, but has not thought that Huang Jintian uses the Punishing Demon Summit unique skill, executes Devil God Palm. Asked that this old lady, over and over again enrages us, but also forces others to hand over alchemy technique, only then this devil always likes handling the matter of this suspect big death anniversary.” Huang Jintian coldly said. At this time the person is not only six Prince, a troop person arrives, has Imperial Dragon Clan, at this time the strength of this group of people are clear, this is Huang Jintian intentionally uses to execute Devil God Palm to tempt.