World Defying Dan God - Volume 14 - Chapter 1313
Many people already want to punch He Hong, but this He Hong but big Prince son, let alone punches him face to face, even if scolded him face to face, will have very serious consequence, but actually some people do not fear death now, gave his nose to come a fist directly, hit the nosebleed hurricane, looks thinks the pain. Has killed him, tears to shreds him.” He Hong covered the nose hissing to call out. Shen Xiang's attacks quick very suddenly, no one has thought that some people dare to get rid dozen of people in ten thousand pill Buildings, moreover descendants of princes who hits, this is equal to and entire royal family does right, usually arbitrarily has been used to He Hong is unexpected, therefore his subordinate suddenly has not responded. Shen Xiang has hit a fist, like lightning ran down the staircase, quick went out of ten thousand pill Buildings, then mixed in the crowd, changed an appearance. The people just responded that disappears to hit the He Hong person, in the people heart is secretly happy, suddenly comes to He Hong such all of a sudden, although has not created any severe wound to He Hong, but He Hong definitely was very a moment ago painful, what is most important is the face seriously is destroyed. Hit a fist to run, sufficed to damage really!” Long Xueyi said with a smile tenderly. „A fist has sufficed, this fellow is also only rampant, can let his long memory. But He Feng their this to the fathers and sons, is actually the out-and-out hypocrite, the real villain was much better compared with the hypocrite.” Shen Xiang said. After He Hong was punched, four and five some expert arrive, some people get rid in ten thousand pill Buildings, but has enraged the high levels in ten thousand pill Buildings, they send for looking for this person immediately. Shen Xiang has been far away from ten thousand pill Buildings, once for a while will pass through in front of royal palace that grand great gate, he needs frequently in the attention royal palace sound now, if in the dozen, he must mix immediately. Several days passed by, in the royal palace still does not have what sound, obviously is the conflict of both sides is not very intense, possibly orally spoke the ruthless words, moreover Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country had not announced news that Old Wang abdicates. Had Imperial Dragon to go out of the royal palace, but also with that He Feng!” Long Xueyi said.

Shen Xiang approached the entrance of royal palace, Long Xueyi induces the aura, hastily told Shen Xiang. However Shen Xiang has not seen He Feng and dragon. In the direction of No. 6 shop, it is estimated that is comes out to play, altogether two Imperial Dragon, strength in Immortal Monarch about.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang moves toward the direction that No. 6 shop is at immediately, around No. 6 shop shop is six Prince, that region basically is six Prince the place of jurisdiction, if six Prince High-Rank, it giving He Feng. Close No. 6 shop time, Shen Xiang saw a camel the old man of back, on the face to have the chaotic beard, the hair combs actually very neatly. dragon brat, I thought that this old man is my Master, do you think?” Shen Xiang has not induced from this old man to any aura. Should be that old lunatic, when I investigated his strength before, is this.” Long Xueyi said. Shen Xiang arrives at side that background, has patted his shoulder, this old man turns the head immediately, he investigated a Shen Xiang's strength, but does not have a harvest, he knows immediately at present this youth is his apprentice change appearance. The Huang Jintian look is having the happy expression, to Shen Xiang sound transmission: little rascal head, you very fierce, unexpectedly can recognize me to come.” Turns into grey me to recognize you! Master, you not in royal palace? Came out, goes in great difficulty.” Shen Xiang sound transmission asked that Huang Jintian can appear on this avenue, moreover approached No. 6 shop, one wants to know that he came for these dragons.

I had found the difference free means in inside, now two Little Dragon come out, I, you quickly can taste dragon meat.” Huang Jintian he he smiles. Shen Xiang planned with poisonous anything does that two Imperial Dragon, but that has certain risk, the difficulty is slightly big, but was now different, has Huang Jintian here, Shen Xiang thought that he only needed to look at that's alright at the same time. This old lunatic barbecue roasts very well, does not know that he will roast dragon meat to be what kind, good to eat!” Long Xueyi keeps the saliva to say. Can help?” Shen Xiang asked. Does not use, you in ten thousand pill 20 palaces I, likely tonight here will have the important matter, when the time comes relates with the cipher.” Huang Jintian said. I must stay behind.” Shen Xiang hurriedly said, if now the evening is the struggle of throne , he how can't pick convenient here? Fool, I knows certainly that you are get rich, I used Heaven's Divination Technique to calculate, now the evening's senior king abdicates, then had something, the position in 20 palace there, I handled these two Little Dragon probably, went to converge with you, picks to leak this matter, led you without me, your harvest was definitely few.” Huang Jintian has the foreknowledge future ability, Shen Xiang believes certainly that his words, after Huang Jintian says goodbye, enters Teleportation Formation, transmits to Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country No. 20 Immortal Palace. These No. 20 Immortal Palace is very big, in prosperous degree does not have main palace such, moreover here person is few, has the place of house to be also few, is very suitable to be used for great war. Shen Xiang strolled two double-hour here, knows that big Immortal Palace, has one region some people, and between being far away.

Immortal Palace has continent to be so huge, said that this Immortal Palace should have the place that many empties, this is Immortal Palace is used to fight?” In the Shen Xiang heart full is the suspicion, he stays in a hotel near Teleportation Formation, if there is any news, meets first passes to here, he has made the shop Xiaoer (waiter) attention inform him. He lies on the bed, is waiting for patiently, however at this moment, he induces to Teleportation Formation transmits the fluctuation of energy, is that type of very strong aura fluctuates, this explained that some people transmit from very far place, absolutely not Ten Thousand Pill Immortal Country many Immortal Palace. Is who came?” Shen Xiang displays Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, making Divine Soul fly above that Teleportation Formation, the person who transmits has one, is a female, on the face is bringing the mask, is wearing the bamboo hat, although wears the loose black clothes robe to cover the body, but Shen Xiang, since she walks sees, this certainly is a female. He was not interested, some people make oneself very mystically, this is very normal, when he plans to receive Nine Heavens Mental Exploration, discovery this female has actually left behind some ciphers, she passes through a wall time, the white hands gently stroke, has left behind very slightly very shallow mark. This cipher, is......” Shen Xiang jumps immediately from the bed, he has not thought that this woman is he knew, has not thought will arrive at this type soon to have the great war place. Is Sister Ziqian, does she do?” Shen Xiang hastily goes out of the hotel. She issued a warrant for arrest now, moreover she and has relationship, many people are looking for her, she comes to this place to leave behind the cipher, is looks your?” Bai Youyou also felt that has doubts very much.