World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1312

He Feng has been informed, immediately has caught up, knowing Shen Xiang must go out, he just started to reject, but heard Shen Xiang saying that must see the Punishing Demon Summit person, he does not dare to stop, some Punishing Demon Summit people looked for him, was very likely to him meet Punishing Demon Summit. For many years, many expert are claimed one are Punishing Demon Summit, but the majority has not gone to Punishing Demon Summit, but was under the expert instruction that in Punishing Demon Summit came out, if can return to Punishing Demon Summit, that later will have a greater achievement. However the Punishing Demon Summit personal enemy are many, this but actually also real, because said that the Punishing Demon Summit fellow, stirs up trouble frequently everywhere, annoys is some expert or the formidable influences, gradually, many big influences aim at Punishing Demon Summit the spear point, no matter, so long as is the Punishing Demon Summit person, is the personal enemies of these big influences. I will not return to Punishing Demon Summit temporarily, my accompanying will stay here.” Shen Xiang said that this was Huang Jintian teaches him to say. He Feng like previous time comes, carries over the royal palace Shen Xiang with the carriage, although only then a He Feng person, but his strength is very strong, is capable of enough protecting Shen Xiang, so long as is not Immortal King gets rid. He Feng is young, was Immortal Monarch late stage, perhaps quickly can become Immortal King, this Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country royal family was very strong. Sits on the carriage, Shen Xiang closes one's eyes, disguises to rest, how he is calculating is casting off this He Feng. Finds my person to subpoena to me, he said that the special reason cannot enter in Immortal Palace, he makes me converge with him outside, big Young Master only needs in the shop my that's it, I will be quick.” Shen Xiang said. If no Huang Jintian also to stay in the royal palace, this He Feng definitely thinks that Shen Xiang must cast off him, now he also very simple nod, he knows that side Shen Xiang that accompanies very fiercely, can use to execute Devil God Palm, absolutely is not the ordinary generation. Arrives at the shop entrance, Shen Xiang hastily rushes to Teleportation Formation, transmits to the exit / to speak of this Immortal Palace, after leaving Immortal Palace, he enters in broad mountain forest, concealment whereabouts. Just started some people to track, but Immortal Palace, quick cast off by him.

After these track the Shen Xiang's person was thrown off, immediately gives He Feng to subpoena, He Feng discovers right, does not return to the royal palace immediately, but in the royal palace also spreads the news, that accompanies to disappear! Huang Jintian calculates the time, similar time, he directly hides, he lived did not know multi- youngster, sometimes although acted like a madman, but played the cloudy time, no one how him. A person is in the royal palace suddenly to be missing, this is very fearful matter, if hides in this inside acts unreasonably, the consequence is dreadful, let alone that person or Punishing Demon Summit. Heavenly Dog sent out, what making the person be afraid, Heavenly Dog does not know where these two people went, them had remembered that to follow at this time in Shen Xiang Xiao Ling maidservant, already disappeared, moreover they could not track down the Xiao Ling trail. This made six Prince they think immediately this matter was deliberate, otherwise was impossible to achieve so strictly! These six Prince are really fierce, here everywhere is his Centaur, is looking my?” Shen Xiang has hidden for several days outside, turns into a young man, enters this main palace once more, comes in he to see on the road to have many strength not weak person disguises becomes the appearance of average person. Therefore your old lunatic Master will make you a bit faster leave, he stays the words now in royal palace, should danger(ous), does not know that he can deal with comes.” Long Xueyi said. I am not worried about him, perhaps he will not kill 12 dragons not to give up.” If Shen Xiang does not have the Long Xueyi help, how perhaps cannot get rid of tracing of six Prince with ease, but Huang Jintian actually achieved depending on oneself. Shen Xiang arrived at the central area, looks at royal palace that high great wall, said: I am get rich, how can such walk?”

He truly gained 100 billion Immortal Crystal, but this were too few regarding him. What do you currently have to plan?” Long Xueyi asked that because he saw Shen Xiang to arrive at ten thousand pill Buildings. I had looked that He Hong is not feeling well very much, coming to here to punch his.” Shen Xiang enters ten thousand pill Buildings, enters third layer. Although previous time lost, but He Hong still all day here is actually sauntering, seeks for some easy target to pinch specially. Uncle Li also here, seems like sleeps to be the same, Shen Xiang arrives at third layer, after seeing Uncle Li, discovered that Uncle Li's eyelid moved slightly, in his heart dark startled, he suspected that this Uncle Li knows he came. This mysterious Uncle Li is not the ordinary goods, in the Shen Xiang heart secretly is guarding, once this Uncle Li pierces him, he immediately leaves, now the people of 60,000 characters are looking for him everywhere, person who here six Prince send. Six Prince obtain a talent alchemy master, but this talent alchemy master actually arranged, making six Prince be ridiculed by other Prince, now what six Prince can determine, that swallow Grandmaster was not and other Prince one groups, but had the goal to mix in the royal palace, this was he most is worried. He Hong leads several people to stroll in all directions, Shen Xiang walked, simultaneously inquired Long Xueyi: Side this brat has Immortal Monarch?” No!” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang walked the past time, He Hong stared at old man, he saw that old man just successfully to build up a furnace pill, then had the sinister smiling face to walk: Mr. Ox, your alchemy technique has promoted much, has the alchemy master in interest and my No. 1 shop competes with one?”

That Mr. Ox hears this He Hong sound, the thin and small body trembled slightly, said: Did not need to compare, I definitely could not compare the alchemy master in your No. 1 shop. I just grasped to refine Earth Level High-Grade Dan shortly.” Oh? you dare to reject me, don't you want to mix here inadequately?” He Hong said with a sneer: What consequence you should refuse my to have much clearly, if you lost did not have what loss, right?” But I do not want to compare now.” Mr. Ox does not want to compare, loses to this He Hong, although does not have anything, but will be ridiculed by him once for a while, affects the matter very much, this is not pure comparing notes alchemy technique, but is He Hong attacks the person specially. Shen Xiang walks, shouted: I and you compare, what kind of?” He Hong looks immediately to Shen Xiang, just had turned around in him, Shen Xiang suddenly dodges, arrives around him, afterward Shen Xiang's fist then pounding maliciously falls on his nose. I and you compared with the fist, this are quite interesting, entire Heaven Refining pill is dull!” The Shen Xiang's fist has ruined the nose of He Hong, at this time the He Hong whole piece face is the blood, he covers the nose to roar carelessly.