World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1311
After people come here, Huang Jintian received the hand, although cannot see his execution Devil God Palm, aura that but that palm strength releases, here has many people familiar. You dare to get rid to me, but also with executing Devil God Palm!” The Monarch Qiong beautiful jade is angry, if she projected on a moment ago, undying also results in a skin. „Is that also what kind of? I also want to butcher you!” Huang Jintian is also looking angrily at her. Six Prince hastily break through, first calms down the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade, then kicks the Monarch Qiong beautiful jade they to apologize to Shen Xiang, he is not clear, why Punishing Demon Summit person to earn Immortal Crystal, but alchemy, but he afterward saw the Huang Jintian's strength is not very strong, but Shen Xiang can also refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan, guessed that scatters outside Punishing Demon Summit disciple, possibly is seeking for the Punishing Demon Summit master. This matter had occurred long ago, with the Punishing Demon Summit concerned person, the strength is very strong, especially the alchemy aspect, alchemy technique of Punishing Demon Summit master is Heaven World top existence, it is said is Pill Saint. Here has been all right, everybody diverges first, this swallow little brother for my alchemy, here will still be disturbing his.” Six Prince and people leave together, has not asked about other Shen Xiang their matters. After all people leave, Shen Xiang relaxed, said: These six Prince really will also cultivate the behavior.” „If not this, he also becomes friends with these many fierce characters.” The Huang Jintian complexion is somewhat serious, he gives Shen Xiang sound transmission: „After tomorrow final Life Returning Pill hands over, hurries to leave, cannot dull too be here long, the Punishing Demon Summit personal enemy are many, you and my exposed, if here has the tangled warfare, we can very danger(ous).” Master, are you really the Punishing Demon Summit person? Don't I know? When do you join Punishing Demon Summit?” Shen Xiang asked that Punishing Demon Summit was also only Bai Youyou and Su Meiyao him told that he did not know about this Punishing Demon Summit, but actually knows that very fierce that's it, he guessed Su Meiyao and Bai Youyou came out from Punishing Demon Summit. „Aren't you?” Huang Jintian asked with amazement.

I...... Not be considered as, I have heard.” Shen Xiang said that also changed a statement: Possibly is also, in brief I and Punishing Demon Summit person a little relationship.” Nonsense, you definitely are, I am Punishing Demon Summit, you are my apprentice, you now are Punishing Demon Summit.” Huang Jintian has patted his shoulder. „...... That does execute Devil God Palm? The feeling is very fierce, frightened the face of that old lady green.” Shen Xiang asked with a smile, they were in secret the sound transmission exchanges. That is not easy to learn, after me, saw that my Master I ask him again, making him reorganize to give you to study.” Huang Jintian said: You go to alchemy first, leaves this place as soon as possible, the strengths of these fellows I basically grasped, now I have a look at them to want that many Life Returning Pill to do first.” Shen Xiang comes to the secret room, comes out herbs, while inquired Long Xueyi, came one crowd of expert a moment ago, but he has not actually seen this crowd of expert strength. Whole is very formidable, therefore your Master will choose, Dragon King four, Immortal King at least also ten, if hits, some to fish in troubled water difficulties, but also temporarily leaves the royal palace, but can also observe outside, catches Little Dragon to kill specially.” Long Xueyi also feels to reinforcements that six Prince invited shocking, Imperial Dragon of Dragon King rank, that was very formidable. „Does that execute Devil God Palm what's the matter? My Master is really Punishing Demon Summit?” Shen Xiang said. This naturally, executes Devil God Palm is Punishing Demon Summit secret skill, has cultivation technique, but is not everyone can study, is Punishing Demon Summit inside person specially for execution Devil God Palm that the disciple compiles, can each practice direction different to study, I and Junior Sister are the Punishing Demon Summit people, our Master Heartless Devil Venerable also came from Punishing Demon Summit.” Bai Youyou said.

Punishing Demon Summit is so fierce! Have you gone?” Shen Xiang is exclaiming in surprise asking. No, our Master have not gone, only then our small Master have gone, teaches me alchemy small Master.” Su Meiyao said. expert of Heartless Devil Venerable this rank, has not gone to Punishing Demon Summit, obviously Punishing Demon Summit inside expert strong, no wonder a moment ago that group of people heard the Punishing Demon Summit person to appear here, is very startled. Shen Xiang has completed quickly He Feng to his matter, refines completely these herbs, he just went out of the alchemy room, Huang Jintian walks on hastily, gives him sound transmission: I know that these fellows have been doing with Life Returning Pill anxiously, they are using some secret method to make a number of Immortal.” Shen Xiang has thought of Shen Lingling immediately, immediately complexion sank: This group of bastards!” Their present secret method have many promotion, will not be defeated like Xiao Ling will say frequently! Now their success is quite easy, but after the success, will have certain in flesh wound, can therefore need Life Returning Pill therapy.” Huang Jintian is touching in the hand that only transparent bird , to continue saying: This is I uses this little thing to call He Feng brat to see with that.” Thinks Life Returning Pill that one refine was used to do this matter wicked, Shen Xiang feels the exceedingly indignant, he has not planned to give that He Feng Life Returning Pill in hand, has the contract in any case on the body. „Do they want that many this people to do? If these six Prince can compete for the throne not to depend upon their Immortal King?” Huang Jintian shakes the head saying: They use secret method to make that many Human Immortal to come out, definitely is not used to compete for the throne, I guessed that is used to mine resources anything, they definitely very deficient manpower, they possibly had discovered now continues to mine the resources that.”

They make with some youngster, does not know where they make that many Heaven Dan, must get so far as that many quantities Heaven Dan, needs to kill many Immortal, hunts and kills these loose cultivator outside?” Shen Xiang angrily said: Now walks, cannot help them sin!” Huang Jintian nods: You think how was good to leave?” If they do not make us exit, directly rushes, although here formation are many, but exits from inside is very easy.” Shen Xiang said. Huang Jintian shakes the head saying: little rascal, with the brain, you said that you just have been subpoenaed, some of your Punishing Demon Summit people look for you, outside, needs us to exit, waits for outside, said a place casually, distance royal palace is quite far, when the time comes slipped away directly that's alright.” Shen Xiang a moment ago was also extremely impulsive, he nodded saying: I go to call now He Feng.” Huang Jintian said with a smile: When the time comes you exited that's alright, I still stroll in this inside, you understood.” Shen Xiang at present one bright, said with a smile: Master you carefully!”